K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: B1A4 Returns With The Perfectly-Orchestrated 4th Full-Length Album “Origine”

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After three years, B1A4 finally returns as a trio with their fourth studio album Origine — as an addition to the group’s dynamic and colorful discography.

On October 19, B1A4 released the music video for “Like a Movie” — the title track of their newest album. Despite its lengthy structure composed of their twelve self-composed tracks, B1A4 proves Origine as an album you can listen to without skipping a single track! It delves on diverse styles and genre that keeps listeners coming back.

Origine Comeback Countdown

B1A4 announced their comeback on September 29. After three years of being on hiatus, they confirmed that they are gearing for a full album with the three members; CNU, Sandeul and Gongchan.

To officially start the countdown to their highly-awaited comeback, B1A4 releases a horror trailer on October 5.

Afterwards, they drop the individual and group teaser photos on October 7. Staying true to their cinematic-themed comeback, the members exude princely visuals and elegant aura like movie stars.

To give a preview of the music they have in store, B1A4 revealed the official track list of their fourth full-length album Origine on October 8. The album consists of 12 tracks mostly penned and composed by members CNU, Sandeul, and Gongchan.

On October 11, they released another video teaser, but this time, a comic trailer. Contrastingly, they previously revealed a teaser which featured the horror theme.

Revealed on October 13, the fine gentlemen of B1A4 reflected pensive mood and dramatic tones in their solo snapshots. Like shining crystals, the members individually glimmer with pouring emotions and grace.

For the third and last trailer reveal of their “S” series, Gongchan made fans’ hearts flutters as he starred in a short yet sweet clip which incorporated the romance genre.

Revealed on October 9, 14, and 16, members Gongchan, Sandeul, and CNU, star as main leads in their very own movie, portrayed through the cinematic individual photo teasers. Titled “Hero”, each of them represents different movie genres in the photos respectively — romance, horror, and action.

B1A4 builds up the excitement as they revealed the highlight medley of their fourth full album Origine on October 15. The four minute and thirty three-second clip further previewed the songs they have prepared for fans.

To cap off their comeback countdown, B1A4 unveiled the music video teaser for “Like a Movie” on October 18, ahead of its full release.

Origine Album Impressions

Setting the overall mood for the album, Origine opens with “Intro: Origine” that contains magical sounds and instruments similar to a fairytale but has a contemporary twist using EDM elements.

The title track “Like a Movie” is a soft pop track carrying string and piano chords, with traces of synth sounds. It speaks of hopeful words with relatively emotional tones that give musical feels.

Like the album theme, “what is LovE?” beams refreshing and breezy sounds with tinge of xylophone accents.

From its first note, “DIVING” instantly reminds me of tropical songs. Through this track, the members’ vocals were highlighted as well as their falsettos that are on point.

CNU’s solo track “Zero Gravity”, which features BIBI, showcases a new musical color and another side of  the group— the unusual yet arresting lo-fi sounds.

“Water Drop” is a pop ballad song with a classic arrangement that highlights the soothing and lovely vocals of the members. Meanwhile, when it comes to flaunting their top-notch vocals, their track “Wind” is the perfect manifestation for that. 

Sandeul’s solo track “Plodding” takes listeners in calming countryside travel. From the whistling sounds, honk of a car, birds chirping, dogs barking, and people chattering, this song gives off an overall pleasant vibe.

Gongchan’s solo ballad track “Colored With Love” has a sentimental and smooth harmony that perfectly fit his mellow vocals.

“Let’s Fly” is another lo-fi inspired track that has an extraordinary sonant flow. The members vocalization in this track is amazing! Meanwhile, “TONIGHT” is a retro EDM track that gives a groovy sensation and attract through its magnetic vibe.

Like what the title says, “For BANA” is a track dedicated to their lovely fans, BANAs. This song speaks affectionate and heartwarming words they wanted to say to their fans.

“Like a Movie” MV Afterthoughts

In line with the theme of the song itself, the gentlemen of B1A4 looks straight out of a stunning movie in the music video of “Like a Movie”.

Pleasing to both ears and eyes, the entire run of the music video features splendid scenes that bursts with magical elements. The cinematography and editing are all gorgeous. Its dreamy milieu explodes with colors and enchantment.

From hotel floating among the clouds, bus atop the glowing mountain, all the way to the urban retro neighborhood, B1A4 gracefully danced with an ensemble, as they speak of beautiful and sweet words.

Living up to its title, the music video contains various plot lines where Gongchan, Sandeul, and CNU play out as the main characters of their own love stories. Depending on the genre, the members encounter problems that they need to solve to be with the girl they love.

Gongchan plays the lead character in a romantic movie where he finds way to communicate with his lover, while Sandeul stars in a thriller movie and sacrifice himself to the zombies by means of saving her. Lastly, CNU portrays an action flick where he had to face some obstacles before finally winning her heart.

Through equally heartening lyrics and captivating music video, B1A4 vividly portrays a love story with a fairy-tale happy ending. It was truly worth the wait!

Photos | Videos: WM Entertainment