K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: EXO’s Chen – 2nd Mini Album “Dear My Dear”

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Let’s fall in love with EXO’s Chen this Autumn, shall we?

Six months after Chen’s first solo album, his follow up makes fans fall in love with him even more. Released on October 1, Dear My Dear reminisces the emotions that come together  when falling in love.

Telling an unfolding a story since its first teaser on September 23, the album’s title track depicts one’s emotions of not letting go his partner late at night.

Dear My Dear Comeback Timeline

On September 11, two cover arts were revealed for the mini-album. The colored and monochrome cover arts portray feelings while watching stars at late evenings. Moreover, aesthetic photo teasers were dropped from September 23 to 30 capturing Chen’s emotions and charms.

Besides image teasers, highlight medleys were released on September 24 and 26 respectively showcasing his soulful voice. The medleys gave off a radiant vibe, comfort, warmth and so much love to the listeners.

Drowning in Chen’s serene voice, the album is composed of six tracks that will serenade the listeners. The title track “Shall We?” music video teasers were released on September 27 and 29.

The MV teasers included Chen singing a cappella that radiates nostalgia and romantic feels.

Dear My Dear Album Impressions

The track “You Never Know” is a ballad song accompanied by piano, double bass and drums. Evoking love confession, makes it an extra sweet song.  Confessing to someone you love always makes us nervous. But once we get our feelings out, it may turn into a special moment we would not forget.

Along with Chen’s consoling vocals,  “Amaranth” is a heartfelt song that expresses longing for your loved one. The lyrics elicit sentimental mood as it brings back memories spent with a beloved. Memories we want to relive again as we yearn for them.

“Hold you tight” is a cheerful acoustic song expressing the warmth of embracing your beloved that will definitely make you smile. Being closest to our dear one is what we always wishes for. The song directly tells how we can be happy and blessed if we are together with our beloved.

The Brit-pop song “My dear” has had Chen telling us a beautiful love story with his beautiful voice. The song sets a mood for two people sharing lovely memories under the night sky.

Last on track is “Good Night”, a ballad song that is like a lullaby taking us to dreamland. Relieving away our worries, the song wishes us to be at peace and trust that tomorrow will be fine. The song’s dreamy sounds together with Chen’s comforting voice soothes our weary hearts.

Overall, Dear My Dear is a soothing feast of amazing music that resonates through its heartfelt love storytelling.

Shall We? MV Afterthoughts

The true feelings of a person who does not want to let go his lover at late evening nights makes the lyrics of “Shall We?” – a very romantic song. That it is sad being alone at night and that holding that someone you love warms your heart.

This retro pop song combined with Chen’s serene demeanor encapsulates the portrait of emotions of an endless love that never fades.

Image Credit: SM Entertainment

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