K-Drama Premiere: “Hi Bye, Mama!” Hurtles A Heartwarming Story That Guarantees Smiles & Tears

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Just in time for the celebration of Women’s month, Kim Tae Hee plays the focal character of tvN’s – Hi Bye, Mama!

Together with Lee Kyu Hyun and Go Bo Gyul, the opening week drifted to a spirited run about a woman who is given a chance to get another shot on life after dying unexpectedly.

Premiere Week Rating: Hi Bye Mama

Hi Bye, Mama registered 5.9% and 6.1% nationwide viewership ratings on its launch week. Backed up by PD Yoo Je Won and writer Kwon Hye Joo, it was not surprising how the story enamors right away with its clear story trajectory.


Premiere Week Recap

Living as a ghost after her unexpected death, Cha Yu Ri (Kim Tae Hee) has lingered on earth and has since hovered on her husband and daughter. After five years though, an ordinance was issued for the ghosts who opted to stay on earth to settle firmly at the ghost realm.

Refusing to do so, Yu Ri throws a tantrum and curses on the deity for giving her such a misfortune. Unlucky for her, the deity heard her plea and orders her a 49-day trial period to try and win back her old life. If she suceeds, she gets to be with her daughter and husband.

However, her husband has since remarried and her 49 days of living as a human is not an easy idea to present to her loved ones, who knew she died already.

On the day, she realized she is back to being a human, her husband Cho Gang Hwa (Lee Kyu Hyung) locked eyes on her. Since then, he has since been bothered of seeing a woman who looks exactly like his first love and the mother of his daughter. It also leads to a ruckus at the hospital when he forced to do a surgery when he is still caught up from the trauma caused by Yu Ri’s death.

Hi Bye Mama

When he receives a worried call from his second wife Oh Min Jung (Go Bo Gyul) that his daughter Seo Woo is missing, they rush to find her. Seo Woo, who can see ghost was previously hospitalized when she entered the refrigerator after following a ghost boy. Yu Ri sees her daughter playing with him again so she rushes to stop any trouble to happen.

Having a human body again, she embraces her daughter whom she has not held in her arms yet. When the teacher from the daycare center sees them, she thought she was there to pick Seo Woo up.

Entrusted with her daughter, they go home but stop at a nearby playground. Pushing Seo Woo happily while she rides a swing, the little girl accidentally fell off. Crying together Yu Ri apologizes for causing her daughter a wound on her palm. Gang Hwa, who finally finds his daughter stops on his track, when he sees Yu Ri crying and embracing his child.

Hi Bye Mama

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

The last K-Drama ugly cries I had were coincidentally with dramas The Smile Has Left Your Eyes and Go Back Couple. Those series had affected me so much, I was bereft of emotions trying to reconcile what I can do for an imaginative world that I felt so compelled to be part of. *chuckles

Now, the director and writer of those two dramas joined for this new project. Inescapably, I already shed tears on its premiere week and there are 14 episodes still in the horizon. So, yes it’s gonna be another emotionally investing ride for this new series.

Raising an impossible conflict for the heroine of the story who was given an option to claim back the life she had as a mother and wife gives a mind-boggling dilemma. Especially since her husband has moved on with his life – having a new wife who has raised her daughter like her own.

Hi Bye Mama

Fantasy themed stories with reality biting plot like Hi Bye, Mama drives an engaging story that will be worth the tears. So far, the screenplay has drawn stunning lines worthy to be pondered on.

I particularly wept on the scene when Gang Hwa was on his knees requesting his in-laws to take care of their granddaughter. However, Yu Ri’s mother is firm to push her son-in-law to summon his strength to live for his daughter, and live it day by day no matter how hard it is.

The scene when Yu Ri embraced Seo Woo for the first time was also poignant. Because somehow she already know that her trial period was impossible to accomplish. But having a taste of warmth from her daughter’s little body pushed her to fight for a future of having those priceless moments no matter how painful the consequences would be.

Hi Bye, Mama airs on tvN every weekend and is globally streamed on Netflix at the same days.

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