K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: D.COY Conveys Heartfelt Digital Single “Go Away”

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Prepare to get consumed with emotions while listening to D.COY and the band’s latest single “Go Away”.

K-pop boy band D.COY is back with the new single “Go Away”. This particular track is about to make anyone who listens to it fall in love with the song.


“Go Away” Comeback Timeline

D.COY hinted at its comeback through an intriguing black-and-white image on July 8. The picture included combined shots of each member’s positions, as well as the title and release date of the digital single.

The band continued by releasing individual concept photos of the members from July 13 to 17. They each showcased their unique sides and charms which combined, create the new rock-based band.

Hours before the release of the single, the boys also unveiled the awaited group photo. The members stared at the camera while showcasing a charming look in their dark attire, aside from Sungwoo who stood out in his white outfit.


On July 20, the band uploaded a teaser video for “Go Away”. The smooth switch between the soft piano and the harder sound showed the highlights of the song. Moreover, the video focused on the climax part of the track.

“Go Away” First Impression and MV Afterthoughts

The digital single “Go Away” contains a Korean and an English version of the song. In particular, it is an impressive track with a calm flow of piano and a string, which heightens the sad feeling. Also, the band sound raises the atmosphere of the music number.

Rather than a story, the music video has another way of connecting to the viewers. It had a simple setting, it started with the lead singer walking between an antic set while singing with a mic in his hand. It eventually switched to a set reminiscent of a music show’s stage.

The whole band was positioned and performing, while the singer sat coolly in a chair, delivering the lyrics to the heartfelt song. Moreover, the entire video felt like watching a Live performance of the song, making it an incredible experience which engrosses the viewer.

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