K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Lovelyz Drops A Dreamy 7th Mini-Album “Unforgettable”

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Lovelyz presents fantasy-like songs which will leave a mark under the album named Unforgettable.

Girl group Lovelyz made their long awaited comeback on September 1 with its seventh mini-album Unforgettable. What’s more, the idols created a dreamy atmosphere through their songs and showed a whole new side to them.


Unforgettable Countdown Timeline

Lovelyz first teased about their comeback as a full group through a mysterious video. The clip also emitted a pure feeling with the dominating white color and the added elegance.

Then, August 18 put an official start to the comeback countdown with the reveal of the promotion schedule.


At first, the group shared a diversity of concept images and portrayed a complete transformation with their new looks. They started with the mature new vibes on August 19 and then followed with the pure ones on August 20.

Both the chic and the innocent vibes were taken well by fans. This spiked their curiosity even more for the comeback plans.

On the other hand, the third version of the prepared photos was divided into five parts. Also, each of them came along with a special concept trailer. Firstly on August 21, the idols revealed the group clip and image, raising expectations about a fantasy-like return.

Then from August 24 to 27, Lovelyz posted the individual teasers, more precisely, each day two members flaunted their charms. The girls showed outstanding visuals, undoubtedly stealing hearts of Lovelinus, their fandom name.

Then, in the solo clips, the members showcased contrasting vibes through different poses and clothes, The common part between all the videos was the pure feel which eventually turned into a mysterious one. This allowed the girls to show an enchanting and mature side to them.

In between the last concept, Lovelyz unveiled the track list for Unforgettable and a lyrics spoiler for the tittle “Obliviate”. Six song titles were present on the poster, putting more light onto what can be expected in this comeback.

Later on, the idols shared a preview of each track through a Highlight Medley. The clip hinted at a dreamy feeling present in the group’s new songs.

The artists also included a Jacket Making, during which fans were able to glimpse at the photoshooting process. In addition, the video contained messages from the members themselves.

Of course, what is a comeback without the music video teasers. Lovelyz prepared a total of two, with the first one hinting at a dark and mysterious plot.

Meanwhile, the second one was supposed to focus on the choreography, but it revealed more than that. It intrigued with intense scenes of the members, hence raising curiosity to the fullest.

Unforgettable Album Impression

The album starts with the short intro “Unforgettable”, creating a fantasy-like atmosphere. It prepares the listener for the journey about to be taken while listening to the rest of the songs.

“Obliviate” fascinates with its rich sound of brilliant orchestral tunes and deep house base. Accordingly, Lovelyz portrays new colors through this title track. Moreover, member Sujeong shows growth as an artist, by participating in writing the lyrics for the song.

Next up, “Dream In A Dream” is another attractive song with a dreamy synth sound and a bass with retro feeling. It depicts the pain of an indissoluble breakup. The lyrics further impress with the person’s desire to stay in a dream where nothing has changed.

Then, “Never, Secret” is a sweet song with a retro feel to it. It contains Lovelyz’s original color, a faint and pure feeling, as well as the members’ pretty vocals completing the piece.

“Memories” is another soft sounding track which combines reggae and retro tunes. It unfolds a story about a parting which leaves a nostalgic feeling.

Lastly, the album ends with “Worry Dolls”, a pop-rock track with lively band sounds. In particular, it starts with a calm acoustic guitar and a mellow melody, which eventually pick up. On another note, the lyrics bring a message of comfort for people who have trouble sleeping. They urge them to leave their worries to someone who supports them and will, this way, help them fall asleep.

“Obliviate” MV Afterthoughts

“Obliviate” is enchanting not only as a song but as a music video too. First of all, it stands out with the beginning tunes which collide with a fantasy feel and powerful choreography start. Furthermore, the members try to escape a memory about someone, which is shown through the lyrics and the unfolding story.

The girls seem lost and struggling at first as they search for a way out. Eventually, they find the strength to move on with their feelings which opens the ways to leave their prisons. They each find the answers to what they need to do, while coming out confident and content with their decision.

Finally, Lovelyzz ends the story by standing together in front of a burning mansion, which they entered at the beginning. This final scene creates a frame and a fitting end. Above all, the group shows a new and cool side which definitely surprised and captivated music lovers.

Source and image credit: Woollim Entertainment