K-Pop Music Spotlight: Apink Namjoo Takes Off Into A Majestic Flight With Debut Single Album “Bird”

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Namjoo bravely faces her fears as she fly high with invisible wings in debut song “Bird”!

Namjoo, the vocalist of girl group Apink, dropped her debut single album on September 7 at 6 PM KST. “Bird is a trap genre music infused with woodwinds, that showcases her rich vocals. It was co-composed and written by (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon.

“Bird” Countdown Timeline

Apink’s vocalist, Kim Namjoo, broke the news of her solo debut on August 24 midnight KST, through a teaser photo. Aside from a glimpse of her concept, the photo also confirmed her first single album’s release on September 7.

From August 29 to September 1, Namjoo pumped up the excitement by sharing three batch of teaser photos. Titled as “Restrained”, “Resist”, and “Reborn”, the photos manifested her old self (restrained) who bravely face her fears (resist) and turned herself into someone new (reborn).

Aside from teasers, Namjoo also rolled out the pre-performance video of “Bird” on September 3, which gave a preview of the song and its choreography.

To cap off her debut countdown, Namjoo unveiled two majestic music video teasers, dated September 4 for the first teaser, while September 7 for the last teaser.

“Bird” First Impressions and MV Afterthoughts

Three major things about Namjoo’s debut song “Bird” – spellbinding visuals, aesthetic settings and feast of talents. The track was co-composed and written by (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon.

“Bird” is a trap genre song with oriental elements of flute riffs and intense drums. It talks about Namjoo’s determination in moving forward and flying high to reach her dreams. The song is an autobiographical message of a woman’s boldness and bravery, who does not hesitate to fly over everything she loved and dreamt about.

Proving that she’s a total performer, the diva strikes her graceful dance moves in various backgrounds –  from ill-lighted rooms and web of red threads crisscrossing across the room, all the way to a queen’s platform.

Clad in Egyptian-inspired get-up, Namjoo mesmerized fans with her stunning beauty. She also made sure she owned the stage through her strong charisma and aura. Living up to its teasers and music video, “Bird” played with both fierce and majestic style —pulling off a fiery solo debut for the singer.

Photos and video: Play M Entertainment