K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: DAY6 – 6th Mini-Album “The Book Of Us: The Demon”

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DAY6 delivers a flawless discography with their breath-taking songs in the latest comeback.

Trust and listen to DAY6! – they never disappoint and you will be introduced to some of the most relatable and comforting music. Gifting fans with yet another masterpiece, the band sounds brilliantly spellbinding with lyrics that wrench hearts.


On May 11, DAY6 made a much awaited return through their album, The Book Of Us: The Demon and title track “Zombie”. Fans celebrated this comeback by trending multiple hashtags worldwide related to the album on Twitter.

The Book Of Us: The Demon Comeback Timeline

Inciting excitement among the fans, JYP Entertainment announced on April 20 that DAY6 is preparing for a scheduled comeback in May. Prior to this, fans were speculating that the band might make a comeback after a new subway ad surfaced with DAY6’s logo and lines quoted as, “Why does love lean towards one side?

Then on April 27, the album name as well as its theme was revealed through a concept film trailer. Consisting of a cute animated video, the trailer  explains that in order to be happy, hearts need to be together but there is a demon who does not allow it.

The third chapter from The Book Of Us series and based on the concept of Maxwell’s demon, the album was titled, The Book Of Us: The Demon.

Disclosing further details of the album, DAY6 dropped their richly loaded tracklist which has got some interesting titles. Especially, the title track, “Zombie” drew attention because of its name and also because it has an English version.

It was also revealed that the members took part in writing lyrics and composition for all the songs in the album. As for the title track “Zombie” was written by Young K and Wonpil, while the composition was done by Jae.

On this day, a new Twitter hashtag emoji was also unveiled for DAY6. The emoji appears for the hashtags #DAY6, #데이식스, #The_Book_of_Us, #The_Demon, #Zombie and #DAY6_Zombie.

Thereafter, DAY6 shared a series of individual and group photo teasers from May 2 to May 7.

The solo image teasers consist of two pictures with different versions called Midday and Midnight versions.

The Midday version is brightly lit with the members garbed in simple light colored shirt paired with black trousers.

On the other hand, the Midnight versions consists of DAY6 members in royal suits captured on monochrome.

The group photo shoot also have the Midday and Midnight versions. Additionally, there is one more picture which the close-up shots of the members overlaps over the group photo.

Subsequently, on May 8, DAY6 shared their gripping lyric teaser which consists some of the line from the eight tracks in the album.

DAY6 The Book Of Us The Demon

Mesmerizing everyone away, DAY6 unveiled their “Zombie” MV teaser on May 9. The 39-second video showed DAY6 in classy suits performing with their attractive instruments. It also displayed an intriguing zombie-like story stimulating the curiosity about the MV.

Then, on May 10, an album sampler was posted which contains snippets of each of the songs. The magically diverse sounds raised expectations for the comeback.

Finally, on May 11 at 12 AM KST, the making of “Zombie” MV was released.

The Book Of Us: The Demon Impressions

As expected DAY6 never disappoints as they deliver a masterpiece in the form of The Book Of Us: The Demon. All the members have contributed in the creative process of the album with Young K being the primary contributor in lyrics writing, having written seven out of the eight tracks.

The first track “Day and Night” has the cheerful happy vibes. Dowoon’s voice can also be heard a bit which is an absolute delight. The theme of this song can be related to Maxwell’s Demon theory which was also depicted in the concept film trailer as the two hearts in this song struggle to be together.

“Zombie” sounds catchy from the get-go as it begins with a slow melody and distinct drums’ sounds. The chorus is the key point of the song and the lines, “I feel like I became a zombie” is so addictive. Definitely worthy of being the title track of this album, “Zombie” is that song that gets stuck on the head.

Though this song sounds upbeat, the meaning of the lyrics is so sad and so relatable, as this is something everyone goes through. Towards the end, DAY6’s voices mesh together which is quite heavenly to listen to.

“Tick Tock” begins with an unusual melody and gives a smoothly relaxing feeling. The song sounds extremely sexy especially Jae’s “Tick Tock” part. Again here too, unlike the chill feelings evoked from the song, the lyrics are quite hurtful. This is a song about a relationship that is about to end.

Wonpil’s voice hooks from the very beginning in “Love me or leave me”. An upbeat song, this is a perfect song to vibe in concerts.

“STOP” has got strong guitar and drum sounds with the guitar dominating the song throughout and has got an interesting chorus which is delightful to listen.

“1 to 10” is a heartbreaking song about a one-sided love. The pain and anguish can be felt in the song especially through the lines “Nobody loves you more than me baby”. The standout in this song is Wonpil’s high notes and Young K’s power vocals in the chorus.

“Afraid” is a much softer song that somehow has a sad feeling. The lyrics are dejectful as it speaks about the insecurities of not being good enough for one’s other half. Particularly the lines, “I am so afraid” and Sungjin’s emotional voice totally pierces the heart.

Instead of translating the Korean version to English, DAY6 rewrote the song from scratch while keeping the same melody for “Zombie” English version. Lyrical geniuses indeed, DAY6 created a song that resonates with everyone in multiple languages. Also, highly commendable is the English pronunciation of the non-English speaking members who sound perfect.

No matter how many praises are showered on DAY6, it can never be enough. The same can be said for this album. The Book Of Us: The Demon takes a deeper dive into the various stages of a human relationships and life and delightfully captivates with amazing sounds.

“Zombie” MV Afterthoughts

It’s quite an amazing feat that DAY6 always manages to deliver something new yet still addictive every single time. “Zombie” struck the right chords beginning from the MV teaser itself.

The music video begins with a man forcefully dragging himself out of bed. Though bright morning sun rays greet him, he seem to be unmoving at the sight. Dark circles under his eyes, he looks lethargic as he checks his profile on the mirror.

Walking in dazed state, he goes to work and spend the rest of the day like that. Then it is shown that water submerges the room he is in, as he lies on his bed. The story portrayed in the video reflects the lyrics of “Zombie” on how a daily monotonous routine can make life so meaningless.

Appearing on the music video, DAY6 members are shown performing with their instruments dressed majestically in their royal suits. The camera focus on the members is nicely done as it zooms closely capturing various angles.

Finally, when the tempo of the music goes faster, the lighting that flashes goes well with the intensity of the song at that moment. Extremely fulfilling, the cinematography and story-telling here is brilliant and along with that the handsome visuals of DAY6 members is an added bonus.

Images & Videos Credit: JYP Entertainment