K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: CRAVITY Welcomes A Fiery Era With 2nd Mini-Album “Season 2. Hideout: The New Day We Step Into”

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CRAVITY opens a new fiery era with their blazing title track “Flame”!

CRAVITY delivered another roster of stunning music which encompassed their own colors through their second-mini album Season 2. Hideout: The New Day We Step Into.


Season 2. Hideout: The New Day We Step Into Comeback Countdown

Since August 8, CRAVITY started dropping teasers to prepare the fandom for another season with new songs. Prologue films and track list are on the initial schedule to be revealed.

Aside from those, the boys later on launched concept photos – individual and group shots in different concepts. Along with the teaser photos comes concept film teasers as well.

Dressed in crisp suits and stylized casual fashion, the boys display aesthetically-pleasing visuals. Wonjin, Jungmo, Woobin, Seongmin, Allen, Hyeongjun, Taeyoung, Minhee and Serim showed that they are an absolute epitome of cool and glamour.




Thereafter, CRAVITY introduced some of the members’ powerful vocals and kicking rap in the music video teaser of “Flame”.

For their nearing comeback, the boys hyped LUVITYs by unveiling the album preview, featuring seven of the album’s amazing and addictive tracks.

This includes the title track “Flame”, “Believer”, whose lyrics are written by members Serim and Allen, the discofied “Ooh Ahh”, the EDM tracks “Realize”, “Hot Air Balloon”, “Sunrise”, and the sentimental “Breathing”.

Season 2. Hideout: The New Day We Step Into Album Impressions

The title track “Flame” expresses the burning desire of CRAVITY in testing their limits, and a powerful manifestation of determining another history. It is sort of “Break All The Rules” version two.

The song is considered as an experimental bop which embolden the rest of us to go beyond our greatest extents and aim for our dreams despite all the uncertainties surrounding us.

“Believer” flaunts an intriguing intro that gives a mystical paradise feels. Soon as the song progresses, it radiates CRAVITY’s authentic style. It eventually reaches a powerful chorus as the beat drops “And I believe in you!”.

The track speaks about having a strong conviction to someone they believe in. The “believer” they are talking about are their selves. Members Serim and Allen associate in making the rap parts of the song.

“Ohh Ahh” is quite similar with their previous b-side track “Cloud 9”, but a manlier version. The song invites with refreshing disco vibes that gives an automatic head bop sensation. It carries retro accents, incorporated with funk synth pop sounds that lets you flaunt some sweet disco moves like you own the dance floor. The revitalizing song describes falling in love in a magical way.

“Realize” is an emotive EDM track enriched with distinctive piano notes for a dramatic punch. This track implies seeing the worth of having someone by your side. The two rappers, Serim and Allen, partake in the rap-making.

“Hot Air Balloon” is an upbeat track with strong pop hooks. The refrain, containing persistent and exciting raps, gradually lie down the moment it reaches its funk-influenced chorus. The song gives an airy and zingy vibe.

The tropical hip-hop track “Sunrise” should be included in one of your go-to travel songs. The song will put you on a mood that is perfect for an anywhere road trip. It is a breath of fresh air, that, and will satisfy one’s wanderlust during these trying times.

The acoustic track “Breathing” contains a warm-toned melody with plaintive lyrics that will sadden your heart the more you listen to it. The title indicates heaving a sigh of sadness caused by missing someone who is gone.

“Flame” MV Afterthoughts

The music video of “Flame” demonstrates the boys’ passion in full spirit. It encourages everyone to confront our fears and defy every limits that test our courage.

“Flame” also taught things about pursuing your dreams despite the undetermined and tough path.

Hideout: The New Day We Step Into explores passion, angst, loneliness, and affection, while being in the process of realizing one’s dream. It is a compilation of 7 powerful tracks that cast their uniqueness and talents.

The whole album is certainly a shout out for LUVITY to continue kindling the burning desire they’ve got deep down inside their hearts, without forgetting the true meaning of life. And that CRAVITY will set the stage, and your hearts on fire!

Photos and videos from Starship Entertainment