K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: DAWN Shows His Duality In “DAWNDIDIDAWN”

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DAWN marked a daring and dashing comeback with his first mini-album “DAWNDIDIDAWN”!

DAWN formerly known as E’DAWN is a South Korean rapper and songwriter under P Nation. He is a former member of the K-Pop boy group PENTAGON and co-ed group Triple H.

He is best known for being part of Pentagon for three years, releasing nine EPs in both Korean and Japanese before he departed from Cube Entertainment in November 2018. 

After the departure from both groups, DAWN then joined PSY’s agency P NATION in 2019. Where he made a solo debut last November with the single “MONEY,” which he co-composed.

DAWN released his first mini-album DAWNDIDIDAWN and the title track with P Nation on October 9, 6 P.M. KST.

DAWNDIDIDAWN Comeback Timeline

DAWN and P nation posted on Instagram on September 24, revealing the title of his comeback with a teaser of his new album DAWNDIDIDAWN. From September 24 till October 9, DAWN has posted various promotional content to promote his latest album DAWNDIDIDAWN.

Featuring in W Korea

DAWN revealed his feature in W Korea on September 28, where he was interviewed about his upcoming album and himself as an artist. Moreover, he also talked about his childhood, his relationship with HyunA, the meaning of his tattoos, and more.

Teaser Photos

Continuing with the countdown, P NATION released a teaser photo which shows that his featuring artist will be Jessi.

Thereafter, the album cover was released for DAWNDIDIDAWN, where the image effects are as if tapped or laminated. DAWN has slicked back hair with smoky eye make-up, added with leather pants and an office shirt and tie. On the front, it is written “I’m DAWN”, which gives a very tough vibe.

Then, the official tracklist was unveiled. It contains collaborations with fellow P NATION artists: Jessi and Crush.

Highlighting five songs, the title track “DAWNDIDIDAWN” features Jessi. Another song “Still” is a collaboration with Crush. Rounding up the songs in the album are “Ddanddara”, “Swallowtail”, and “A Night Like Any Other”.

A day before the release of his album, DAWN released more teasers to promote his album.

Concept photos

DAWN unveiled four sets of concept photos for DAWNDIDIDAWN. He donned four different looks, wherein one he wore a white shirt and pants for a rough edgy look. While for the second look he had a patchy black and white coat with black pants and a black fedora.

In the third look, he had an all-black attire with a black fedora. Lastly, he had a look where he wore black pants and boots with a skin colour shirt which looked like he has tattoos on his body. Exuding charisma and swag, the artist hinted worth-anticipating music coming up.

Teaser Videos

From September 24 till October 9, DAWN released back to back teaser videos for his comeback. The first one starts with a TV that glitches and goes into a flashback mode which looks back on his November 2019 debut with “MONEY”. Additionally, it also revealed that he’ll be releasing his first mini-album.

He also released a Commentary Teaser 1 that showed different clips from nature and remarks from DAWN, giving us a teaser about the upcoming comeback.

He narrated over a soothing guitar melody, “It’s a dull day. It was cloudy and It seemed I would be fine as usual, but I cannot finish it when I’m sad.” The blacks out and then a white text appears “Every moment, I wore a mask.”

The visuals accompanying the narration were different shots of Korea, with vintage effects.

Releasing his second commentary teaser video, it shows where he is taking a walk at night and expressing the stress of preparing for his October comeback.

Various Moving Teasers were released, where DAWN wore the same outfits in his concept photos, which is a continuation of that.

DAWN released Lyrics Teaser 1 where it starts with a whistle then continues with beats. Visually a chess piece comes on screen, where it glitches and transforms from white to black. Further, the text on screen appears as “AY” and then “I am DAWN” in Korean, ending with the album title “DAWNDIDIDAWN.”

On the same day, he released Lyrics Teaser 2 “Hey DAWN What’s going on?.” The teaser is an animation which glitches, and in a cube has the name “Jessi” and the title “Hey DAWN What’s going on?”, ending with the album title “DAWNDIDIDAWN.”

From October 5 till October 9, he released a series of performance teasers where a few shots and dance moves were shown from his upcoming music video of DAWNDIDIDAWN in his various outfits.

He also released a trailer for his music video “DAWNDIDIDAWN (Feat. Jessi).” The music video had him dancing to the bop, in white and black attire and background.

He also released an album sampler for DAWNDIDIDAWN. The video was on a black background and a slideshow of all the songs in the album. The sampler contained snippets from the songs with information on the production of each song.

A day before the release of his album, DAWN released more promotional teasers and Tik Tok dance challenge.

The TikTok dances create viral challenges for the users, which in turn creates publicity for the album itself.

After the launch, DAWN released his performance stage of “DAWNDIDIDAWN (Feat. Jessi)” on KBS Music Bank.

Additionally, he also released the Online Media Showcase version of the song, just before the release of his official music video.

The album is available on all music streaming sites including global and Korean sites.

DAWNDIDIDAWN First Impressions

The album is somewhat inspired by G-Dragon with his music and style, however, DAWN has a more hip-hop vibe than G-Dragon.

The album’s title track, “DAWNDIDIDAWN,” is a hip hop track that has a unique type of whistle lead and an 808’s that is well mixed with Jessi’s rap and PSY’s particular ad-libs. The song has signature characteristics of PSY, as he was part of the production of the song. The song had a lot of vocal effects, but it had a loose and fun vibe making it one of those super enjoyable songs.

“Still (Feat. Crush)”, which slows the tempo down after “DAWNDIDIDAWN.” The track is R&B which is an ear-pleaser with its medium trap beats. The lyrics express a complicated type of relationship, about fighting with the one you love. The collaboration of DAWN and Crush is one where they both compliment each other’s styles, creating a wonderful track.

“Tantara” is a hip-hop song added with a harmonica, it is infectious and made more engaging through its upbeat melodic guitar riff to complement the 808 patterns. The positive beat of the song with the contrast of the darker lyrics surprisingly make up for a nice listen.

While “Butterfly” is EDM oriented with a futuristic upbeat and bouncy mix, with amazing lyricism and an alluring rhythm it really stands out. It expresses the feeling of being lonely through the symbol of a butterfly, and the message of wanting to be emancipated from it.

Closing the album is the fifth track “Ordinary Night,” which is similar to the 2000s pop music mixed with trap and punk rock. Therefore, It is the slowest song of all the songs in the album, but can not be considered a downtempo either. It has an old retro vibe of the 80’s era, especially in the chorus. In addition, the song overall is about obsessing over an immense love for someone, and not being able to live without her.

“DAWNDIDIDAWN (Feat. Jessi)” MV Afterthoughts

The whole song has an old school hip hop mood, where DAWN easily kept up with the pace and beat with his rap.

There is an anthem type of vibe throughout the music video, which had allowed the rapper to showcase his superb footwork skills.

The visuals of the music video are very minimalistic, with the black and white theme. In the music video, DAWN’s backup dancers compliment the bad boy vibe with their sleek look.

Notably focusing on DAWN’s dance skills, he slides through the choreography easily. Subsequently, Jessi adds her playful attitude to the music video, and both of their chemistry go well with one another.

 Throughout the video, he exudes a cool, hip, and slightly psychotic attitude. The music video’s vibe and aesthetic are purely DAWN.

Source: P Nation, Naver