K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: 3YE Brings Addictive Tunes With Mini Album “TRIANGLE

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With a total of seven songs, 3YE is here to slay with its first mini-album TRIANGLE.

Girl group 3YE hypes K-pop fans with the release of TRIANGLE. The mini-album dropped on June 29 at 6 PM KST.



3YE began a comeback countdown on June 14 – through a rather fitting triangular image. Since then, fans of the group had kept an eye out for the intriguing teasers.

Excitement brew further after the release of the group images on June 15 and 16. The power the members showed through them could easily be felt, hinting at an album with the same energy.

Later, the tracklist for TRIANGLE was revealed on June 17, listing a total of seven songs. In addition to the new tracks, the mini-album included three previously released song and a remix version of “OOMM”.

In addition, the girls shared special individual films and concept photos to further stir up the fans’ anticipation. Moreover, the powerful stand presented by the members was eminent in each of them.

In between the solo teasers, two music video trailers were uploaded on June 18 and 26. The short version was more dynamic and showed different glimpses from the full video. Meanwhile, the long trailer let fans peek at the dance and hear a bit more of the song itself.

The full music video for “YESSIR” was released on June 29 at 6 PM KST.

Just a day before the mini-album TRIANGLE dropped, the group revealed three additional images. They each focused on a different member and took the role of the D-1 comeback posters.


The album hits off with “DMT (Do Ma Thing)” which stands out with its addicting electronic sound synthesizer. The melody right before and during the repetition of the words “Imma do ma thing” calls out to the inner dancer of listeners. Also, the type of the genre changes a bit each time, which brings a more interesting feel to the song.

Moving on to the next track, “OOMM (Out Of My Mind)” is a trap-based Dance Pop song. It is another powerful song to enjoy.

The Electro pop “Queen” combines intense beats and trendy sounds to bring this mesmerizing track. 3YE sings about self confidence which can be easily figured out from the title itself.

The title track “YESSIR” is a combination between a Hip Hop-base and an Electro Dance Pop genre. The dynamic rhythm, electronic sounds and addictive melodies create a unique main music piece to represent the album with.

Furthermore, the strong message from 3YE embedded in it makes for a definite hit with this song.

Next up, “On Air” is a mix of the tropical house and Moombahton genres. Through poetic lyrics, the members sing about the desire for a lover to return after a break up. The softer melody compared to the previous songs and the emotional vocals of 3YE bring out a lighter song.

“Stay With Me” further focuses on the vocal talents of the members, showing a new charm to them through this emotional song. The lyrics tell of a wish about staying together with that special someone.

In addition, the beautiful acoustic guitar and piano sounds combined with the trio’s voices complete the song perfectly.

Lastly, the album concludes with a remix version of “Out Of My Mind”. The original strong feel of the song has been rearranged, using a blend between reggae and bossa nova sounds. Also, the remix falls into the jazz and Latin pop genres.


The music video for “YESSIR” definitely emitted and focused on the girl power shown throughout the video. The members presented a powerful dance with the help of their many back-up dancers.

Along with the catchy melody and lyrics, the video itself was a rather addicting one as well. Furthermore, 3YE dominated with its presence and performance.

Moreover, the scenes reminded of a way of breaking out and living to one’s real self, instead of hiding behind a mask.

Source and image credit: GH Entertainment