K-Drama Sneak Peek: Graceful Family To Touch On Well-Hidden Secrets From Society, Promises An Explosive Plot

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MBN is all set to launch its latest mystery thriller drama, Graceful Family, starting August 21.

Banking on lead stars Lim Soo Hyang and Lee Jang Woo, Graceful Family  brings about a unique genre for dramas. The drama mixes mystery, hilarious moments and the suspense of uncovering mysteries of the past.

Graceful Family


Graceful Family treads on the mystery behind the death of Mo Seok Hee’s (Lim Soo Hyang) mother. Although Seok Hee appears aloof and unaffected, deep inside she struggles with her loss. Furthermore, she desperately wants to find the murderer. Seok Hee is rich and spoiled, belonging to the upper class of South Korea.

She causes trouble at every turn and takes every chance to raise a ruckus, giving her father embarrassment. Seok Hee is the only child of the CEO of MC Group.

Meanwhile, Heo Yoon Do (Lee Jang Woo) is a brilliant but a struggling lawyer. His kind heart overrides his ambition to have a successful law career. He chooses to help his neighbors from his makeshift office, a small table inside a neighborhood restaurant. By a twist of fate, Yoon Do has a change of heart and joins MC Group’s legal team.

Yoon Do’s job in the TOP team is to cover up for Seok Hee’s family’s misdoings. Han Je Kook (Bae Jong Ok) will be Yoon Do’s boss in the TOP team. They do everything they can to keep the family clean, such as deleting CCTV footage to removing incriminating news before it goes public.

Yoon Do crosses paths with Seok Hee often. The spoiled daughter eventually learns to trust Yoon Do, due to his sincere heart. They soon work together to uncover the mystery behind Seok Hee’s mother’s death.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the drama because of the mystery surrounding its plot. The drama unabashedly brings focus to the flaws of a rich family. The plot sheds light on the team’s efforts to make sure that their faults stay hidden. The unique but realistic concept of having a team dedicated to cleaning the public image of a rich family adds layer to the twists in the plot.

Additionally, the drama aims to highlight the extent this team can go to, just to make sure that the chaebol family’s misgivings and crimes are hidden from the public eye. It’s a topic that’s sure to shock viewers.

The drama brings together a vibrant and talented cast that promises emotionally-charged scenes as well as lighthearted moments. Lim Soo Hyang is no stranger to melodrama, stringing hits like the recent My ID is Gangnam Beauty, where the sensitive issue of plastic surgery was the main topic. She was also in other dramas like Lovers in Bloom, Iris 2, and Five Enough.

Graceful Family


Meanwhile, Lee Jang Woo is also a lauded drama actor. After his military enlistment ended in 2018, Lee made a grand comeback in top-rating drama My Only One co-starring with Uee. He was also the male lead in the drama I Do, I Do with Kim Sun A.

Talented actress Bae Jong Ok is also fresh from the success of the Korean adaptation of Designated Survivor: 60 Days. She was also part of the cast of Live, 12 Years Promise, That Winter, The Wind Blows, and Worlds Within to name a few of her hit dramas.

Graceful Family premieres on August 21 on MBN.

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