K-Drama Premiere: “The World Of The Married” Surprises With Its Relay Of Plot Twists

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Marriage is a beautiful thing but a slight crack in it and it all goes crashing down

There is no such thing as a perfect life and if anything looks perfect it is because of the mask of lies. The World of the Married tells an intriguing and intense narrative about how a perfect marriage life can start deteriorating because of a weave of lies and the anguish caused by the betrayal.

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The World Of The Married

Taking on the role of the main couple in the story are Kim Hee Ae who plays Ji Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh who plays Lee Tae Oh.

With its unpredictability and some shocking plot twists, the drama has wooed the audience in its first broadcast itself. The drama broke the record of highest first episode viewership ratings for a jTBC drama.

The World Of The Married

According to Nielsen, The World of the Married achieved the viewership ratings of 6.26% nationwide and 6.726 % in the Seoul metropolitan area in the first episode. The ratings jumped higher to 9.979 % nationwide and 11.023% in Seoul for the second episode proving the high class quality of the drama.

The World of the Married

Premiere Week Recap

Ji Sun Woo has been living a happy life with her husband, Lee Tae Oh and son, Lee Joon Young (Jeon Jin Seo). Besides her personal life, she is also extremely successful in her career working as an associate director in her hospital.

The seeds of doubt

Sun Woo finds a lip tint among Tae Oh’s possessions which he immediately explains that he bought it during his flight however the color does surprise her. She brushes it off thinking it to be a mistake but then she notices a strand of brown hair on the scarf which was given to her by Tae Oh.

While picking Joon Young from school, she runs into Jang Mi Yun (Jo Ah Ra) who also has a brown hair. Jang Mi Yun informs that she has been working as Tae Oh’s assistant for the past year. She also slips the information that she is divorced and the office closes at 5 pm.

Sun Woo’s suspects that Mi Yun might be the other woman since Tae Oh never mentioned hiring her and he has never been home before 7 pm. Later, she also learns from Joon Young that Yoon No Eul (Shin Soo Yoen), Mi Yun’s daughter had mentioned that her mother has a boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Sun Woo’s friend Ko Ye Rim (Park Sun Young) too possesses the same hair color. Turns out that hair color has been on the trend because of Uhm Hyo Jung (Kim Sun Kyung), a former Miss Korea and she also happens to be Sun Woo’s patient. In her session, with Sun Woo she mentions having found someone special which is also the reason for her happiness.

Now, Sun Woo has suspicions on Jang Mi Yun, Ko Ye Rim and Uhm Hyo Jung.

More clues and revelation of truth

Convinced that her husband has a secret, Sun Woo leaves work early and tails him only to find that he was visiting his sick mother at a healthcare facility. Tae Oh mentions to his wife that he has been regularly visiting his mother. But on a conversation with the healthcare staff, she learns that Tae Oh paid a visit only that day.

In order to gain an investment for his business, Tae Oh goes to Uhm Hyo Jung’s exhibition so that he can meet Yeo Byung Kyu (Lee Kyung Young). Sun Woo tags along with him and also helps strike a conversation. There, she notices a wine bottle of the brand that Tae Oh got home earlier. She invites Uhm Hyo Jung to Tae Oh’s birthday party event.

Meanwhile, she hires her patient, Min Hyun Seo (Sim Eun Woo) to tail her husband again and find out who is he meeting. Hyun Seo confirms that there is a woman but she could not get a look at her face but suggests to check his car’s trunk.

Making an excuse of looking for a camera, Sun Woo gets access to Tae Oh’s car trunk. There, she finds her husband’s spare phone with a woman’s picture as the wallpaper. The woman is Yeo Da Kyung (Han So Hee) who is Uhm Hyo Jung’s daughter and also Lee Tae Oh’s mistress. On looking into the pictures stored in the phone, she learns that it is just not her husband but everyone else has been lying to her.

Sun Woo’s colleague and friend Sul Myung Sook (Chae Goo Hee) has been informing Tae Oh about her whereabouts while Ko Ye Rim and her husband Son Je Hyuk (Kim Young Min) are also aware about the affair.

Unexpected encounter, confrontation and revelations

Though she wishes to break-off her marriage with Lee Tae Oh, after she sees Joon Young calendar marked for baseball camp. Remembering that he wishes to go there with his father, she decides to wait until the camp.

At work, Sun Woo is up for a surprise when Yeo Da Kyung comes to her for consultation. After doing a few tests, she finds that Da Kyung is pregnant. Da Kyung then goes to consult the gynecologist.

Myung Sook confides in Sun Woo that Da Kyung wants an abortion and has also asked to keep it a secret from everyone else including Tae Oh. Now that the abortion surgery is against the hospital rules, they are in a fix on what to do next. It is revealed that Da Kyung has been deliberately dropping clues so that Sun Woo would learn about the affair.

After Lee Tae Oh and Joon Young returns from the baseball camp, Sun Woo finally has a one-on-one talk with her husband about the affair. However, Tae Oh refuses to admit that he had been cheating on her stating that she is the only woman in his life.

Baffled at her husband’s lies, Sun Woo finally takes the next step. She tells Myung Sook to inform Tae Oh about Da Kyung’s pregnancy. Now, Tae Oh also knows about the pregnancy and rushes to take his next step.

The World of the Married

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

The World of the Married gets the viewers emotionally invested from the very first scene. The revelation at the end of the first episode was quite mind boggling. It was obvious from the beginning that Tae Oh was hiding something but the fact that everyone else around Sun Woo kept her fooled was completely unexpected.

Kim Hee Ae’s expressions makes us feel for the character even more as she transitions from being hurt to fuming with fury. One of the most powerful moments is when Sun Woo – driven by rage – thought of stabbing her cheating husband; but stopped when she was reminded of her son.

There has been many dramas centered around infidelity, but The World of the Married took it to the next level so far. At least in those other dramas, the person who is cheated on has some nice people around them too who help them heal. In Sun Woo’s case, so far she has no one by her side. The betrayal did not come just from the husband but her friends too.

This drama is going to be a rage-induced ride and we can totally look forward to how Sun Woo pays back ten-fold to everyone who has betrayed her. Also, there are too many pieces and loose ends in the story that there is no way knowing on which direction the story will go.

The World of the Married airs every Friday and Saturday at 10.50 pm via jTBC.

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