K-pop Comeback Spotlight: Cho Seung Youn (WOODZ) Shows Variety In 2nd Mini-album “WOOPS!”

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Delve into the array of songs that Cho Seung Youn delivers in his latest release WOOPS!

The artist Cho Seung Youn, also known as his stage name WOODZ, unveiled his second mini-album WOOPS!, in which he actively participated in creating. He shows another musical aspect and delivers songs with different vibes for fans to enjoy.

Cho Seung Youn

WOOPS! Comeback Countdown

A mysterious album trailer of a man with a rabbit mask and an intriguing picture were the two teasers that announced WOODZ’s comeback. Both left an impression on fans and with that, the anticipation began rising.

Just a day later, the artist unveiled the time table for his comeback countdown. Through it, he shared the planned content that he would be releasing sequentially.

In between the teasers, Cho Seung Youn also shared his own content, called After The Manager Goes To Sleep and I Live With My Mom 2. Just before the mini-album dropped, he held a special unboxing V Live as well.

WOODZ first unveiled the track list for WOOPS! The poster drew attention with its unique font shrift and the six song titles. Also, Cho Seung Youn took part in the writing and composing of all of his tracks.

On November 10 and 11, the artist unveiled two versions of his concept photos. Starting with the “LOVE” version, the performer showcased his fun and peculiar side, while reminding of the autumn season.

Then, we have the “ALLERGY” version,  which continues with the strong fall vibes and the idol’s playful side. The monochrome images link to the album teaser by showcasing WOODZ wearing the rabbit mask while posing for the camera.

With the second batch of images, the idol also dropped his music video teaser. Through it he hinted at a song with an uplifting sound and a clip of people having fun together.

Following closely after, the artist dropped a teaser reaction video. In it, fans were able to see WOODZ’s expressions and hear his thoughts on the short clip.

We also got a Highlight Medley that gave a quick preview of the six tracks on the album. While the songs played, clips of the jacket photoshoot kept showing up and captivating with the handsome visuals brought by the idol.

WOOPS! First Impressions

“Trigger” is a country hip hop song with a rock-based guitar sound. It’s an easily recognized genre from the first tunes and the track itself gives off the feeling of watching a Western movie. It is an impressive number that most definitely deserves a listen.

The next song that follows is the title piece of the album, “BUMP BUMP”. It is a pop number with a retro rock sound. The lyrics portray a relationship between people in love who fight but always end up reconciling.

Then, we have “On My Own”, another pop song with an interesting guitar loop. This number expresses the decision of the person to do as they wish, because they feel like their lover is putting them on the side.

The following song, as the title “Thanks To” hints, is the artist’s message to his beloved fans. The track consists of soft lyrics and a pleasant melody. The idol conveys how his time with his fans was beautiful and fragrant and hopes it is the same for them as well.

“Sweater” is an R&B song that tells the longing of a grandmother. The track delivers the winter feeling through its gentle melody and the soft vocals. For this song, WOODZ collaborated with Jamie to create a beautiful piece that pulls up a nostalgic feeling through its lyrics.

Lastly, we have an acoustic band sound piece called “Tide”. The song expresses how the selfishness one had, lost them the person they love. In addition, it also delivers the wish for that other person to be happy, even without them by their side.

“BUMP BUMP” MV Afterthoughts

The music video for “BUMP BUMP” brings out a fun atmosphere and showcases a quirky side of the idol. The clip shows a group of boys and girls separated at the start, as if being in a fight. Later on, they join each other in order to hang out and have some fun.

This visually portrays the lyrics of the song which tells about a relationship’s bumpy ride. Lovers are not always in a good place, but because they love each other they continue to make up after having a fight.

Also, the video shows that type of behavior by comparing it to the bumper car rides. While people bump each other at those attractions, they can still manage to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

Source and Image credit: Yue Hua Entertainment

Music Video & MV Teaser source: Stone Music Entertainment