K-Drama Premiere: “Zombie Detective” Amuses With The Idea of A Zombie Impersonating A Human

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We assure you, Choi Jin Hyuk is not your usual zombie! His antics and zombie persona would definitely make your day even better!

The pilot week episodes of Zombie Detective will have you laughing your head off every time. It paraded action, humor, and mystery elements, that will make you intrigued and craving for more. This Choi Jun Hyuk and Park Joo Hyun starrer follows the story of a zombie pretending to be human due to his fear of being killed by humans. How ironic right? Read on.

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Zombie Detective

Pilot Episode Recap

The humanoid zombie

Soon as the dusk strikes, crows starts cawing and the next thing we can see, is a supernatural being rising from a pile of trash. Looking confused, he asks himself if he is in the netherworld, and then he light up the cigarette kept in his suit pocket. Strangely, the smoke from the cigarette starts coming out of his severely damaged body. He noticed his wounds and skin that feels no pain, and his voice unable to speak out words like a normal human.

Then he felt the hunger, but resists on eating a livestock animal. Suddenly, he collapses, and the moment he wakes up, the remains of the animal is lying beside him. After feeling miserable about the thing he did, he said, he’d rather die than to live, and then jumps off the cliff. But after falling from the high surface, he still find himself alive and completely fine.

The next thing he knows is that he is a living dead, a zombie, though he refuse to live as a flesh eating zombie.

Zombie Detective

Fast Train to Busan (Writer’s note: this scene is extremely hilarious)

From here, we witness two lovers entering the bus heading to Busan. According to the man, the zombie virus is spreading and that they must rush to Busan. To their surprise, the bus driver and passengers has been already infected. Like a movie hero, the man knocks down every zombie in the bus. But after fighting off all the zombies, he gets bitten and infected. Although he tries to explain to her girlfriend that even if he bites her, she won’t get infected, she still cannot understand a thing. Then, she starts knocking him off with a bat.

The next scene shifts showing that it is actually a scene from a film titled Fast Train to Busan, which Choi Jin Hyuk is watching closely. He has come to a realization that zombies are not scary and harmful, but rather, people cannot understand that zombies are actually trying to speak to them. That day, he realized that he doesn’t want to die in the hands of the cruel humans.

Zombie Detective

The Zombie in Town, Kim Moo Young

He decided to practice living like an actual human; from walking, eating to talking. In a span of two years, he mastered everything and is now ready to blend with humans.

Like a coincidence, he saw a man in the woods killing another man. He tried checking if he’s still breathing and before he died, the man hands him a key that leads to his office. After perishing, he, the zombie, decides to adopt the dead man’s identity, which according to his identification card says Kim Moo Young. When he learns that the dead Kim Moo Young was a detective, he started having hopes in finding his own identity and his previous life before becoming a zombie.

Seon Ji and Santa

Delving on murder case, Gong Seon Ji (Park Joo Hyun), a writer of a current affairs program, is hustling to find the traces of the criminal she has been dying to look for. Santa, the murderer she is searching for, has killed a young girl on Christmas Eve. Since then, she has been seeking justice for the young girl, and her impeccable sense of justice has been her driving force.

Though one witness has yet to muster courage to testify, Seon Ji has never been this persevered. She continues persuading the sole witness of the crime, and luckily, her efforts did not go down the drain. Finally, the witness agreed to give his testimony on Seon Ji’s program In-Depth 70 Minutes.

But after the show has been aired, the witness was suddenly attacked by an unknown man. Due to extreme guilt, she quit her job. She becomes involved with Kim Moo Young and decides to join his private detective office.

Zombie Detective

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

Based on how it was promoted, I am expecting that this drama will be comical, but to my surprise, it was way hilarious than I have imagined. Unlike typical zombies we have always seen, Choi Jin Hyuk is a total game changer. His outward looks may be of a zombie, but because of his inner dramatic monologues, I am convinced that he still possess his old human nature.

While treading on a comic supernatural theme, the series has high chances to appeal to general audience. The conventional yet funny jokes and scenes never fail to make me laugh. Plus, its main leads and supporting characters are so far, showing great synergy. Park Joo Hyun’s sister in the drama, Hwang Bo Ra, also deserves an honorable mention.

In the succeeding episodes, questions to how Choi Jin Hyuk will hide his identity (he is running out of BB cream!) to Park Joo Hyun, will be answered, now that she decides to join him in his private investigating agency.

The driving point of this will be the back story of Choi Jin Hyuk, how he became a zombie and why he has forgotten his past. Problems like “will he be able to return into a human being or will he stay as a zombie forever” are also expected to rise, given that they are about to get closer to each other and harness some special connection.

If you are looking for a light series with a hint of mystery that will keep you intrigued and supernatural elements that will make you laugh, check out the premiere episodes and see for yourself. (*winks)

Zombie Detective airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 PM (KST) via KBS 2TV.

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