K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: GOT7 – 10th Mini-Album “Call My Name”

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GOT7 and their new mini-album Call My Name will make you want to keep calling out their name

GOT7 is finally back with their new EP titled, Call My Name. They dropped their latest music treat after six months since their last comeback in May with Spinning Top. Upon release of the latest album, fans took over Twitter trending multiple hashtags worldwide. The group also had a comeback showcase which was broadcast live via Naver’s V LIVE on November 4 at 8 pm KST.

GOT7 Comeback Call My Name

Call My Name Comeback Timeline

Album teaser images were first released on October 18 in GOT7’s social media accounts also revealing the comeback date to to be on November 4 at 6 pm KST. Presenting a sleek look, the images made Ahgases extremely excited for the new era.

First album preview was shown on October 19 revealing that there will be four versions of the album. Likewise, the other contents that will come along with the album copy also got revealed.

GOT7 Comeback Call My Name

Prologue film videos for each of the individual members were released between October 21 to 24. The video gives a peek on the vibes of the MV.

New album preview was released on October 25. Unlike the previous preview, this one gives a clearer picture on the contents of the album.

GOT7 Comeback Call My Name

The group, unit and individual teaser images were released between October 25 to 29 which made fans’ hearts spin even faster.

The track list for Call My Name album was announced on October 30. It was revealed that the album will have a total of six songs. Meanwhile, the members have also contributed in composing, producing and writing the song lyrics for the mini-album.

GOT7 Comeback Call My Name

First MV teaser was released on October 31 hyping up the fans on what they have signed up for. The teaser reveals that the MV is going to have a sophisticated appeal.

Second MV teaser was released on November 1 gives a sneak peak of the choreography which looks very sleek and sultry.

Lyric teasers for each of the members as well as the group was posted on their social media platforms on November 2 and 3.

Call My Name album spoiler was revealed on November 3. The spoiler videos gives a glimpse at how each of the songs in the album are going to sound like hence making the fans anticipate the comeback even more.

On November 4 at 12 pm KST the album cover was released. Furthermore, the poster also had a mysterious symbol ㅂD urging the fans to come up with their explanations and theories.

GOT7 Comeback Call My Name

Call My Name Album Impressions

The members have actively taken part in the music creation process with JB, Jinyoung  and Yugeom also being credited as co-songwriters for the album. The title track, “You Calling My Name” has R&B and heavy funk sounds and is more sophisticated than their previous discographies. Written by the group’s leader JB, the lyrics of the song is directed towards their fans who according to them is a reason for their existence.

“PRAY” is about wanting the person who is a source of your strength to be always by your side. On the other hand, “Thursday” defines a cute relationship which is ambiguous. Because the said day is in the middle of the week, the relationship is not as comfortable as the weekends.

Featuring Jonas Blue, “Now Or Never” is a calm and soothing song which describes the present as the happiest moment and wanting to freeze the moment to live through it forever. While, “Run Away” is a fun song that expresses the desire of eloping to far away place with your lover.

A hype song, “Crash And Burn” leaves a powerful impression with its strong sounds and is as good as the title track. Overall, the album is a good listen that offers cross-genre tracks with the title track, “You Calling My Name” and “Crash And Burn” standing out the most.

“You Calling My Name” MV Afterthoughts

The single MV, ” You Calling My Name” captivates with its illusory effects and sultry dance moves. With this song, GOT7 explores an area which is different in comparison to their previous singles “Lullaby” and “Eclipse”.

Donned in sexy suits, all the member look dapper and mesmerizing with their sensuous moves. Most importantly it was refreshing to see GOT7 exploring a new concept which was well executed too.

Probably the best song from the album “You Calling My Name” makes the listener want to keep grooving to it.

As for the visuals in the video, not many colors were used which gave a chic and classy feel. Besides that, the color green which is also the theme color of the album is highlighted beautifully in the MV.

Also there is a consistent appearance of the symbol ㅂD thus making the fans come up with various theories regarding its meaning.

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Image Credit: JYP Entertainment