K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: ASTRO’s Sixth Mini-Album “Blue Flame”

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ASTRO illuminates everything surrounding them with their Blue Flame.

Back with an edgier and sexier concept, ASTRO are setting Arohas hearts on fire. The group recently made a comeback with their sixth mini-album, titled Blue Flame.  The album and the MV were released on November 20 at 6 PM KST. Making a return since their last comeback in January with “All Night”, ASTRO exposes their mature charms through Blue Flame.

Currently, the group is busy with the promotional activities of their comeback. However, Moonbin is not part of it as he is taking a temporary break due to his poor health conditions.

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Comeback Timeline

On November 4, Fantagio Entertainment announced that ASTRO will be releasing their sixth mini-album on November 20, thus ending long-awaited wait for their comeback date. It also consist of quotes hinting the theme for the album.

The album schedule was posted on November 5.

The title poster was revealed on November 6. It also consisted of newer quotes suggesting more hints towards the album.

On November 7, the album package images were introduced, disclosing the two different versions of the album; THE BOOK and THE STORY. The images also highlight the aesthetics of both versions of the album.

The track list was released on November 8, revealing the album to have a total of five songs, with “Blue Flame” as the title track.

ASTRO Blue Flame

The individual and group official photos for THE BOOK version of the album were then posted on November 11 and 12.

While the individual and group official photos for THE STORY version of the album were dropped on November 13 and 14. In contrast to THE BOOK version, this version is more grim.

The concept trailer of the album was released on November 15, which unveiled that this time ASTRO would divulge in darker themes, raising expectations on how they could have approached this concept.

The highlight medley consisting of short audio snippets for all the songs from the album was released on November 17.

The music video teaser was released on November 18, with the artistic presentation of the visuals causing the viewers to drop their jaws.

Blue Flame First Impressions

Each of the songs from the album Blue Flame captures the vocal and the sounds well. The title track “Blue Flame”, has an upbeat sound. The song even though is a generic techno-pop, manages to express the group’s unique color through the song.

“Go&Stop” is addictive to listen to and the vocals are very captivating. The song talks about a relationship where the person is finding it difficult to get out of it even though they know that they would end up getting hurt. On the other hand, “All About You” is song about expressing love to the significant other and telling them how everything is about them is great.

Written and composed by Rocky, “When The Wind Blows” captures the atmosphere that lingers during the winter season, while “You’re my world” is a feel-good song, which is about the long-lasting bond of love and trust between ASTRO and Arohas.

“Blue Flame” MV Afterthoughts

Conceptually, “Blue Flame” is very different from anything that ASTRO has ever done in the past. This time, the boy group has explored a darker concept and it has been stimulating to see them doing that.

The music video consists of explosive aesthetic visuals accompanied by the graceful dance moves. There are also a lot of things going on that give hints on the story behind “Blue Flame”

Firstly, the MV begins with a book in flames. Then, there are chains holding Moonbin with the outline of the moon as the background and a wolf in the ground indicating that he is a werewolf. There are a lot of items throughout the video that seem to hold some significance – such as the mirror, flower encased in a glass, books, a forest and the string curtains.

Watching the MV gives off the feeling of going on an adventure into a fantasy world where all the magical creatures reside.

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Image & Video Credits: Fantagio Entertainment

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