K-Drama Premiere: “Tell Me What You Saw” Coaxes Crime Series Fans To Anticipate More Thrilling Episodes

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OCN launched Tell Me What You Saw – its first offering for the year 2020 – and it refuses to fall short of expectations

Top-billed by Jang Hyuk, Choi Soo Young and Jin Seo Yun, Tell Me What You Saw officially signals the beginning of enthralling series for the channel known to house unconventional, riveting and cryptic stories.

Premiere Week Rating:

Tell Me What You Saw

Tapping formidable actor Jang Hyuk, who is known for having crime dramas as his turf, his new character challenges his range to deliver, given the recluse living setup of his role.

Thus, actresses Choi Soo Young and Jin Seo Yun suiting up as detectives – inevitably make the flavor of Tell Me What You Saw a cut different from the previous OCN series. This time, the women do the action while the lead man orchestrates the plan in solving the crime cases.

Tell Me What You Saw

Premiere Week Recap

The woman with photographic memory

Born to deaf-mute parents, Cha Soo Young (Choi Soo Young) has inclination to be aversive of her connection to her family. Unfortunately, that caused her mother’s death when she denies her relationship after being asked by her classmate if she knows the woman trying to get her attention amidst the pouring rain.

In trying to reach her daughter, Soo Young’s mother gets hit by a car which ran away from the scene. Pleading the police officer to search for the car details captured by her memory, the investigation reaches dead end because the vehicle involved is not registered.

Years later, Soo Young gets a chance to work in the police force thanks to her uncanny ability to picture events and storing it in her memory. When a murder case happened in their quiet town, she inadvertently destroys the crime scene. Luckily, she was able to take pictures before the scene got messy owing to her sliding accident and rain downpour.

Tell Me What You Saw

Peppermint Candy

The regional investigation unit of Mucheon intervenes in the case after a peppermint candy is found in the crime scene. A trademark popular to a notorious psychopath believed to have been perished in an accident.

While drafting her report of not being able to protect the crime scene, Soo Young finds herself trapped in the middle of the briefing about the case when her seniors came in tow for a meeting. Piqued on how she has described the scene exactly the same way as she captured the photo, Team Leader Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yun) requests for her transfer to the regional office to help out in the case.

The genius profiler

Team Leader Ha Young also introduces her to a mysterious man who lives a solitary life. His name is Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk), a once genius profiler who was also affected in the car explosion accident which caused his wife’s death.

Blinded and immobile, he sits on a high-tech wheel chair with only Team Leader Ha Young as his confidante – as she too is close to his dead wife.

Although Soo Young piques his interest, he does not show it. After realizing the identity of the person she met, Soo Young revisits the crime scene and fragments of her memory returns. She goes back to Hyun Jae’s hideout and discloses it. Still, the hermit former detective did not budge in acknowledging her effort.

Unlocking the culprit’s identity, the police team rushes to his dwelling unaware that he actually turned himself in. Aware that the psychopath in custody is a copycat, Hyun Jae and Ha Young work together to solve the case. Upon learning that the criminal has another victim who is possibly alive, the team move to save her.

The voice that saved Soo Young

Soo Young’s memory again cracks a clue that would save the missing woman. Arriving at the culprit’s hideout, the team faces another obstacle as the almost collapsing warehouse can’t be opened.

A tiny opening can only fit a small framed person and Soo Young bravely volunteers to go in. Finding a secret passage, Soo Young crawls but the passage breaks down and she loses connection to the standby team.

Trying to survive, Hyun Jae comes to her rescue and leads her to grope her way safely in an unfamiliar surrounding. Finally, she finds a door and follows Hyun Jae’s instruction to switch on the light, but to close her eyes first.

When she opens her eyes, she screams out of fear as corpses hang inside the room of rotten stench. In the brink of the room collapsing, Hyun Jae orders her to get out. But determined to save the victim, she stubbornly searches the place and successfully finds her.

The next day, as they prep up to continue questioning the psychopath in their custody, they find him soaked in his blood and brutally killed.

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

Tell Me What You Saw takes the familiar elements present to former OCN series that viewers love. The somber tone, the ruthless villains, the brave protagonists and the psychopath chase – are all present in the initial showing of the drama.

Whether bringing in female detectives at the forefront of the crime busting activities yields a blessing is something to anticipate for. Especially since OCN drama fans are used to male leads taking in the bulk of the action and dramatic elements.

Establishing a skilled and cunning villain that would be pitted against Hyun Jae and RIU crime team sets an underdog theme. The unveiling of the outsmarting games is undoubtedly in motion in the succeeding episodes.

Choi Soo Young has blossomed to a picture of an actress who is ready to immerse on a role that the audience might find hard to believe she can be capable of absorbing.

Portraying a detective with a thirst to prove herself albeit unsure if she really can make it interestingly hooks for the viewers to root for her development. Looking forward to how her character will evolve given how OCN narrative throws in peculiar and unexpected story twists is natural. Aside from that, her character’s story of avenging her mother’s unfortunate death adds to the plot inclusions to expect for.

Returning to the small screen after five years, Jin Seo Yun exuded alpha female presence. Her role as the person who has a rationality that would bridge the gap between the emotional young detective she scouted and the intellectual friend with secretive nature marks how important her character is.

Jang Hyuk as always overwhelms with overbearing charisma that strangely attracts the audience. It would be boring though if all his upcoming scenes will be in his gloomy looking hub with his iguana pet.

Having a sound control room whilst being a backup to the crime solving detectives looks cool. However, it would not open a variety of movements for the plot to explore on.

Tell Me What You Saw airs on OCN every Saturday and Sunday.

Tell Me What You Saw

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