K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: EXO – Sixth Full-Length Album “Obsession”

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It’s time to get obsessed with EXO as they back portraying two different personalities in their highly awaited album Obsession

EXO is the iconic group that sets everything fired up on their every comeback. Even though this time they are missing some of their members, they had delivered power packed performances in their latest MV; and their album too has a wide genre of songs.

Six of the members, Kai, Chanyeol, Sehun, Suho, Baekhyun and Chen power the latest album. D.O. and Xiumin are absent from the album due to mandatory military enlistment. On the other hand, Lay is busy with his other activities in his home country.

The group released their MV and album on November 27 at 6 PM KST. Titled Obsession, this is the group’s sixth full-length album. Upon its release, their song “Obsession” grabbed top spots on the music charts. Other than that, the date was also special because it was Chanyeol’s birthday.

Obsession Comeback Timeline

On November 1, SM Entertainment announced the new album title and the release date. They also revealed the new logo for this era.

On November 4, more posters were released piquing fans’ interests.

The album schedule was released on November 7 which lists the release dates for a series of teaser images, clips and bonus videos that are underway.

Concept trailer EXODEUX was released on November 8. The video shows X-EXO who are the doppelgangers of the EXO members in that universe. From the trailer it can be implied that impending battle between the X-EXO and EXO members is going to take place soon.

EXO Obsession

Between November 11 to 16 individual concept teaser video images, motion posters and bonus clips of members Kai, Chanyeol and Sehun were released. There are two versions of the concept images and clips.

One version depicts EXO while the other version depicts X-EXO. While the concept teasers for EXO was posted in EXO’s official social handle @weareoneEXO, concept teasers for X-EXO was posted in the social handle @exoonearewe which was created in October.

On November 18, album details were showcased which gives a glimpse on the contents of the physical album.

Between November 18 to 23, individual concept teaser video images, motion posters and bonus clips consisting of both the versions for Suho, Baekhyun, and Chen were posted.

On November 25, further details for the album were revealed.

The group concept teaser images and MV teaser were released on November 27 at 12 a.m. KST.

The MV teaser reveals an upcoming fight that is about to take place. The cinematic visuals shown in the teaser set expectations on how the full MV is going to look like.

Obsession Album Impressions

The album Obsession consists of ten tracks. A wide range of genres including hip hop, R&B, trap, reggae and dance pop are included in this album. Also, the album consists of both Korean and Chinese versions of the title track “Obsession”.

“Trouble” is a trap and reggae style dance song which tells the story of falling deeply in love with no way to escape out of it. Drawing inspiration from the character, Dr. Jekyll from R.L . Stevenson’s popular novel, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, “Jekyll” is a dance pop song which represents the turmoil of the mind caused by multiple voices within.

“Groove” gives off a dream-like feeling. The song is about lovers sharing affectionate feelings who want to dance together in their dreams. The song is melodious with its harmonic string and flute sound.

On the other hand, “Ya Ya Ya” is a hip hop dance song which is about boldly declaring love to the person you love.

“Baby You Are” is a feel good song with the vibe of old and sweet nostalgia. The harmonization of the vocals in this song is really stimulating to the ears of the listeners. While, “Non-Stop” is a more energetic song that has got the 90s elements. The song talks about the excitement felt while in love.

A softer song with angelic vocals, the lyrics of “Butterfly Effect” gives out the message that love is a powerful thing and has the capability to bring a complete change to someone’s life. The song is about the wish that love could touch  more people and have that positive effect on them.

“Obsession” MV Afterthoughts

Finally, putting an end to the most awaited battle, EXO has a face-off with their evil doppelgangers X-EXO in the MV.

“Obsession” is a double treat for the audience as they get to see two contrasting versions of the EXO members. Everything from the visual looks, facial expressions and body movements are completely different for the originals and their look-alikes, which is highly visible when the transition to the other version occurs.

Artistically cinematic, the “Obsession” MV is packed with overflowing visuals wherein EXO highlights their charismatic hip-hop dance.

With intense and powerful dance moves, EXO is gesturing at their intentions to win the fight. The fight sequences where the members uses their individual powers are further enhanced with the incorporation of the various special effects which makes it look like a scene from a shounen anime.

The vocal and the rap parts blend well together and each member has the opportunity to shine with their distinct and  powerful vocals. The chorus sound is especially memorable and the vocals harmonize really well at that part.

Overall, the music video is very appealing and it has got some of EXO’s old elements as well as some newer unseen elements.

Image and Video Credits: SM Entertainment