K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Hyukoh – Fourth EP “through love”

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Hyukoh creates soothing yet equally engaging sounds in their latest release – through love 

In the music scene dominated by pop genre, indie band Hyukoh shines with their melancholic and nonchalant songs. Hyukoh has made quite a name for themselves and gained a massive fan following through their non-conforming and honest ways in preaching about love and happiness.

On January 30 at 6 pm KST, Hyukoh dropped their new mini-album titled through love. The album comprises of six songs and each of them are masterpieces capturing the unique colors of the band. Upon its release, the album received positive response from the listeners who are praising the band for boldly creating new sounds.

This is the group’s comeback after almost two years since their last mini-album 24: How To Find True Love and Happiness which was released on May 2018.

The band is also set to kick-off their 2020 World Tour with the opening concert on Seoul which will take place on February 8. They will also visit key cities in Asia including Manila and Singapore.

through love Comeback Timeline

On 23 December 2019, Hyukoh announced that their making comeback with a new album titled through love which will be released on January.

Hyukoh through love

The tracklist of the album was dropped on January 16 which revealed that it will highlight a total of six songs.

HYUKOH through love

From January 22 to January 27 preview clips for each of their songs were released from the album. The album previews received a lot of attention making fans wait eagerly for the album release.






through love Album Impression

After a long wait, Hyukoh gifts fans with six new songs through the album, through love.

The opening song “Help” is a bossa nova track that has a little touch of groove. Oh Hyuk’s husky voice along with the acoustic sounds is quite relaxing to listen to.

“Hey Sun” gives off the healing vibes with its soft melody while its lyrics talks about waiting and the recurrent routine that follows it. With a clever use of bare minimum sound effects in the track, Hyukoh maintains a consistent mood throughout the song.

“Silverhair Express” incorporates lots of instrumental sounds in the sound with the subtle percussion elements being one of the main highlights.

With traditional rock sounds, “Flat dog” blends in the guitar riffs while “World of the Forgotten” feels much sadder and has the melancholic vibes.

Finally, the bass-induced melodies dominate the sounds in “New born” depicting the unavoidable emotional forces that keeps a person pulled in.

through love is reminiscent of Hyukoh’s vast sonic range and their artistic capabilities to create something that is complex.

Image and Video Credit: DooRooDooRoo Artist Company