K-Drama Premiere: “The Game Towards Zero” Races To An Exciting Premiere With Well-Executed Storytelling

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In two episodes, The Game: Towards Zero vaunted a solid picture of its lead characters and their interesting connections

Additionally, MBC’s new series hooks with the presented trajectory of the stories to be unraveled in its next 14 chapters.

Premiere Week Rating:

The Game Towards Zero

Blending interesting plot and character descriptions, The Game: Towards Zero ran an engaging symphony for its first outing. Its main leads Ok Taecyeon, Lee Yeon Hee and Lim Ju Hwan further amplified its engrossing introductory episodes.

The Game Towards Midnight

Premiere Week Recap

The man who can see death

Living an affluent life, Kim Tae Pyung (Ok Taecyeon) is popular among the rich people and the politics world. His ability to see the moments before someone’s death is both a blessing and a curse.

When he gets entangled to the death of a gang leader, he crosses path with Seo Joon Young (Lee Yeon Hee), a crime detective. Strangely though, his ability seems not working on Detective Seo.

They soon meet again when Tae Pyung, who usually does not meddle with other people’s affairs finds himself helping Detective Seo. Prior to that, he denounces his ability when the police officer confronted her about it.

The abduction

It turns out that the victim is the daughter of a media company leader, Lee Joon Hee. In a serial killer chase 20 years ago, he chanced upon young Joon Young – who lost her father while tracking the psychopath.

From a small time reporter he progressed to calling the shots in one of the city’s media company. Thus, his ambition overrides his responsibility in his family. While conceiving a story with his news team, he ignores the phone calls of his wife. Unaware that the reported victim is his daughter, he continues to compete with the media exposure.

The detective who makes a miracle

Convinced of Tae Pyung’s gift, Detective Seo bargains to save the victim – Mi Jin. He reluctantly provides details with Detective Seo’s assurance that she will take responsibility of the after effects. Warning his visions never fail, he relents to her plea.

They deduce the location of where Mi Jin is buried alive. Just like what happened in Tae Pyung’s vision, Detective Seo tries to revive Mi Jin when she was found.

When the clock strikes 12 midnight, the emergency medical team arrives and announces Mi Jin’s dead heartbeat. Just when the police force and Tae Pyung lose hope, Mi Jin takes a deep breath and regains consciousness.

The Game Towards Zero

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

Such a strong and coherent premiere for The Game: Towards Zero. It has given details of what to expect in the story while withholding information to be divulged in the future.

I like Tae Pyung’s reservations and recklessness. I look forward to his realization that his gift is not curse. Based on his reactions in the opening week, he seems unyielding to expose his ability. A sane decision since he might get abused.

At the same time, unraveling Joon Young’s past is something worth anticipating. Her palpable connection to Tae Pyung adds engagement to commit in watching the series.

Notably, these premiere episodes are well-contrived and neatly narrated. Despite threading on a crime narrative that viewers may be familiar with, the polished make of its trajectory is so far impressive.

The Game: Towards Zero airs on MBC every Wednesday and Thursday.

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