K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: E’LAST Wakes Up The Senses In 2nd Mini-album “AWAKE”

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E’LAST shows more of its musical charm in the second mini-album AWAKE.

Rookie boy group E’LAST makes a return with the new mini-album AWAKE, which brings out another reason to keep up with this group. For this comeback, the boys may not be their full set of eight individuals, but they still bring out music to remember.


AWAKE Countdown Timeline

E’LAST created curiosity between its fans when the group unveiled an image with a mystical feeling. Through it, the rookies announced their comeback album AWAKE and its release date.

Following up shortly after, the schedule for its teasers was also shared. Many contents were prepared in order to hype up the group’s fans further.

From October 26 to 30, E’LAST dropped two types of individual photos and finished the visual parade with a group image on October 31. The beautiful shots of the members reminded once again about a fairy tale concept and their charming appearances.

Specifically, the boys gave close-up shots of their faces, stunning with their individual appeals.


Moving on, the idols pointed out the five tracks that will be included in AWAKE. Among them, we were able to see a couple of the members’ names in the credits, making the anticipation go even higher.

Then, we received two music video teasers for the main track “Tears of Chaos” on November 4 and 6. Even though both clips began with a slower tune, they quickly changed the pace with an intense rhythm, along with powerful dance moves. Not just that but also the mysterious settings drew attention from fans everywhere.

Lastly, the group unveiled a Highlight Medley on November 8, presenting a quick preview of the new songs. The boys definitely have a lot to show through this mini-album, as pointed out through the small glimpses into the tracks.

AWAKE First Impressions

The “Intro” starts with a lyrical melody that marks the beginning of the album. It is composed of beautiful orchestral sounds and intense beats, giving the feeling of telling a story through the melody alone.

The title track “Tears Of Chaos” melts E’LAST’s emotions with a powerful beat and grand orchestral melody. The song continues the narrative from the group’s previous main number, “Swear”. The repeated lyrics are like a brainwashing message that rings inside our heads and indicate the state of Chaos.

Also, the mysterious and intense voices of the members over the breathtaking music impress and create a lingering imagery of the song.

Next we have the EDM-style song with trap beat “Dangerous”, which shows a different reversal charm of the group. The boys break from their known lyrical sensibility to bring out their rich voices in this magnificent piece.

The melody is exciting and easy to remember, making the listener fall instantly for the song.

“Present” is an acoustic emotional ballad with a warm piano that expresses the attempt of trying to hold back someone from leaving. The track stands out with the double meaning of its name, once as the present tense and another as a gift.

The dreamy melody and powerful orchestration give an upsurge of the emotions portrayed through the song. Moreover, the music number leaves a strong impression in one’s mind.

Lastly, “Because Of You” takes us on another emotional trip through its honest expression of feelings towards someone. It is a medium song with Future Bass that gives another glance into the talented members and their compelling voices.

The track leaves a cute impression and reminds of a beautiful image as the lyrics roll along the charming  melody.

“Tears Of Chaos” Music Video Afterthoughts

The music video for “Tears Of Chaos” took us into the middle of a forest, presenting its mysterious  atmosphere. The small space that included a couch and various items further reminded of being stuck in one place and the difficulty of trying to let go and forget the sad memories.

Eventually, a doorway came across the protagonist in this clip and as he curiously walked to it, a hand came out of the seemingly transparent frame and pulled him inside. While he started dressed in pure white clothes, after this encounter we saw him in a darker outfit, as if he reached a new state of mind.

The video follows the song that tells about the difficulty of moving forward from past memories. The feeling is delivered in the scenes in the forest, emphasized through the stopped pocket watch. The main character continues to remember what is now gone and that is very well hinted through the old projector.

As time goes though, people tend to change, despite if they realize it or not. That is exactly what is shown happening towards the second half of the clip, when the frame appears and shows the new “self” that has been born.

Meanwhile, the dynamic dance presented by the members contrasted with the song’s melody, adding to the emotion. Above all, the video was compelling to watch and the members stood out with their beautiful prince-like visuals and enthralling song presentation.

Source: E Entertainment, Melon

Image credit: E Entertainment