K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: iKON Gets Melancholic With Digital Single “Why Why Why”

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Get ready to shed tears as iKON expresses the pain of parting ways with a lover and the lingering emotions while dealing with a breakup.

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iKON is finally back with the digital single “Why Why Why” that shows off the group’s deep sensibility and maturity as talented artists.

On March 3, the brilliant six-member boy group had its first comeback in over a year following the release of the third mini album I DECIDE with the title track “Dive” in February 2020. “Why Why Why” was released on various music sites at 6PM KST and is a song that Bobby participated in creating, especially in the rap making which showed his undeniable musical ability.


“Why Why Why” Comeback Timeline

It really wasn’t a drill when YG Entertainment shared the exciting news for iKONics on February 15. Through a teaser poster released with the caption “COMING SOON”, the agency officially announced iKON’s six-member comeback.

iKON Coming Soon Poster

Followed by a mysterious concept teaser on February 17 that signaled they are about to serve another bop. The date for the much-anticipated return was also announced.

The next day, a group poster was unveiled, featuring the members in black outfits that attribute their overflowing charisma.

iKON Group Poster

Contrary to the poster released on February 18, the title poster that was revealed further was colorful in nature. The title poster revealed the geniuses behind the song. Worked together by LP, CHOICE37, Sonny, LIL G, and iKON’s Bobby, “Why Why Why” will be released on March 3 at 6PM KST.

iKON Why Why Why Title Poster

Furthermore, a second concept teaser video was shared, featuring the iKON members in a mixture of melancholic expressions and sentimental tenderness. Ju-ne’s alluring vocals were also heard at the end, sending goosebumps to whoever would hear it.

Moving Posters

On February 24, individual moving posters were dropped,. Each poster showed off the members’ feelings of sensibility. The day after, an iKON group version of the moving poster was unveiled.

Lyric Teasers

An endearing addition to the comeback countdown, a lyric teaser video was released on February 26. The video begins with Jay leaning against the wall on a bench. The lyrics, “I couldn’t even protect you, you’re a flower,” combined with his empty eyes, stimulated an affectionate emotion. DK, on the other hand, appeared sitting alone on a sofa on the floor filled with water. The scenes symbolized the inner side of a person that is full of sadness. The lyrics, “I’ve never been in love,” left a deep lingering impression.

Following the previous lyric teaser of Jay and DK, of Kim Jin-hwan and Kim Dong-hyuk, the second video contained images of Song and Ju-ne while some of the lyrics were flashed on-screen.

Song stares straight at the camera with a lonely look contrasting with the colorful flower background. His expression, which seemed to be pouring tears any moment, stimulated a sentimental emotion as the lyrics “Why does laughter make you cry” were shown. Ju-ne was sitting alone in the bus, creating a lonely and empty atmosphere. Unlike the clear-looking weather in the video, he looked outside wearing a pathetic look. The lyrics, “You who have become a stranger to me,” added to the sentimental video, deeply penetrated to the hearts of fans.

In the third lyric teaser video released on February 28, Bobby was shown leaning his back on an electronic display. His visuals created a pitiful atmosphere with his calm but story-like eyes. Bobby’s restrained expression with the lyrics “You, who are moving away from my dreams,” combined, left a sense of loneliness. Chan, on the other hand, was sitting alone in a cafe, giving off a more sentimental feeling with the phrase “From in a relationship to being lovers.”

The atmosphere of the music video “Why Why Why Why” through the lyric teaser showed a glimpse of iKON’s breakup sensitivity. Additionally, the lyrical melody accompanying the videos and Ju-ne’s appealing vocals raised expectations for the song’s full release.

On the night of February 28, the much-anticipated music video teaser was up.

The 22-second video miraculously conveyed the story of the song as well as the symbolism of a person’s inner side of loneliness. The video heralded a beautiful poetic narrative that gave off much more anticipation for the music video itself. The teaser video showed Jay blankly staring at nowhere as he leaves for somewhere in sadness. Chan was sitting alone looking at a letter, while DK was looking around the room as if he was looking for something or someone. Bobby stood on the bus platform with a melancholic look in his eyes while Song expressed despair in front of the withered flower wall. Ju-ne, on the other hand, turned his head, looking stunned.

A day before the official release of “Why Why Why”, a D-1 poster was posted, featuring the six lovely boys sitting far from each other inside a bus. Their names were written on top of the poster, and a reminder at the bottom on the date of the song’s release.

iKON Why Why Why D-1 Poster

To raise the anticipation at its highest, iKON then shared a fiery D-Day teaser for their comeback with “Why Why Why.”

“Why Why Why” First Impressions

iKON’s “Why Why Why” is a breath of fresh air. It’s not just a song that tells a cliche love story that blooms beautifully and eventually ended up like a flower that withers away. It’s more than a masterpiece that conveys a heartfelt message expressing themselves.

“Why Why Why” is a song that expresses the sadness during a breakup and the pain of parting ways with a lover. Gradually, acceptance comes along as the person continuously asks himself the question “why.”

Along with the lyrical melody, iKON’s vocals become more mature and they have perfectly expressed the emotions of losing, longing and letting go of someone. Chan’s singing voice at the start of the song is magnificent. Followed by Song’s sentimental tone, the track flows into a more painful yet heart-melting tune that has exceeded all expectations.

iKON gives off their sweet voice through lyrics such as “From fate to lovers / Blossomed a beautiful love flower / Blossomed a flower / Why has laughter turned into tears / Once mine now a stranger / Thought we’d be together without any breakup / Us Why Why Why”

Each word on the lyrics is filled with emotion. Particularly, the song seems to be a good expression of a person’s sincere heart that can’t easily accept parting, emphasizing the word “why” three times.

iKON amazingly maximizes the sense of heartbreak and painful emotions like this and it is really a curiosity on how many people will shed tears while listening to the song.

“Why Why Why” MV Afterthoughts

Starting with an emotional shot of the skies, the scene quickly changes to a glass of water with a woman’s face on it, tears coming down from her eyes. Chan is sitting in a cafe as a photograph was on fire on top of the table. The music video then changes to Song’s site where he is seen walking back and forth with colorful sets of flowers on his background. Nearing the climax of the song, DK settles on a couch as his feet were soaked in static water. Ju-ne then appears sitting on the bus, lip-syncing to his lines.

And of course, iKON would never forget adding choreography to their songs even though it is a ballad. The next scene shows them six dancing to the refrain as Jay comes forward for the chorus. The choreography is impressive, especially how the members show their sorrowful emotions yet still managed to perform a powerful choreography. The delicate facial expressions in front of the burning bus also double the sentimental feeling.

Relatively, the lyrics are able to be interpreted into minimal dance movements that add to the deep emotions of the song. The song’s lyrics and the choreography blend well and is absolutely appealing.

After the first chorus, Bobby appears from the side. He is standing on a bus stop platform as if waiting for someone to arrive. But as he finishes his rap parts, he walks further away then throws a ring by the side of the telephone booth. Jay then reappears, sitting alone at the bus stop’s waiting area. His eyes are filled with regret and heartache, which is undoubtedly breathtaking.

Overall, the music video was well-made. Particularly, iKON’s mature vocals and emotional expressions stood out. The scenes were spectacular and the way they chose to have a part on a dessert background was very much related to the heartbreaking concept of the song.

Video and Image Source: YG Entertainment