K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: GOT7 Makes A Romantic Return With Mini-Album “DYE”

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GOT7 staged a fascinating return featuring the love theme focused mini album DYE.

GOT7 dropped their latest project DYE at 6:00 p.m. KST on April 20. This marks their 11th mini-album since their debut and it features title track, “Not By The Moon”.


DYE Comeback Timeline

It all started with the announcement on April 6, when GOT7 revealed they would be returning to the K-pop scene with new music. Along with that, they revealed a cinematic trailer and  cinema script images to further intrigue their fans.

The boys continued the hype by releasing individual sets of teaser images from April 7 to April 10. They were keen on capturing fans’ hearts with their alluring gazes and dreamy looks.

On April 11 and 12 they revealed the final photos which included a group image and unit shots, giving off a romantic and magical feel to them.


They continued by showing the tracklist for their album. It includes a total of 10 tracks. The last four are special gifts for the fans. The songs have previously been performed as individual and unit stages in their 2019 Keep Spinning World Tour. It will be available only on the CD version of the album.

The next batch of teasers revealed on April 14 were a bit different. It was a set of lyrics written on aesthetically pleasing backgrounds.

On April 17, GOT7 unleashed their Album Spoiler Medley, giving a taste of what Ahgases can expect to hear from them.

GOT7 also prepared two music video teasers which they uploaded on April 15 and 16. One had a mysterious kind of feeling thanks to the masquerade concept and charming close ups of the boys.

In contrast, the second one was focused on their dancing. Finally, the full MV was released alongside the album, on April 20, at 6 PM KST.

DYE First Impression

The mini-album is packed with vibrancy and talent of GOT7 portrayed through their music. It’s an album worth listening credit to its diverse song roster.

DYE focuses on the different sides of love and how it can affect a person.

“Not By The Moon” has a fairy-like feel to it. It’s a song about an everlasting love which doesn’t change. The heavy beats and the members’ voices blend to a mesmerizing cadence as it builds up a bigger impact with its strong chorus.

JY Park took part in composing, arranging and writing the lyrics for the song.

Also participating in the creation of the album are members JB, Jinyoung, Youngjae and Yugyeom who helped in bringing the songs “Crazy”, “Love You Better”, “Aura” and “Poison”. They show their styles and brought a different but impactful set of melodic songs to listen to.

“Aura” sings about the deep feelings for another person. That is perfectly expressed through the lyrics which the members bring to life with their sweet voices and melody that feels otherworldly.

“Crazy” portrays the uncontrollable desire one has when he is near to someone special in his heart. The addicting bass matches the feeling of the boys want to bring with this track.

Meanwhile, the song “Love You Better” has a sweet and soft melody which builds up towards the chorus to highlight the strong feelings a person has towards someone and wishes to capture their heart as well.

Feelings are not something one can control, even when the mind is giving out warnings and “what ifs.” “Poison” is a song which focuses on that feeling which makes a person want to just go with it, no matter what the outcome might be. In addition, the melody has that addicting feel to it to make the listener tune in until the end.

“Trust My Love” has a catchy beat right from the start and it playfully spirals through the whole track. Like the title suggests, it is a song which asks someone to put their trust in another person and overcome all obstacles together.

GOT7’s DYE is definitely not something to miss out on. Each song is unique and brings out a different feel when listened to, giving a hard choice to pick a favorite one.


The music video for “Not By The Moon” did justice to the magical feel of the song. The choreography makes the viewer curious and craving to see the full version of it.

The members wear a different set of clothes, one being the particularly breathtaking prince-like outfits. Adding to that, we see member Jackson wearing a crown and sitting on a throne.

The choice of background compliments the members’ close up shots and gives a fantasy feel, something beyond this world. The whole video keeps adding elements to their prince-like charisma, especially with the white doves which are shown flying. As the song nears its end, the video becomes stronger, the set behind the members starts to collapse as they dance to the last beats.

The video ends with GOT7 being shown riding a carriage with no one at the front to control the horses. The members each look at the camera before it all fades to black.

Through the music video the members portray in their own way the desire to keep that love which they are sure will not change. Unlike the moon which has different phases, the love they sing of is eternal and strong enough to stay that way.

The use of white doves, especially the single one at the most compelling moment of both the song and the MV, hints of the meaning behind the bird. Some symbolism of that animal is of love and loyalty. It breaks the obstacles presented in front of it, those of change and fear.

At the end, the only thing which didn’t fall apart is the stage the members were dancing on. The powerful choreography at that moment proved their determination to show just how indestructible those feelings they want to express in the song.

Source: IMBC, GOT7 Official Twitter, GOT7 YouTube channel, Spotify, hellokpop

Image credit: JYP Entertainment

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