K-Drama Sneak Peek: Nam Goong Min & Park Eun Bin To Face Challenging Off-Season In “Stove League”

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SBS is taking us to the exciting, emotional and demanding world of sports with its upcoming drama Stove League.

Focusing more on the lives of people working behind the scenes of a professional team, the baseball-centric series offers a new alternative to your Friday-Saturday night viewing. Set on the league’s off-season, Stove League (English title: Hot Stove League) will follow the grueling tasks a team has to go through in preparations for its regular season.

Stove League

Powering the cast are Nam Goong Min and Park Eun Bin who are taking on the lead roles while actors. Oh Jung Se and Jo Byeong Gyu round up the main characters. Adding more conflict and color to the cast lineup are actors Son Jong Hak, Lee Joon Hyuk, Yoon Byung Hee, Kim Do Hyun, Kim Soo Jin, Park Jin Woo and Kim Ki Moo.

Stove League: The Plot

Fans of baseball will find the drama’s title familiar as it is a term widely used in the sport. It refers to the off-season and the activities that usually happen outside the regular season. This includes recruitment, trade, contract negotiations, re-signing of players and coaches and other transactions.

Stove League will follow the stories of the management and staff of the professional baseball league team Dreams. As the newly appointed general manager, Baek Seung Soo is in for a tough challenge as the team is at the bottom of the rankings. He will meet Lee Se Young, the operations manager, who has an immense love and faith with the struggling Dreams team.

Coming in during the league’s off-season, Baek Seung Soo will face the concerns, issues and changes that the management usually go through during the league’s post-regular season.

The Main Characters

Nam Goong Min as Baek Seung Soo

“Be strong” is his personal mantra and it reflects on his ability to handle the different sports teams that he worked on. Baek Seung Soo has an impressive work resume’ being the team leader of wrestling, hockey and handball teams. These teams went on major changes that eventually won them championships under his management. However, due to the fact that the teams he handled were under poor parent companies in less popular leagues, these teams faced dissolution despite winning.

Finding himself in the more popular sport, which is baseball, Baek Seung Soo sees his chance for redemption. But the team he is about to take over is the lowest-ranking team in the league. Dreams baseball team is the kind of team that most new players refuse to be in. Being part of the team will test his flexibility to compromise and ability to turn things around for the team’s benefit.

Park Eun Bin as Lee Se Young

She is the youngest and only female operations manager of a professional baseball team in South Korea. It was made possible because the company cannot afford to hire someone with experience and pay a minimal salary. Lee Se Young has been working with Dreams for ten years and developed a devotion for the beleaguered team. But with the team’s last rankings, she, together with the rest of the squad have become accustomed to losing.

Stove League

Despite the situation, Lee Se Young continues to believe in Dreams. With the poor treatment and lack of support, she is desperately longing for a change and she is looking forward to rebuilding the team.

Oh Jung Se as Kwon Kyung Min

Dreams ball club owner’s nephew and the Managing Director. He is more interested in handling the other businesses of the Resend Group. But much to his annoyance, he is tasked to take over the position of overseeing the unsuccessful team. Kwon Kyung Min hates Dreams and feels embarrassed because of the team’s standings.

He deliberately hires Baek Seung Soo and through him hopes to control and manipulate the team’s fate. He will soon learn that Baek Seung Soo does not support his agenda.

Jo Byeong Gyu as Han Jae Hee

The grandson of the chairman of a traditional furniture company. He becomes a part of Dreams operations staff. His wealthy upbringing did not deter him to work as a salaried employee of a baseball team. He works hard and is concerned about Se Young’s frustrations every time Dreams numbers go down.

His determination to see the team succeed grows more the longer he stays. He initially doubts one man can turn things around but sees Baek Seung Soo can really do wonders for Dreams.

Stove League

The Creative Team

According to the production crew, Stove League is not just another sports drama that will only highlights the players. The drama aims to put more spotlight on the group of people who relentlessly work during the league’s off-season. The team added that they want viewers to know more about the things going on behind the players and the games.

“It is not a simple baseball drama. Stove League will provide viewers a look on the struggles and growth of people with a baseball background”, they said.

PD Jeong Dong Yoon, who directed the 2018 drama Exit takes the helm of the production. He also co-directed SBS dramas Fates and Furies and Two Lives One Heart. Writer Lee Shin Hwa pens the script.

Stove League will have its first broadcast on Friday, December 13 on SBS at 10PM KST.

Watch the teaser trailer below:

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