K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Golden Child Shares Its Contagious Positive Energy In 5th Mini-album “YES”

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Golden Child will fill you with its positive and lively vibes through the group’s latest release YES.

Boy group Golden Child returns with another outstanding mini-album that will enter your to-go playlists. Through YES, the members aim to bring some light into the somewhat gloomy world and give us the hopeful push we all need.

Golden Child

YES Comeback Timeline

Golden Child surprised fans on the first day of the new year with a comeback trailer video and images. The classy monochrome theme sparked interest, and the focus on the members from the neck below further raised the curiosity about the boys’ return.

The next teasers followed shortly after, with the concept images and clips of each member being shared between January 4 and 13. Then, a group shot and trailer was also unveiled to complete the visual sneak peeks.

The idols looked dashing in their suits, bringing out a more mature charisma. The unrivaled visuals undoubtedly stole hearts and continued to shine in the group image, where the boys were simply sitting down, looking expensive.

Golden Child

Moreover, in the concept trailers the members showed more of their individuality while posing for the camera. It looked like they were models shooting for a new brand advertisement.

Idols often reveal their promotional time table before sharing any teasers, but Golden Child did it otherwise. It was after the concept photos and films when the boys dropped their schedule, unveiling the plans for the days, prior to the album’s release.

Firstly, they dropped an intense music video teaser which surprised many. The clip heralded of a movie-like experience due to its zombie apocalyptic plot.

To add to the suspense, a special poster for the video showed on the group’s official accounts. It looked more and more like we were going to get a whole film from the boys.

Golden Child

The trailer unveiled the main song of YES, named “Burn It”. Later on, Golden Child shared its full track list, the poster of which reminded us of an online shopping page. Aside from the six titles it included, it also revealed that members Jangjun and TAG participated in the rap making for the album.

Also, the awaited highlight medley did not fall short on raising the expectations even more. The snippets allowed us to get the mood of the album a bit more, promising quality music from the idols as well.

The group then unleashed another music video teaser, this one leaning its focus on the choreography for “Burn It”. Additionally, fans were able to hear a little bit more of the song itself and prepare for a mesmerizing performance.

Lastly, the boys dropped a short making of their clip. They took us to the shooting sets where the magic happened, hyping fans one more time.

Surprising fans yet again, they unexpectedly revealed a webtoon poster for “Burn It”. Through it, the artists announced that they will share the full story of their music video through special online comics.

Also, a day before YES got released, another short teaser was unveiled. This one combined the cinematic scenes with the song and the dance choreography.

YES Album Impressions

The album starts with an intro song that bears the same name, “YES”. It gives off a majestic feel and yet imprints the pain of a dark and chaotic world. With its dreamy sound during the second half, the instrumental piece raises questions about the following track, its color and message. It gently fades out to make room for the star of the album.

The title track “Burn It” is a beautiful and powerful reggaeton style song, that will captivate listeners through its whole duration. It delivers an impressive harmony between the strong rhythm, guitar, whistling sounds and the emotional overall melody.

The lyrics focus on the pain of watching a loved one suffer and shows the deep desire of wanting to burn that negative feeling out of them. The members’ vocals wonderfully blend and express that emotion, all the while managing to individually shine during their respective parts.

Then, we have “Cool Cool”, an energetic dance number that centers on rhythmical bass sounds. The track has a catchy feel that fills listeners with energy and lets you get lost in its bright atmosphere. The track expresses the desire of people who want to break out of the boring ordinary life and find their better tomorrow.

“Round N Round” is a mid-tempo house track, which fascinates with its groovy rhythm and retro sound. The lyrics express the feeling of pain and longing of parting, as well as the inability to move forward. The track presents a person going in circles due to their strong feelings of missing a loved one and hoping they feel the same way.

Following next, “Milky Way” enchants with its dreamy tune and atmosphere. The lyrics compare a precious person to the shining stars in the sky. Just like how the stars light up the dark night, the special someone is the one who illuminates another’s world.

The last track on the list is “Breathe” and it harmoniously combines rhythmic guitar, bass and cheerful synths. The song embodies Golden Child’s lively energy, a charm of theirs that we know and love a lot. The song delivers a fresh breathe of hope to overcome the hard moments in life which we all face at times.

“Burn It” MV Afterthoughts

Prepare for a whirlwind of emotions during this cinematic music video. Golden Child outdid themselves as they bring fans a whole short movie with “Burn It”.

Set in a world hit by a dreadful zombie virus, the video goes back and forth from the story plot and the members’ performance of the track. The two aspects switch swiftly, creating the perfect harmony between a dance stage and the cinematic shots. The production work also impresses, leaving viewers breathless as the clip progresses.

There are a couple stories that unfold throughout the video. In addition, the boys are joined by actress Lee Soo Min, who takes the lead female role whose fate takes an unexpected turn. The members also showed their acting skills, making hearts break and fans cheer, and hope for a good outcome.

The clip lets us experience the struggle people in different situations face. Despite it being portrayed in a slightly supernatural way, it manages to reach to people and engulf them in its dark atmosphere. As the song focuses on wanting to burn painful emotions away, the members act out their desire of wanting to help each other and the people they love, all the while showing their painful hearts.

Even after the powerful track ends. the epic music that follows is a perfect background and finish to the dynamic video. The stories get their respective endings, but also leave us with questions about what happens next.

Sometimes, certain situations are too hard to handle and make a person want to escape them or simply give in. Other times everything just feels hopeless, but the overall lesson is to keep going on. At times, you have to face your problem head on and fight it to overcome it. Golden Child shows all these elements in this intense music video in an incredible and subtle way.

Source & Image credit: Woollim Entertainment