K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: BDC Aims For The Moon In 1st EP “THE INTERSECTION: BELIEF”

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BDC makes an extraordinary comeback with its first extended play.

The three-member group BDC, also known as Boys Da Capo, returns with a new packed mini-album. THE INTERSECTION: BELIEF is filled with diverse music, each piece easily able to pull the listener in. Above all, the group shines with its unique style and set of songs.

BDC artwork


Everything started with a monochrome teaser and the words “Coming soon,” shared on September 4. The group unveiled the title of their first extended play THE INTERSECTION: BELIEF, as well as its release date, September 23.

On September 7, BDC finally shared its promotion schedule, promising engaging contents, prior to the album’s release.

Between September 8 and 10, the artists teased with various content photos. In particular, they all had one thing in common, the theme of the moon phases was evident in each one.

The members showcased patterns of the full, half and crescent moon on their bodies, further raising excitement. Also, in the first set, they each stood in front of a phase image, as if being their representative.

If that was not an enough hint, their album artwork was a beautiful picture of the moon.

Later, BDC unveiled a group and individual concept trailers, which further raised the curiosity. In the videos, the boys delivered a mysterious atmosphere, highlighting the blue jewels and mystic white liquid.

On September 18, BDC released its track list for THE INTERSECTION: BELIEF. It amplified the excitement with its five titles, which fans could not wait to hear.

The group also teased about its choreography for the title track “SHOOT THE MOON”. The uploaded clip showed the members’ progress as time passed and displayed some of the main points of the dance.

In addition, fans reached the peak of their excitement after taking a glimpse at the Highlight Medley. The artists gave a preview of the various types of songs that they prepared.

BDC uploaded two music video teasers on September 19 and 22. The futuristic atmosphere, handsome visuals and intriguing dance moves were enough to lure the viewers.


The album starts with “DUMP”, an impressive Urban Trap number with heavy bass sound. It stands out with its addictive chorus, which expresses heartbeat sound in an artificial language.

Next, the group presents its title track “SHOOT THE MOON”, a Future-pop-based dance track with a unique synth sound. Through the lyrics, the members portray a fairy-tale-like story about being able to reach any place, with a little belief.

The list continues with the R&B track “DROWNING”, which combines a medium tempo electric sound with groovy vocals, The track is an ear-pleaser, especially with its lyrics. They compare the experience of falling in love to that of jumping into the ocean and being sucked in it.

Moving on, “I’LL BE A STAR” is a beautiful ballad piece with a soft acoustic guitar sound. BDC’s more experienced vocals smoothly showcase their sensibility while delivering the message of the song. Through it, the members share their wish about wanting to be that star shining over their fans.

Lastly, “GO GET HER” is the highly anticipated studio version of a song filled with memories. The group and fellow label mate Lee Eun Sang created the track during their trainee days and presented it in Produce X 101. It is an exciting Funk pop number, which shows the fascination and motivation one has after meeting a girl that catches their eye.

“SHOOT THE MOON” MV Afterthoughts

“SHOOT THE MOON” brings an engrossing music video to life. The members are in some kind of a science-fiction place which immediately captures the viewers. Specifically, the play with the lights and shadows further emphasizes on the uniqueness of the clip.

Likewise, the scenes with the moon are just as captivating. Another thing to look forward to is the choreography, filled with various focal points. Moreover, BDC did a great job of delivering both their title song and its music video.

Source and Image credit: Brand New Music