K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: MCND Returns With Funky and Hip 2nd Mini Album “MCND AGE”

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Gems, can you feel the groove with MCND’s newest album release MCND AGE?

On January 8, MCND marked an impressive return to the music scene with their second mini album MCND AGE. Ranging from different kinds of sounds; electronic pop beats and catchy dance tracks, the group stayed true to their original branding yet bravely delve on new kinds of flavors to fully showcase their never-ending growth.

Comeback Countdown Timeline

MCND shared the exciting news about their return by dropping a comeback scheduler on December 27 at midnight KST, for their upcoming album MCND AGE. The album serves as the group’s second mini album, following EARTH AGE, released in August 2020.

Pumping fans with great excitement, the group shared the concept photo for MCND AGE, and individual teaser photos the day after.


On January 4 at midnight KST, MCND revealed the track titles and writing credits for the seven dynamic songs they have prepared for their comeback through the album track list. The mini album was led by the title track “Crush”. Specifically, Castle J took part in composing, writing, and arranging some of the tracks.


After previewing the concept photos and track list, MCND shared a sneak peek of the music video for the title track “Crush”. Delivering a confident showcase of looks and dance moves, MCND wore casual yet stylish outfits while exhibiting their hip aura and charismatic visuals in the music video teaser.

MCND AGE First Impressions

The first track, titled “Intro: MCND AGE”, is a one-minute song that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Comprising with siren and electronic sounds, the EDM intro makes a powerful start for the EP. I am actually looking forward seeing this music with a choreography on it.

Staying true to the group’s music style, “Crush” manifested a fresh, yet hip appeal that is similar from their previous works. Frisky and easygoing, the song permeates to the ears with its distinct electric guitar loop and hip hop influences. It has a unique blend of vocal chops and raps that are addictive and reserved at the same time.

The third in their album list is “LOUDER”. It is an EDM track decorated with summer synths and chime sounds. Its beautiful melody, natural rhythm, and seamless flow perfectly fit the members’ voice. The track was made to showcase their harmonic concoction and raw vocals. Despite being in that genre, the song stirs and evokes emotions. I get a feeling that this piece was made as a comforting song for them, and was dedicated to those people struggling with their dreams.

Opening with dynamic EDM beats and applause sound effects in the background, “KO, OK!” will surely knock everyone off their feet through its arresting raps. The lyrics “I’m the champion do you know” / I’m the champion keep in mind / It’s completely a knockdown” manifests the group’s overflowing confidence and courage.

“PLAYER” plays in between the dance and house EDM genre. Out of all the tracks that are dominated by raps, this one stood out the most. Although the vocalists had a minimal participation in this piece, the rappers have successfully owned and killed the song. The energy was kept up high throughout that I didn’t notice the song was already ending because I kept dancing into it.

“Outro; ㅁㅊㄴㄷ” is a real gem! One piece of advice I can give is do not underestimate this track! What I love about this musical work is it was not made to impress the listeners, but simply to state facts. It has hard-hitting lyrics which speaks about living their life the way they wanted to, and pursuing their dreams in their own pace. There are no hidden meanings, just MCND being true to themselves. The words “Nobody knows how far we’ve come. / But we don’t stop ’cause we have a definite goal.” resonate the most about their journey being idols.

Closing off to this wonderful EP is the track “Not Over”. The repetitive whistles and shouts throughout the song give a strong flavor to the already awesome composition. It perfectly balances their hip hop and vocal pattern. One notable line from this is “The darker it is, the brighter I shine”.

“Crush” MV Afterthoughts

Opening the song with a catchy rhythm, MCND further sets the tone of their new title song “Crush” in a playful mood. It has a contagious effect that makes you bop your head, tap your feet, and get up to dance with the music. The song invites listeners to be confident and free like MCND whenever they are up on stage.

Containing space-age and unconventional settings, the music video is not too grand and not too simple. It has enough time to showcase the restless sides of the boys, which was portrayed by spanning into different kinds of room and backdrop.

From futuristic sets, a comfort room with spray painted walls, washing machine leading the nebula, all the way to a platform on clouds decorated with flowers, there are really no limits to MCND’s rich music and art. All in all, “Crush” radiated what is it like having the confidence to crush and conquer the stage.

Image/ Video Credits: TOP Media

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