K-Photo Reel: MONSTA X’s Wonho For Elle June 2019 Issue

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Wonho of MONSTA X mesmerized in recent photo shoot with Elle Korea.

Revealing his perfect figure, MONSTA X’s Wonho carried out the “fit & relax” concept without a hitch. Showing his discipline in keeping his body fit, he also advocates proper relaxation after his exercise routine.

The said pictorial is part of Elle’s body challenge project, under the campaign theme of making a healthy lifestyle habit. In line with that, Wonho also shared his own health tips. Sharing how he is open to usual exercise programs, he specifically chose stretching as a healthy habit not to miss out everyday.

“Stretching reduces the risk of injuries during exercise, and it helps to balance the body and warm up before exercise,” Wonho shared.

Monsta X's Wonho


In the video content that was filmed together at the shooting site, Elle also unveiled the exercise method of the MONSTA X member. His healthy eating habit will also be uncovered earning anticipation from the fans.

Furthermore, he also shared stretching movements that fans can follow to help induce positive energy through a simple workout video posted by the magazine. Taking on a “fit and relax” concept as well, the five-minute video came not only with a tutorial to inspire Monbebes to start working out like Wonho, but also a short interview with the idol in a quick question and answer portion afterward.

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The magazine also made more pictures with the idol available on their official website recently. Departing from the idol’s usual strong visuals when performing as a member of MONSTA X, the photos showed off the soft side of Wonho with the highlight on his pure and innocent charms.

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