K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: IZ*ONE Gives Dazzling Fantasy Through 3rd Mini Album “Oneiric Diary”

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IZ*ONE’s third mini album features an enthralling selection of new songs, and a title track that boasts elegance and confidence.

This month, IZ*ONE ripples sweet waves with the release of their third mini album Oneiric Diary. Their album truly highlights the groups’ growth over the course of their career, as they take on different genres and communicate strong messages through their brand new music.

Comeback Countdown Timeline

IZ*ONE kicked off the countdown to their magical comeback through a parade of enthralling concept photos. The group released four sets of photos – two “Diary” themed sets and two “Oneiric” themed sets.

Aside from teaser photos, each member also shared diary entries online. These diary entries expressed each members’ sentiments about their dreams and their new music—all of which are handwritten by the girls themselves.

Capping off their countdown to the release of Oneiric Diary was a highlight medley and two music video teasers. Besides giving fans a glimpse of their new music, their video teasers delved into the magical journey that everyone will be embarking on.

Oneiric Diary First Impressions

Oneiric Diary opens with “Welcome,” a symphonic intro song that exudes a playful vibe. Although the track is short, it sets the tone for what listeners can look forward to hearing for the rest of the mini album.

The vibe immediately ramps up with “Secret Story of the Swan,” which highlights the girl group’s growth. What makes their title track stand out is the way it combines strong elements of electronic music and the girls’ elegant-sounding vocals—producing a strong track.

“Pretty,” meanwhile, continues to carry the upbeat mood of the title track. The third track of Oneiric Diary highlights the mini album’s fairy tale-like atmosphere, with the light vocals and beat-filled instrumental. The track, which expresses the story of a girl gushing over a lover, is sure to be a fan favorite.

The mini album also draws inspiration from older music influences, as seen in the funky tunes in “Merry-Go-Round.” This track exudes a fun and lively mood—one that you can find while letting loose on the dance floor (or within the walls of your bedroom).

IZ*ONE also serves up a dance track in the form of “Rococo.” This track is definitely one that will make any listener either get up and dance or have on repeat, thanks to its catchy instrumental. The constant repeat of “Rocococo!” is also one part of the song that will make it hard to get out of your head.

The mini album winds down and draws to a close with “With*One,” which is sure to pull on any listener’s heartstrings. The melodic track features lyrics penned by all of the members, and recounts the journey that they have endured as one group—as well as a promise to stay together until the end.

“Secret Story of the Swan” MV Afterthoughts

The video immediately opens with a dazzling showcase of colors, a sight that truly makes it hard for any viewer to tear their eyes away from the scene. It is filled with elements that keep its viewers engaging: from the intricate scenery to the bright colors.

“Secret Story of the Swan” also highlights the a dazzling choreography from the girls. This music video certainly combines all the elements that make IZ*ONE elegant, with sleek and stylish dance moves. 

Image Source: Off The Record Entertainment | IZ*ONE Official Twitter

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