K-Drama Sneak Peek: Meet The Investigators Of OCN’s “The Running Mates: Human Rights”

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Champions of human rights spin the story of The Running Mates: Human Rights.

An unlikely drama to spring from OCN, The Running Mates: Human Rights sets to delve in the world of human rights investigators. Leading the series are Lee Yo Won (Different Dreams) and Choi Gwi Hwa (Suits).

The Main Plot

Featuring a team of human rights commission investigators, they fight for people with unjust stories that no one has helped. Stimulating empathy through realistic stories, it will thread on the various facets of the rights all humans have as they live.

Additionally, the anguish and activity of investigators, who face the realities of human rights violation scenario that prevail in our society, serve as eye-opening moments to look forward to. Expect the narrative to thread on workplace harassment, discrimination, abduction, and sexual harassment. Furthermore, it will peek on the main characters’ inner thoughts as they confront the rightful judgment they have to make.

The Main Leads

A day before its premiere, the main cast has sent personalized invitations for drama fans.

Setting out for her character Han Yoon Seo, Lee Yo Won is a principled investigator who is equipped with charisma and sound judgment. Through her role of fighting for the innocent, Lee promises a thrilling portrayal that resonates genuine life experiences.

Choi Gwi Hwa, who showed off his strong presence through various acts in various works, takes on the role of Bae Hong Tae. He will be sent to the Human Rights Promotion Committee with a passionate character that will leave deep impression.

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Team Running Mates

Portraying the role of Kim Hyun Suk, Jang Hyun Sung will be Team Running Mate’s director human rights committee. Bearing the weight of the world, he spearheads the investigators with keen decisions based from his acquired long experience. Fresh from the success of Doctor Prisoner, Jang invites audience to witness a story that conveys cheerful empathy and laughter.

Assistant extraordinaire is set for Kim Joo Young, who will be the office assistant Bu Ji Hoon. Excited on the upcoming run of the series, he relayed how the office-based series highlights stories of the investigators struggling to double their pain that is only worth half their joy.

Veteran actress Oh Mi Hee adds to the cast as Ahn Kyung Sook. She is the chairman of the Reformed Human Rights Promotion Committee. With that, she is an objective leader with a cold facade. But, she has a warm heart to care for the juniors. Continuing the invite relay that was recently release, she hints The Running Mates: Human Rights trigger sensible amount of tears so preparing handkerchief is a must.

Lastly, rising actress Lee Joo Woo, suits up as a newbie investigator Lee Dal Sook. She said, “It’s a story about human rights investigators struggling to serve justice with their job. I want to share the excitement I felt when I first received the script as well as the stories of investigators who run today for a better world and a better human rights.”

The Show Runners

Based on 2015 novel Running Investigators by Song Shi Woo, the series is backed up by Studio Dragon and Daydream Entertainment. It will be orchestrated by director Kim Yong Soo whose works include Babysitter and Masked Prosecutor.

The Running Mates: Human Rights takes the midweek slot on OCN starting September 18.

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