K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: GHOST9 Breaks Barrier With Dynamic 2nd Mini Album “PRE EPISODE 2 : W.ALL”

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GHOST9 has broken down every walls through their latest second mini album!

After a successful K-pop debut in September, GHOST9 officially made their first comeback with the newest album PRE EPISODE 2 : W.ALL. It is led by the title track “W.all”.


On November 30 at midnight KST, the group revealed the official schedule plan for their comeback. That same day, they released a dance performance teaser for the title track “W.all”. Showcasing sleek and synchronous moves, GHOST9 danced to the thundering sound of the song. Meanwhile, on December 2, they released the second dance performance teaser.

GHOST9 Comeback Showcase Teaser

After being the first-ever K-pop idol boy group to hold a showcase at a building rooftop 63 Building in Seoul, GHOST9 will be holding another grander scale comeback showcase. It will take place at the heliport on the 84th floor of Busan.

With the addition of splendid special effects such as a pillar of fire and lighting, the comeback showcase has been earning interest from fans. Through the song’s addictive melody and a powerful group choreography, everyone’s attention was truly captured.


Track list

To preview the songs they have prepared for fans, GHOST9 unveils the official track list of PRE EPISODE 2 : W.ALL on December 1, midnight KST.

Including the title track “W.ALL”, there are total of six tracks including “Peace (Intro)” and “Red Sign”. The track list drew attention with the caption “GHOST9 is listening to everything you say behind the wall” with its backdrop featuring a foggy cliff in space.

GHOST9 Concept Photos

On December 6, GHOST9 has rounded up the electrifying set of individual teaser photos and group photos for their nearing comeback. The boys starred in their own sets of individual teasers made up of a riveting concept photo.

Letting their eyes do the talking instead, the members astonished fans with their powerful presence and deep gazes. While all dressed in modish leather jackets and chains, the boys gave pensive stares and a more lax poise. They further set a dark and intense mood with their individual teasers, all while flaunting their picture-perfect facial features.




GHOST9 Visual Films

Revealed on December 7, the visual films featured the close up looks of each members. Portraying a mysterious concept, the members of GHOST9 starred in their own films while boldly posing for the camera.

Clad in stylish attires and accessories, the boys further set a dark and intense mood with their individual teasers. The boys strike a pose and give pensive stares, all while flaunting their picture-perfect facial features paired with their overflowing confidence.

Capping off the countdown to their debut are music video teasers and a highlight medley video that gave listeners a glimpse of music that they could look forward to hearing in their second EP.

Watch the music video teaser below:

Watch the highlight medley below:

PRE EPISODE 2: W.ALL First Impressions

As expected, the album opens strongly through “Peace (Intro). It has dramatic and powerful EDM sounds that impress. Though the track is one minute, it sets the tone for what listeners can look forward to hearing in the mini album.

With its electric guitar-driven intro and medium tempo, one can mistook “SPLASH” as mellow track. But soon as it keeps going, the energy was picked up in the middle until it reaches the chorus.

W.ALL” opens with a smooth transition and a groovy rhythm. It also has a little hint of a retro feel in the chorus part. With tinges of EDM beats, the dark and mysterious concept of the song was dominated by the members’ flawless rap lines and impressive vocals.

Red Sign” is heavier than “W.all” in terms of its overall sound. It continues picking up the energy through more compelling EDM elements.

Opening with a mysterious melody, “Focus” gives the center stage to the members’ vocals. The dramatic buildup of the song is imposing and breathtaking.

Way to You” provides a light and comforting presence that is also reminiscent of summer songs. While the rest of the tracks from the album are all heavy-sounding, this song is a breather. It showcases the members’ raw vocals and radiant disposition. Though all songs are superb, I personally pick this one as my most favorite!

“W.ALL” MV Afterthoughts

Following their previous “Think of Dawn” music video, “W.all” also hints a well-crafted showcase of cinematography through the futuristic and sci-fi elements. Kicking off the video with a feisty dance crew, GHOST9 definitely rock the stage with an impactful dubstep and flawless singing!

Set in a cinematic backdrop, the music video of “W.all” keep its viewers engaged: from its highly-arresting editing and excellent play of lights, to an equal exposure of the members and dramatic plot. The members are showcasing an early potential of becoming actors!

Akin with this powerful track, the music video also highlights bold and heavy choreography from the boys. It combines all components that brings out their cool and fierce sides. The track has a smooth and rich melody quite different from the previous title song, which showcases GHOST9’s versatility.

Photos/ Videos: Maroo Entertainment

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