K-Drama Premiere: “The Cursed” Conjures An Eerie & Addicting Story About Black Magic

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Casting a grim yet hooking mood, The Cursed is tailored to viewers who likes stories about shamanism, necromancy and dark magic

A cut different from the prevailing drama genres currently airing, The Cursed haunts in a stellar way.

February 2020 Korean Dramas The Cursed

Produced by Studio Dragon and Lezhin Studio, tvN’s newest series notched a palpable plot direction. The inviting premise hooks right away credit to how it established the link that will bind the characters. It will run 12 episodes until 17 March 2020.

Premiere Week Rating:

Sung Dong Il, Uhm Ji Won, Jo Min Soo and Jung Ji Soo round up the leading cast of the series. Director Kim Yong Wan and writer Yoon Sang Ho make up the creative team.

February 2020 Korean Dramas The Cursed

Premiere Week Recap

In a remote area in the mountains, a mother and her child manage to survive day to day life by practicing shamanism. The child, Baek So Jin, particularly is possessed by a great spirit that her power to curse has reached popularity far and wide. Thus, people who desperately hold a grudge towards someone seek their service.

After So Jin and her mother finished a deal one night, unexpected visitors come to visit. They spot So Jin’s mother who wallows in alcohol outside the house. A shaman named Jin Kyung (Jo Min Soo) proceeds to order one of the henchmen to kill So Jin’s mother while a man silently watch his people wreak havoc.

Running for her life, So Jin goes to the back door as the uninvited visitors burn their house.

The Cursed

Forest fiasco

10 years after, So Jin (Jung Ji So) browses on her mobile phone. The vein-like scar on her hand is even more prominent.

Meanwhile, Im Jin Hee (Uhm Ji Won), a passionate reporter working for a daily newspaper meets a witness to a story she is working on.

It involves, Forest, a huge IT company which shot up to unprecedented success in the last 10 years. Its company CEO is Jin Jong Hyun (Sung Dong Il). He is the same mysterious man who stood beside evil shamaness Jin Kyung the night So Jin’s mother was killed.

The witness reveals being assaulted under the minstration of his previous company’s CEO. He also opens up about a shady subsidiary company housed by the business.

After getting information from the witness, Jin Hee meets her seniors to discuss her scoop. However, the deputy editor disagrees to have it be published.

Later, the same deputy editor meets with a staff from Forest who lobbies the dirty works. He furnishes a detailed press material to counter the whistleblower’s claim. When the deputy editor demands to know the reported shady subsidiary company, he laughs when the Forest employee revealed it to be involving shamanism.

The Cursed

A cryptic informer

Still trying to unearth the evil deeds of Forest, Jin Hee opens a tip corner online. She then receives a private message and meets a young woman who claims knowing the atrocious Forest CEO Jin Jong Hyun.

Listening to So Jin’s claim of CEO Jin’s involvement in dark magic, Jin Hee ends the meeting. But, the next day her witness is put on a sticky situation. The deputy editor’s article has been published marking the witness as a company traitor.

While driving, the witness speaks to Jin Hee who is trying to calm him. At the same time, CEO Jin is also casting a curse to the witness who suddenly can’t move. Against his will, he reversed his car which fell off a cliff causing his death.

Rushing to her company, Jin Hee confronts the evil deputy manager. Equally dauntless, he chokes Jin Hee and warns of her stubbornness. When she sees the cap of his personal pen, Jin Hee remembers So Jin’s words of how she can execute a curse with three items.

Picking the pen lid furtively, she asks for the deputy editor’s Chinese name and leaves the office in a murderous mood. She then calls So Jin and meets her again.

The Cursed

The cursed deputy editor

Elated to receive Jin Hee’s call to meet, So Jin reluctantly agrees to the reporter’s request to curse her wicked senior. After a moment of silence, So Jin remarks the deed is done. Finally calming down and pondering on the joke she went through out of anger, she went home to rest.

Back at the newspaper’s office, Jin Hee’s husband Jung Sung Joon (Jung Moon Sung) leads his team to investigate on a murder. The deputy manager is found dead in a grotesque and bloody way with his arms and legs twisted  on the office floor.

As one of the persons who met him before he died, Jin Hee is summoned by the police. She reveals the reason why they had an altercation involving the story she is working on about Forest.

Realizing So Jin’s curse, she researches about the student’s school uniform and stalks outside her school. Following So Jin’s tracks, she lost her when the former is suddenly snatched by a group of school bullies.

The Cursed

So Jin’s Story

In the brink of receiving the leader bully’s wrath, Jin Hee appears ordering the students to stop. Unfazed of her request, the leader tells her to leave. Picking up her phone, Jin Hee motions to call the police so the bullies walk to her direction.

Just then, So Jin holds the leader’s hand and conjures a curse causing blood out of him to erupt scaring them away. Witnessing So Jin’s power with her own eyes, Jin Hee is baffled on what she just saw.

Jin Hee drives So Jin home to the orphanage. She narrates her unfortunate story and how she wants to avenge her mother. Asking help to execute her plan, So Jin again convinces her of helping out so she can curse CEO Jin.

Jin Kyung Returns

Back at CEO Jin’s camp, he learns of the death of the deputy editor who is working on their side. He sees the ludicrous bloody pictures and senses something wrong.

When Jin Kyung returns from her visit in Japan she is ordered to meet him right away. Seeing the photos, they plan their way to determine the powerful spirit behind the deputy director’s death. At the morgue, Jin Kyung performs a ritual and sees fragments of the deceased editor’s life. She also learns of the method used in the curse.

Meanwhile, Jin Hee and Sung Joon’s place, the latter finds the pen lid belonging to the deputy editor when he laid on their bed.

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

Honestly, The Cursed is not in our roster to review. But the first few scenes has had my attention. Before I knew it, I am almost done writing this premiere recap.

Shamanism and dark magic layer the narrative projected for the newest tvN series. Although, it might not appeal to general audience because of its chilling vibe, it definitely puts you under a spell once you decide to sneak a quick watch.

A young woman keen to avenge her mother’s death through a showdown of spirit powers against a shrewd possessed CEO is enough reason for fans of spooky stories to add The Cursed on their watch list.

Notably, the series has also tapped formidable characters who suit up to their roles with efficiency so far. Using underdog theme, as well as, good-versus-evil battle; the thought of seeing it in literal and supernatural ways makes The Cursed even more interesting.

I am particularly looking forward to more delving in the world of shamanism. At the same time, checking the level of my tolerance in dramas of occult theme. Before I had been traumatized by Park Il Do in The Guest. *chuckles

So I was even more surprised, that I streamed The Cursed for over two-hours straight at dawn. Such is the addicting pull of the story. With only 12 episodes to watch plus a fast-paced and neat initiating chapters, the series delivers a promising narrative .

The Cursed is aired on tvN every Monday and Tuesday. Fans can watch it on Viu.

Image Credit: tvN

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