K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: DAY6 – 3rd Regular Album “The Book Of Us: Entropy”

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It’s a Sweet Chaos for fans as DAY6 is back with a parade of intense and emotional songs

DAY6 has been very busy lately with their undergoing world tour. However, that is not stopping them from releasing quality music as the multi-talented band returns with their third regular album, The Book Of Us: Entropy. 

DAY6 The Book Of Us: Entropy

Making a return after three months since their last comeback, the group released their album along with the lead single MV, “Sweet Chaos” on October 22 at 6:00 p.m. KST. The group also had a comeback showcase at 8:00 p.m. KST which was aired live on Vlive.

The Book of Us: Entropy Comeback Timeline

The album trailer film was released on October 7 which gave a brief idea about the theme of the album. In contrast to their last music release which had celebratory and happy vibes, The Book of Us: Entropy, was hinted to be dark.

The track list was announced on October 8 revealing the album to have 11 songs. As usual, the members have actively participated in writing lyrics and composing music for their songs.

In one of their recent Vlive, members Won Pil and Young K had revealed that they had been working very hard in writing songs since the beginning of the year.

DAY6 The Book Of Us: Entropy

Graphic images for each of the members was posted on October 11. Following that, a series of individual and group photo teasers were revealed from October 12 to 21.

The M/V Teaser with a catchy instrumental sound was released on October 21, causing a frenzy among the fans, consequently, raising expectations.

On October 22, at 12 a.m. KST, the group released their album sampler to give a gist on how what the entire discography sounds like. Behind-the-scene of the music video was also released later on Vlive which shows the members having fun while shooting for the MV.

The Book of Us: Entropy Album Impressions

Giving off the 80s vibes , the first track, “Deep in Love”, expresses what a person feels when in love. The song is about being hopelessly in love that even the smallest things gives off a feeling of happiness.

As for the lead single, “Sweet Chaos”, it has a rock sound and is about the occurrence of confusion and disorder caused by deep relationships.

A rock song with heavy metal elements, “Rescue Me”, is a powerful song that leaves a strong impression. As the title suggests, it is a song calling out to break free from the vast dimensions of empty space. Another memorable song is a disco genre song, “EMERGENCY” which is a fun song peppered with witty lyrics.

A song with a simple beat, “About Now” is about longing for your lover and imagining what they must be doing at that moment. While, “365247” has latin vibes and is about the promise to love passionately at every moment everyday.

“OUCH”, “Not Fine” and “Not Mine talk about the feelings of worry and agony that are caused in love relationships.  Similarly, “Like a flowing mind” is an emotional song that describes how one cannot hold on to their loved ones and must let them go. The ballad beautifully showcases the colors of the vocalists.

With the guitar solo and Young K’s rap as the main highlights, “Stop Talking” is a very addictive song. The Korean title literally translates to “words you say without thinking beforehand”, and the song is a response to the hurtful words that people say.

Overall, the album consists of diverse songs that evoke different emotions. It goes without saying that DAY6 always deliver good songs. Each of the songs have different things to offer — therefore, it’s difficult to pick a favorite.

“Sweet Chaos” MV Afterthoughts

The MV of “Sweet Chaos”, perfectly displays the theme of complete disorder and mayhem. The video starts in monochrome to slowly transitioning into color and then finally disintegrating, thus, fully resonating with the song theme.

The lyrics of this rock song expresses the disarray felt when one falls deeper in love where everything is sweet yet everything has changed thus causing a confusion. A DAY6 song with the fastest bpm, “Sweet Chaos”, is very catchy and the sound modulations perfectly captures the emotions the song is trying to convey.

DAY6 are known for exploring multiple genres of music and going all out with their music creation process. This time too, they had outdone themselves and presented songs that elicit various emotions.

Image Credit: JYP Entertainment

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