K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: 1TEAM Makes A Phenomenal Comeback With Digital Single “ULLAELI KKOLLAELI”

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1TEAM is back with an enjoyable and fun digital single!

Quintet group 1TEAM returned with a smashing new single “ULLAELI KKOLLAELI”. The group creates an entertaining atmosphere with both its song and music video.


“ULLAELI KKOLLAELI” Comeback Countdown

On July 15 and 16, 1TEAM hinted at its comeback through a bunch of bright colored posters. Moreover, the first one contained the release date and the type of the upcoming project, stating it as a digital single.

Meanwhile, the next image featured the title of the song and the words “Made by BC”. In particular, the meaning behind the words was the fact that member BC self-composed the track. He is known for working on every 1TEAM album released so far, raising expectations more.

Following on July 17, the boy group revealed its comeback schedule. bubbling up the excitement among fans.

Firstly, on July 22 and 24, 1TEAM revealed two batches of concept photos. The members transformed into attractive boys with bright outstanding colors. Moreover, they showed their unique individual charms through the eye-catching images.


The group had more surprises to share though, as they revealed special clips, focusing on the behind the scenes photoshoots. Likewise to the images, the idols looked absolutely stunning while creating their poses for the cameras.

On July 29, 1TEAM revealed yet another surprise in the form of solo online photo cards. The unique present for the fans created even bigger excitement, giving a new and digital feeling to the album cards.


Following on July 30 and August 3, the group got back on track with the planned schedule. In particular, it revealed the expected two music video teasers.

The first video was reminiscent of a movie trailer with its intense atmosphere and cinematography. The members even showed dressed in suits, like they were part of a gang. In addition, the thrilling music in the background helped further emphasize the heavy feeling.

Meanwhile, the second music video teaser came as a complete opposite. The quintet was focused on showing dance moves from the song’s choreography and presenting a brighter image and feel.

Lastly,  August 4 marked the day of the digital single “ULLAELI KKOLLAELI” release. The group shared a D-DAY image along with a photo including the lyrics to the song.

“ULLAELI KKOLLAELI” First Impressions and MV Afterthoughts

“ULLAELI KKOLLAELI” is a hip-hop dance song, which incorporates elements of rock. In addition, the song impresses with the cute seemingly teasing lyrics about a friend grieving over a breakup.

Moreover, the track is easily addictive, especially with the repetition of the words “ULLAELI KKOLLAELI”. The member’s unique vocals stand out and further charm listeners.

Likewise, the music video itself is a sensational one with its own mind-blowing set-up. It starts with a guy frustrated over the fact his special someone does not read his text messages. Next, the video proceeds by creating a various comedic moments.

Lastly, it ends with the guy having his messages seen but not replied to, creating a frame for the video. Admirably, during the 4-minutes, 1TEAM presents fun and enjoyable scenes which easily keep a hold of viewers’ attention.

Source and image credit: Live Works Company