K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: ITZY – 2nd Mini Album “IT’z ME”

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ITZY Rules the whole MIDZY Nation with latest IT’z ME album comeback

On March 9, ITZY returns with their new album IT’z ME and released their music video for title track “WANNABE”.

 IT’z ME Comeback Timeline

On February 18, ITZY released the first group teaser featuring the girls’ silhouette draped in deep blue hue.

Then on February 19, the album preview was posted on their official Twitter account along with pre-order album details.

On the same day, the second group teaser was revealed. Apart from their past colorful concepts, IT’z ME radiates chic aura in black and white themed comeback.

ITZY then unveiled the third group teaser photo on February 20. Donning black and checkered clothing, the busy background revealed notions on stereotypes, rumor, bullying and lies. It appears the girls are set to speak about being brave in the comeback.

On February 23, ITZY launches Yeji’s teaser photo. The three-teaser photo includes three different themes: black, orange and blue. Thereafter, individual photos of the members were released consequently.

On the following day, individual teaser photos of Lia were dropped.

The three individual teaser photos of Ryujin were unveiled on February 25.

Subsequently, ITZY released Chaeryeong’s individual teaser photo on February 26.

Lastly, on February 27, individual teaser photos of Yuna were revealed.

On the first day of March, the official track list of the album IT’z ME was then made available on ITZY’s official Twitter account. The 7-track album includes “WANNABE” as its title track. Their second track “TING TING TING” was apparently recorded with Oliver Heldens.

“That’s A No No” was also included as one of the track in their newest album. “Nobody Like You”, “You Make Me” and “24 Hrs” round up the list of IT’z ME’s album track.

Meanwhile, on the same day, the short instrumental films for the 7 tracks were posted on YouTube.

First on the list was their track “24 Hrs”.

Followed by “I Don’t Wanna Dance” and “You Make Me”.

Afterwards, ITZY released the short instrumental for their track “Nobody Like You”  and “That’s A No No”.

To bring more hype to MIDZYs, ITZY dropped the last two short instrumental for their tracks “Ting Ting Ting” with Oliver Heldens and title track “WANNABE”.

Thereafter, ITZY teased fans to a monochrome themed photo exuding boldness and undeniable charms of each members. On March 3, teaser images of the girls were released including Yeji and Ryujin in one frame.  Yuna, Lia and Chaeryeong were in another frame.

On that same day, ITZY dropped another set of teaser photo. Accomplishing that voguish looks, ITZY overwhelmed with  the graffiti blue and green-themed background.

As the much-anticipated comeback draw closer, the first teaser for their music video “WANNABE” was pre-released on March 4 on Naver.

Additionally, ITZY published the one-minute teaser video on their official YouTube account on that same day. The video bared sense of excitement of the girls featuring the city street lights but in much darker cinematic concept unlike their past songs.

It was then ensued on March 5, with the next “Wannabe” music video teaser which featured a glimpse of the powerful dance steps and Ryujin’s chic rap skills. Posted on March 5, the video accumulated 4 million views and counting as of March 8.

Furthermore, on March 6, a two-minute album spoiler which previews the highlight of each songs in their album IT’z ME.

Moreover, ITZY also dropped the online cover for their comeback album IT’z ME.

IT’z ME Album Impressions

The title track “WANNABE” of the album IT’z ME expresses self-importance and individual worth. It is considered to be an experimental bop which enlightens everyone to do things one truly love and being unapologetic for what you stand for.

ITZY’s wanted to convey a message of being true to oneself and not being an imitation of someone else. The girls’ overflowing confidence and charismatic vibrant presence successfully transmit the whole essence of the song.

“TING TING TING” flaunts an intriguing intro in an EDM genre. As soon as the song progress, it radiates a feeling of being in a runway. It allows someone to be in a party mood. “TING TING TING” sends forth swarming determination and courage.

Amongst all the tracks in the latest album, “THAT’S A NO NO” has the loudest beat. The full African beat compliments to the powerful raps and song of the members. It also boasts a fiery and sensational mood.

“NOBODY LIKE YOU” is a rock song that keep your head banging. Contrary to the meaning of the song, it portrays someone who establishes an admiration for someone. But here’s the catch! There is a boundary being build up in the first part but as the song keep going, that affection seems to be inescapable.

Characterized with dope and bold raps, “YOU MAKE ME” takes the listeners into some new level. The intro just pulls you closer, you can’t help but get addicted to this song. As the message of the song conveys, it clamors curiosity for someone whom she developed feelings with and made her speechless.

“I DON’T WANNA DANCE” threads on EDM genre. The song has possesses party vibe with a distinguishable repetitive lyrics. The main key is just to enjoy this song while dancing.

The track “24 HRS” is remarkable for its full-swag mellow raps. It is distinctively addictive because of the soft tone sung by the members in fewer parts. The main song indicates the girls’ full existence for “24 HRS”. It claims their freedom and self-determination to what comes their way.

“WANNABE” MV Afterthoughts

The music video of “WANNABE” explores the individuality of the girls. It encourages everyone to be genuine. That being true to oneself is the key to have a joyful life. “WANNABE” also taught things about independence and freeing self from such constraints.

The album explores individual self worth should be an utmost priority. It is a compilation of 7 powerful tracks that cast exceptional individual uniqueness.  The whole album “IT’z ME”  is certainly a shout out for MIDZYs to be FREE and to scream “WANNABE” me!

Images and videos: JYP Entertainment | ITZY Twitter page