K-Pop Pre-Debut Spotlight: Choi Suhwan Reminiscences Beautiful Memories Under The “Starry Night”

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Choi Suhwan makes a modest start through his pre-debut ballad single “Starry Night”.

Choi Suhwan, the hidden gem of the K-Pop survival show, Produce X 101, who is now a solo artist, just recently dropped his pre-debut single “Starry Night”.

Choi Suhwan

“Starry Night” Countdown Timeline

On July 20, Choi Suhwan announced his pre-debut single by releasing an image teaser. The first teaser features phrases “Coming Soon in Aug” with a dazzling night sky backdrop, hinting the title of his promoting single.

Choi Suhwan

Choi Suhwan gave his fans a preview of “Starry Night” through a melody spoiler. The motion graphic teaser released on July 30 peeks the track’s sweet enchanting melody.

Featuring his captivating voice, Suhwan dropped the highlight video of “Starry Night”. His dear fans, referred to as LAKEs, were certainly in for a sweet treat from Suhwan!

With few days before “Starry Night”‘s official release, Suhwan set a countdown by consecutively dropping teaser photos each day. The photos are nothing short of as beautiful celestial artwork, causing fans gasp in awe. Dazzling white effects, dyed smoke and elysian blue colors are some of the elements that decorate his photos.

Choi Suhwan

“Starry Night” First Impression and MV Afterthoughts

A familiar melody would welcome listeners through its first chords. One listen and one would probably get lost in thought with the poetical verses “Starry Night” has introduced.

Its lyrics automatically take the listeners on a trip down the memory lane that allow them to relive the magical memories they had with someone. “To picture you at the end of the day/ It becomes a little comfort to me/ Everything to me/In the dazzlingly beautiful season called you/ It passed with memories hidden.”

From its resonant harmony, the song gradually persists up to its climax, yet still comprising a delicate tempo. There is an appealing warmth to his voice that gives a cradling effect. Guised in a gloomy atmosphere, its lyrics are rather hopeful than dreary.

“Starry Night” has offered high notes that highlight Suhwan’s top tier high vocal register. The music video has also toned down into dead colors, probably aiming for a contemporary minimalist set design.

Source: LYNNA Entertainment