K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: 1THE9 Returns With Spectacular 3rd Mini-Album “Turn Over”

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1THE9 impressed with intense and powerful set of songs for Turn Over.

Boy group 1THE9 just made its comeback with the third mini-album Turn Over on July 16. In fact, the guys overwhelm with the new set of powerful songs which fill the track list.


Turn Over Comeback Countdown Timeline

Firstly, the group hinted at its comeback through a behind the scenes footage of its music video. The short teaser was definitely enough to excite fans as it also gave a glimpse of one of the songs.

On July 6, the group’s agency revealed two images to hype the fans even more and gave a hint to the upcoming concept.


The biggest excitement appeared on July 7 in the form of the comeback scheduler. Moreover, this put a start to the official countdown.

First, 1THE9 delivered the track list for Turn Over. Despite the few titles on the list, it looked quite promising and the poster even showed a group image of the members.

The group continued onto revealing two types of concept photos on July 9 and 13. The members showcased strong charismatic appearance in both the individual and the group images. Moreover, they managed to turn heads effortlessly by just staring intensely at the camera.

In addition, they showed different sides to each member through the dazzling suit attires and the more casual shots outdoors.



The group released two music video teasers on July 10 and 14 for the title song “Bad Guy”. The first one focused on close-ups of the members with intensity shown in each of their gazes.

Likewise, the second one did not fall short in showcasing even more of that powerful feeling. Moreover, it also gave a glimpse of the choreography of the song, hinting at a powerful track.

Lastly, just a day before the album’s release, 1THE9 uploaded a Highlight Medley for Turn Over. The preview promised a unique experience and excited fans even more with the sound the group was about to drop.

Turn Over Album Impressions

Turn Over includes five songs in total with the last one being an instrumental version of the title track for the mini-album.

The main song “Bad Guy” combines powerful beats with sharp synth sounds. The lyrics express an obsession towards a loved one and the desire to protect them, even if becoming the bad person in the process.

Moreover, the members manage to portray their fatal charms through their vocal performances alone. The song is sure to leave a strong impression from the first listen.

In addition, the next song brings more strong tunes through the rock band-style music and the powerful guitar. The phenomenal sound makes “PARADISE” another great track on the album. The lyrics focus on putting everything into one’s love, showing how feelings can give strength.

“GLOW” combines a heavy 808 bass and Future bass synthesizer, accomplishing a groovy, punchy R&B sound. In particular, it is one more powerful track from 1THE9. The lyrics show yet another strong type of love and attraction towards someone who becomes “glow” in another’s eyes.

Lastly, “Dream In The Sky” is an alternative pop song expressed with an emotional piano sound. Furthermore, the music number expresses the members’ hearts on a concise, solid urban loop. The vocals blend perfectly together to bring a heart-moving song.

“Bad Guy” MV Afterthoughts

The intensity for “Bad Guy” was also visible in the music video. To heighten the feel more, the members presented a fierce dance to accompany the already astonishing song. Moreover, the often use of bright lights matched with the rhythm of the track.

In addition, 1THE9 showcased its dashing members, who delivered a mature vibe to complete the video and song with.

Source and image credit: PocketDol Studio