K-Drama Premiere: “Nobody Knows” Builds An Intriguing Plot That Trails On A Serial Killer Chase

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With a thrilling story-line Nobody Knows is scarily creepy and gives goosebumps to the viewers

Proving her acting prowess, Kim Seo Hyung (Sky Castle) delivers an intense performance as a cop with a determined goal in the opening week of Nobody Knows. She takes on the role of the main character Cha Young Jin who has been on the hunt to find a serial killer from 19 years ago. The drama also features Ryu Deok Hwan, Park Hoon, and Ahn Ji Ho in pivotal roles.

Nobody Knows

After her best friend dies as a victim to a serial killer, Cha Young Jin is on a mission to catch the murderer no matter how long it takes. 19 years later, another incident occurs and she must withstand all the trials to ensure that justice is served.

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Nobody Knows

Premiere Week Recap

Stigmata Serial Murder Case

A serial killer is on the loose killing young girls mercilessly. The latest victim is Choi Soo Jung (Kim Si Eun), Cha Young Jin’s friend. On the day of her murder, Soo Jung had called Young Jin three times but she did not answer her call. Had Young Jin answered the call back then Soo Jung might have survived.

Young Jin gets a call from the killer who states that he originally intended to kill er but settled for her friend instead. He also adds that the killings are going to stop so she would not be able catch him. However, she lies to the police that the killer had told her that he is going to kill again.

Fast forward 19 years later, Young Jin becomes a cop and is still working on the “Stigmata” murder case. The statute of limitations for seven of the eight murders have already expired. However, there are no statute for limitations for Soo Jung’s murder case because it calls under the conditions of Taewan law enactment.

Nobody Knows

New clues and the murderer

Young Jin finds a new lead on the case after her conversation with the sister of the first victim. The woman recollects meeting an unknown man a few days before her sister’s death. Handing her a doll, the man claims that her sister’s soul is sick and he will heal it through rebirth.

As Cha Young Jin looks through the other evidences she finds that another victim too have received a call for a six-winged angel doll from New Life Church. After enquiring the church people, she found out that a pastor from the church named Seo Sang Won (Kang Shin Il) used to make such dolls.

After finding Seo Sang Won’s address, Young Jin heads to the location and finds a dead body of a woman bounded to a chair. Following a trail of blood on the floor she finds the supposed murderer on the roof-top. But before she could catch him alive he jumps off and dies.

Ko Eun Ho: A victim from another case

Ko Eun Ho (Ahn Ji Ho) is a teenager who is Cha Young Jin’s neighbor and looks up to her. Aside from living with an irresponsible mother and being bullied at school, he is a loner and faces lot of difficulties.

One of the matters troubling Eun Ho is his classmate Ha Min Sung (Yoon Jae Young). Min Sung had cheated in an exam and therefore Eun Ho asks him to come clean. He warns him that if he does not own up to his mistake then he will have to report him. Other than that Eun Ho’s situation is worsened by Joo Dong Myung (Yoo Chan Young) preying on him.

Yoon Sun Woo (Ryu Deok Hwan), a teacher at Eun Ho’s school is aware about him being an outcast as he sees his classmates dumping their responsibilities on him. In another instance, one of the other students informs him that Eun Ho might have been bullied by Dong Myung. But when Sun Woo asks Eun Ho if he might have been bullied, he denies it and Sun Woo does not probe any further either.

Eun Ho visits Young Jin intending to tell her about his problems. However, seeing Young Jin troubled by her own problems he hesitates. Seeing no resort to save himself, Eun Ho jumps off a building.

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

The drama started out quite intensely and is engrossing from the very first scene. Everything from the direction to the acting performances of the actors were well-done. Kim Seo Hyung nailed all the expressions from the anguish caused by her character’s regrets to being the fearless cop.

Lots of things were going on in the story from the pursuit of a serial killer to bullying in a school. Just like its title, nobody knows or can predict what is going to happen next.

It was extremely hurtful to see Eun Ho make that decision. Though only episodes to the story, he managed to draw attention to himself. His relationship with Young Jin was really heartwarming. They were both lonely people who found a tiny bit of happiness in each other.

If only Young Jin was not too caught up in the past then maybe things would have been different. Her situation looked only worse going forward. Not only must she solve the mystery behind stigmata killings but must also find the people responsible for Eun Ho making that decision.

Both the cases seemed to be closely related as Lim Hee Jung (Baek Hyun Joo) the last woman who was killed is a Director of Shinsung Foundation which also funds New Life Church and Shinsung School, which Eun Ho attended.

There were also many mysterious people who might have a connection to the case such as Yoon Hee Seop (Jo Han Chul), the man saved by Eun Ho (Kwon Hae Hyo), and Baek Sang Ho (Park Hoon). The book titled New Life Gospel also seemed to hold some answers to the causes of the occurrences.

Nobody Knows airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 pm KST via SBS.

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