K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Maddox – Third Single “Sleep”

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Maddox adds his third single to the roster of new releases this month, dazzling fans with his anticipated return. 

Joining the many artists making a summer comeback, soloist Maddox delights fans by unveiling his third single. With his song titled “Sleep”, Maddox continues to showcase his distinct sound and versatility as an artist. 


Comeback Countdown Timeline

Maddox announced on June 12 that he would make a comeback this month with the single, “Sleep”. He released a series of teaser images across social media, featuring two different concepts that captivated fans. 

The first round of images portrayed a more pensive, somber atmosphere. Against a sun-lit background, the artist showed dreamy reflection. 


Meanwhile, Maddox delivered a more intense look for the subsequent concept, donning burnt clothing and silver accessories for a bolder flare. 

The tracklist release for the single also built fans’ excitement for his comeback. Besides the title song “Sleep”, the single also includes “Engine” which Maddox’s sister Miso helped to compose and arrange. 


Additionally, Maddox also released a short teaser clip for the music video. The artist treated fans to a quick glimpse of the video’s gloomy ambiance, also providing a short listen to the track. 

“Sleep” Single Impressions 

This comeback is a declaration of Maddox’s emotional changes over time. Boasting his soothing voice, effortless falsetto, and expressive lyrics, the artist unveils two poignant tracks that embody his musical sensibility. 

The title song, “Sleep”, is simultaneously soothing and groovy. Against the instrumentals of deep bass and a snare beat, Maddox sings the story of loneliness that makes one feel dazed and asleep. Pleading for company, the artist hopes that their love will wake him from his crippling slumber. 

The second track, “Engine” was released previously on Maddox’s Soundcloud. At the request of fans, he re-worked the popular song and included it in this single. Though its inclusion was based on its demand, the song is a fitting accompaniment to the first. While “Sleep” discusses the burn of loneliness, “Engine” is like its soothing balm. In the jazzy, all English track, Maddox lovingly declares his devotion and unwavering companionship to the listener. 

“Sleep” MV Afterthoughts 

The music video for “Sleep” utilizes various elements to portray the thoughts of the track well. Including lighting ranging from dim yellow, red and orange, to flickering bright white light, the video uses color to evoke the feelings of melancholy and disorientation.

These feelings are enhanced as viewers watch Maddox stumble throughout a hotel corridor, in search of a woman who evades him. 

Maddox’s staggering expressions and the seemingly endless length of the hallway he searches, cleverly alludes to the isolation the lyrics speak of. 

Image Credit: KQ Entertainment 

Video Credit: KQ Entertainment 

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