K-Drama Premiere: “Money Game” Parlays Solid Cast To Cushion Heavy Plot

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The dice is rolled for tvN’ Money Game – and the first chapters overwhelm with its hinted plot setting.

Introducing the brilliant and cunning minds behind Korea’s economy, Money Game is for patient watchers. It threads on the complex plot about Korea’s financial system and economic strategies.

2020 Korean Dramas Money Game

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With work place dramas still dominating the first half of 2020, tvN’s new offering joins the theme. Tapping Go Soo, Lee Sung Min and Shim Eun Kyung as the main leads, its plot hopefully would pick up as the story goes on.

Premiere Week Recap

When Jungin bank, a major financial company was questioned by National Policy Committee, the government was dragged on resolving its liquidation process to remedy the massive business loss.

Chae Yi Hoon, (Go Soo) the chief of Financial Policy committee, aggravates the situation of the chairman of Financial Services Commission (FSC) by giving the numbers and the truth that the situation can’t be salvaged anymore.

Money Game

Meanwhile, Heo Jae (Lee Sung Min) wraps up his lecture with newly-appointed civil service passers. He learns from his juniors that Lee Hye Jun (Shim Eun Kyung), a student who caught his attention in the lecture is set to join their office. They were also made aware of the chaos that happened during the hearing which will benefit Heo Jae, who is touted to replace the position.

Hye Jun, who did not study in a prestigious school, suffered the tacit animosity of her fellow officemates who graduated in Korea’s recognized schools. But, she perseveres and even pitched a brilliant idea to resolve the pressing concern their department is working on.

The chairman is left no choice, but to seek the help of expert economist Chae Byung Hak. The latter is Yi Hoon’s father, but their relationship is not publicized and sort of estranged. At the same time, Heo Jae asks Yi Hoon to meet him and offers to work with his team. But, the upright government worker is unable to draw a decision yet.

Money Game

Byung Hak, who is known to have close relationship with the Korean president opts to support the current chairman and has drafted a recommendation letter to the president. Having opposing views to Heo Jae’s open-mindedness to explore options outside the country, they are unable to reconcile their opinions.

Persistent to sway Byung Hak’s convictions, Heo Jae follows him while he was hiking. While resting, Heo Jae appears to bargain once more, but the Byung Hak sticks to his conservative views. In rage, Heo Jae pushes Byung Hak to the nearby cliff.

Unaware that Yi Hoon is Byung Hak’s son, Heo Jae elaborates the plan he has in mind collaborating with foreign banks. While Yi Hoon agrees that the government can intervene, he refuses Byung Hak’s method.

The report he submitted on Jungin Bank’s revival plan was also used in a press conference detailing the need for the bank to be abolished. But the numbers that he submitted was altered. Hence, Yi Hoon refutes the claim and caused another ruckus.

Back at the FSC office, Hye Jun receives a task to send in the report she made and sees a document on the desktop of her team manager. She sees the manipulated numbers of Jungin bank and prints a copy of it.

Confronting Heo Jae about his intentions, Yi Hoon firmly chides that his plan will ruin the economy. That the bank needs to be saved. His words remind Heo Jae of the exact thing Byung Hak said before he died.

However, Heo Jae argues how the hedge funds are ruining the country. He also warns him to stay out of the issue.

Money Game

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

Revolving to stories behind the country’s financial sector, Money Game made me struggle to finish its first episodes.

Probably because the plot is already set in a world that I am not so enthused to explore. Adding to that the narration is so serious and dialogue-heavy.

But given a new world the series has introduced seems something my age should really probe on, I might as well settle for the silver lining. I get to have a glimpse of the government dealings related to finances and everything else encompassing the economy of Korea.

Hopefully, the episode endings would be more thrilling when the whole picture is set in motion. Because the narrative honestly made me doze off.

Hye Jun’s game plan towards Heo Jae once their past connection unravels is something that I also anticipate. Along with how Yi Hoon will claim justice for his father.

With Go Soo, Lee Sung Min and Shim Eun Kyung on board, I expect top notch portrayals. Moreover, I hope that the outwitting games would be nothing but enthralling.

Money Game airs on tvN every Wednesday and Thursday.