K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Lee Hi Inspires With Heartfelt 1st Digital Single “HOLO”

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The prime and soulful R&B singer Lee Hi, is back with an emotional and encouraging song about self-love.

Lee Hi marked her return after one year with her first digital single “HOLO” upon signing with a new label, AOMG Official, founded by Jay Park.

Lee Hi Holo


Lee Hi made an exciting reveal of her comeback on July 12 by blessing fans with a glamorous first teaser photo. The songstress dropped the photo on her official Instagram account with a caption “D-10”.

Lee Hi

From July 13 to July 18, Lee Hi radiated resplendence in the teaser photos and displayed her rosy and angelic beauty. Embodying pensive emotions, the songstress accentuated a delicate saturnine background hinting her new song.

Afterwards, the soloist previewed her upcoming single “HOLO” by sharing an art teaser in her Instagram account. Completely captivating and cathartic, the snippet started with the melancholic piano instrumental. Highlighting the artist’s soulful and rich voice, the teaser for “HOLO” elicited reflective and sentimental emotions.

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D-3 2020.07.23 6PM #LEEHI #HOLO #홀로

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Further welcoming her fans with a new chapter in her career, Lee Hi consecutively unveiled three music video teasers for “HOLO” from July 20 to July 22 .


As hinted with its title, “HOLO”, which means alone in Korean, speaks about loneliness. Both encouraging and ruminative, the song relays messages of self-love. This reflects in the lyrics “I’m too precious to just sit around and worry / Take a look inside of your heart without a cover/ It’s okay to be yourself.”

The soul R&B ballad track encompasses delicate and assuring words in its melodically-rich song arrangement. Wrapping it with lethargic rhythms and deep solemn piano sounds, “HOLO” further punctuates Lee Hi’s original style.

Elusively depicting herself running away from loneliness, the music video features a girl, a mirror of her young self. It carries heartening and hopeful expressions, apart from its contrasting gloomy and slow tempo.

The verses that I personally loved which made Lee Hi’s unique voice shines brighter includes “I’m gonna stop cryin’, stop feelin’, stop thinkin’ ‘bout you, my babe / Not gonna cry anymore, gonna breakout / And gonna take more care of myself / I’m gonna stop.”

Photos and videos from AOMG Official & Lee Hi Official Instagram