K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Eric Nam Captivates Listeners In “The Other Side”

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Eric Nam said “no skips on the album” little did he know he made Namnation’s hearts skip a beat with every song on his new release!

Eric Nam is back with his much awaited comeback album The Other Side. The vocalist truly spellbinds with his comforting tunes and soft voice. Showing versatility with each of the tracks, the album will make listeners unquestionably skip that skip button.

the other side

The Other Side Comeback Timeline

While the singer had been teasing fans regarding a potential album release, Eric Nam sealed the deal with just a single tweet on July 10.

The official poster for the album was released on July 16 on the artist’s official SNS as well.

the other side

Which he then followed up with with a super exciting track-list reveal on July 17!

the other side

The album consists of five tracks in total and whats more? DAY6’s Young K has been instrumental in the writing of the lyrics alongside Eric Nam. He has co-written not one, not two, but four of the tracks on The Other Side.

On July 20, the vocalist stunned fans with his captivating visuals amidst a moody ambiance in a movie theatre.

eric nam

“Have you been teased yet?” the singer asked cheekily as he dropped another concept image showcasing his flawless visuals on July 22.

eric nam

Eric Nam gave a sneak peek to the theme of the title track “Paradise” in the following ethereal concept photo.

eric nam

On July 28, fans were blessed with Nam’s divine visuals yet again but this time, in the form of a music video teaser for the title track of The Other Side.

And with only a day to go before the album’s release the multi-talented musician amplified anticipations with a breathtaking highlight medley.

The Other Side Album Impressions

The album contains five tracks in total, namely, “Trouble With You,” the title track, “Paradise,” “잘 지내지 (How You Been)” and “Down For You”. The album also includes the Korean version of Eric Nam’s hit English track, “Love Die Young”.

With The Other Side Eric Nam hopes to express the message that there are two sides to a person’s everyday life. On the surface, it may look happy and perfect. However, there may be underlying sadness that they would be concealing behind a happy facade.

The album embodies hope for those struggling with that underlying feeling of unhappiness and channels the essence of the same flawlessly.

The album opens on a light note with the track titled, “Trouble With You.” The song’s bright synths and soft percussive melody fits beautifully with Eric Nam’s rich vocals. Though the song sounds uplifting, its message is far from it. The lyricism expresses the nature of a relationship gone awry and with no hope for its revival. But despite the track’s gloomy vibe, the singer sounds phenomenal so much so that it is surely going to be troublesome for listeners to get over this beautiful track.

eric nam paradise

Next, the title song “Paradise” is an upbeat guitar and synth based number. Unarguably, Nam’s breathy and powerful vocals shine and command the track. The song expresses the desire for freedom from the frustrating reality. The lyrics talk about how even if it is difficult now, one can find a better and happy place to escape to, as suggested in lines such as, “Lost in this Paradise/ It’ll be like forever/ All things must pass/ Cause we were born to fly/ Close your eyes and draw/ Get out of here now/ Somewhere I dreamed of/ Lost in this Paradise.”

“잘 지내지 (How You Been)” takes on a slow paced route with its lilting synth and piano based melody. The track is one that showcases why Eric Nam is a powerhouse of talent and a versatile artist. From soft tones to high notes, the singer executes this track impeccably and with panache. “잘 지내지 (How You Been)” is comforting and moving all at once. The lyrics are heartfelt and touching to another level, especially when Nam’s mellow voice comes through and breathes life into the soul stirring lines.

This synth pop meets EDM track is sure to make fans get up and groove to its beat and say “I’m so down for you”! “Down For You” manifests a hard-to-miss vibrant energy. And when paired with its playful lyrics, backed with the soloist’s refreshing vocals, it makes for the perfect summer track.

The album closes on a rather emotional note with Eric Nam’s hard-hitting Korean version of his pop ballad “Love Die Young.” The song is a heart rending plea to keep the love alive. Eric’s vocal style is quite dynamic on this track.

The artist expresses vehemence with his breathy tones and adds a dramatic flair with his awe-inspiring falsetto. The vocalist captures hearts with his sweet, soft voice as he sings, “Please don’t let this love die young/ It’s too early for the last kiss/ Please don’t let this love die young/ Its too early for the goodbye dance.”

MV Afterthoughts

Eric Nam looks radiant in his music video for his track “Paradise”. The video is simple and surreal in its style. Packing quite the resounding punch, the video makes use of symbolism that is reflective of the track’s innate message.

“Paradise” sees multiple versions of Eric Nam that are representations of his psychological and emotional state. Viewers see Nam struggling and buying flashy devices to meet the better version of himself and to feel happy.

He then quite literally comes face to face with his inner self who hands him a note with a message, “vis ta vie” French for “Live Your Life”. However, Eric Nam stows away the note and drinks a magic tea. It momentarily makes things okay, but inadvertently makes them worse. And it is seen when his inner self projects a dark and angry side.

However, towards the end of the video wherein multiple Erics sit together in a theater, is when the singer comes to a realization. That he has to break free of the cookie cutter mould, and become his own person and live his life. He self reflects and once again, comes face to face with his own self and understands that the key to be happy is to indeed “vis ta vie”!

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