K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: BOL4 – Mini Album “Youth Diary II”

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For BOL4’s first time as a solo artist, it exceeds the expectations of IoBoly by bringing the warmth of Spring and Love 

Bolbbalgan4, in short Bol4, delivers a new album Youth Diary II. This is Ahn Ji Young’s first comeback as a soloist to which she successfully accomplishes.

Youth Diary Comeback Timeline

On April 29th, through its official Twitter account, BOL4 released a schedule of new album Youth Diary II. Ahn Ji Young is peeking behind a page with a flowery headband.

In a timely manner, Bol4 revealed the tracklist. Youth Diary II consists of five tracks: “Blank,” “Leo,” “Dandelion,” “Hug,” and “Counseling.” Jiyoung wrote all the lyrics and worked with Vanilla Man on the composition.

The arrangements were done solely by Vanilla Man. The literal translation of the Korean title of the track “Blank” is “Fill in the Blanks.” In addition, the literal translation of the Korean title track “Leo” is “Butterfly and Cat.”

Three days later, the concept film of the album was disclosed. The aesthetic film showed a cute Jiyoung forming hand hearts. Furthermore, she moves around cloths and has long silvery hair with flowers.

The clip captures different photoshoots. Halfway through the clip, the film goes from a piano melody to a quiet refreshing scenery of Ahn surrounded by nature.

On May 6th, BOL4 shared its first official photo. It displays a fairytale-like figure through curtains which are pages.

On the same day, BOL4’s official YouTube channel released the teaser for “Leo,” featuring Baekhyun. The teaser proves that the two artists’ voice matches each other well which excites viewers to hear the full song.

In the pre-released “Leo” music video, listeners can hear the angelic voices of the two talented vocalists. The jazz piano playing in the background along with BOL4’s unique voice mixed with Baekhyun’s smooth, soft voice indeed created a love song well-suited for the Spring season.

Subsequently, another official photo for the album was presented displaying BOL4 adorably holding a heart sign.

In addition to this, she shared a short film for the title track “Blank.” In the clip, she gorgeously flaunted on stage while singing and making cute hand gestures.

A couple of days later, the third official photo was unveiled. With her silver-grey hair and black/white clothes, she blended with the balloons surrounding her evoking evident charisma.

Following the timeline, a short film was uploaded on Bol4’s YouTube channel for the track “Counseling.” In the film, she leaned against a creative street post singing to a duplicate of herself, giving off a lonely feeling.

The next day,  the last official photo for Youth Diary II was revealed. The picture showed a snapshot of the concept film before where BOL4 gave an innocent look in her white frilly dress.

Along with this, Bol4’s YouTube channel uploaded an MV for the track “Hug.” With her stunning visuals, Ahn changes in different colorful rooms: the movie theater, factory, chemistry room, workplace, and a flower room.

BOL4’s Twitter disclosed a teaser photo ahead of the comeback. In the midst of floating golden flowers, she dazzlingly captured a pensive mood.

Finally, BOL4 elevated IoBoly’s excitement by releasing the album preview. The preview highlights the tracks in Youth Diary II and the official photos that were initially shared.

Youth Diary II Album Impressions

The entire album is a wholesome package of Spring and romance. Each track is a bop that’s sure to make one feel compelled to listen again.

The first track “Blank” expresses Bol4’s feelings as she makes a love song for a crush. She asks her crush to “fill in the blanks” between them. In other words, for her crush to reciprocate her feelings.

The next track, “Hug” demonstrates how one feels excited to see their loved one and how much one loves them. One’s heart can flutter like the breeze. Loving a special person can mean writing them letters, missing them during the day, and looking forward to hugging them.

“Leo” is a sweet song that features Baekhyun. It illustrates a butterfly symbolizing a love being free to fly and how one feels happy to see their loved one that they try to reach for the butterfly. With Bol4’s high vocals mixed with Baekhyun’s deep vocals, it creates a relaxing song.

The fourth track, “Counseling,” is a mellow, melancholic song that conveys the message of how it can feel when the one you love is not with you. It starts off with a recording of Bol4 speaking how she wishes not to be a person who hates others and how heartbreaking she feels. With the slow strumming, she relates to those who have been heartbroken through her lyrics.

Finally, “Dandelion” brings a sentimental feeling of reminiscing a loved one. The songs talk about looking up in the sky while carrying a torch for a loved one.

“Hug” MV Afterthoughts

Seeing Bol4 as a soloist instead of a duo in the MV can be strange. However, Ahn Ji Young’s efforts did not go to waste as her pastel-colored MV brings a lively Spring to IoBoly. Her airy vocals make “Hug” a soft, catchy song for listeners that expresses love.

In the video, BOL4 starts texting her love. Throughout the video, she is busy with work in the factory, the chemistry room, and the workplace while thinking of her love.

Her facial expressions throughout the video make it sweet for viewers to watch. In the end, she hops over to her boyfriend who gives her a warm embrace.

“Hug” is a love song to play while embracing someone’s thoughts deep in your heart.

Image Credits: BOL4 Twitter