K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: MONSTA X Returns With Their Fiery “FATAL LOVE”

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MONSTA X are back and are bolder than ever in this latest release!

MONSTA X have finally unveiled what every Monbebe around the world was waiting for – their latest full-length album FATAL LOVE. The album contains everything that the stellar boy group embodies all from being poised to passionate, there is no stone that the group leaves unturned with this release. 

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The album brings an array of genres as listeners are treated to tunes ranging from electro-pop, hip-hop, and slow R&B tunes through the ten tracks. What makes FATAL LOVE more spectacular than ever is that each track sees the participation of the members themselves in its composition. The album is nothing short of being a masterpiece indeed. 

FATAL LOVE Comeback Timeline

On October 5, MONSTA X took to their official SNS to drop one of the most exciting news of the year, for Monbebes especially. They unveiled an enigmatic red and black coming soon photo teaser that showcased the face of a member hidden in the shadows, thereby piquing curiosities.

Through the image reveal, they announced the arrival of their third full-length album FATAL LOVE scheduled to release on November 2. 

Next, furthering excitements, the boy group disclosed an equally thrilling scheduler on October 8 for fans to jot down those dates tracing to their highly awaited comeback album. 


On October 14, the multitalented group unveiled an elaborate “FANTASIA X” film that saw the group connect the dots, or keys, in this case from the world of “FANTASIA X” leading to FATAL LOVE. 

On October 20, MONSTA X revealed the names of the tracks on the awesome album. It also disclosed the participation of Joohoney, I.M and for the very first time, Hyungwon on some of the tracks as well as some amazing collaborations with acclaimed musicians and hitmakers like Eric Nam, Jooyoung, and LDN Noise on others.

Next, from October 22 to October 27, MONSTA X stunned with their magnetic visuals that surely enraptured hearts as they showcased some dynamic looks in each of the stills.

Starting with version 1 of concept images on October 22 and 23, the members looked fiercer than ever amidst bold red backdrops. 

On October 24, the boy group shone under the spotlight and mesmerized with their breathtaking visuals in the version 4 of concept photos. 

On October 25 and 26, the idols embraced their wild sides and revealed some of their most ferocious looks in version 2 of concept photos. 

Before unveiling these ‘fatal’ version 3 photos on October 27 wherein they captivated in their chivalrous styles looking dapper in suave suits. 


From looking like edgy bad boys to powerful bosses, MONSTA X showcased their matchless magnetism and more in a power-packed music video teaser for the lead track “LOVE KILLA” on October 29. 

MONSTA X then piqued anticipations on November 1 with an electrifying album preview of their comeback album FATAL LOVE, giving a prepossessing sneak peek into their much-awaited album. 

FATAL LOVE First Impressions

Containing ten ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECES, MONSTA X proves why they are indeed the epitome of versatility. From hip-hop to slow tempo beats, there is not a single track from the diverse genres in this album that the group does not shine on. 


Love Killa

While the heart-thumping electro bass of the track is an indicator of an absolute banger, it certainly doesn’t prepare you for the grandeur of “Love Killa”.  

While the dynamic synergy of MONSTA X is undeniable, there are so many standout moments that add to the thrill of the track. Starting with Joohoney cheekily asking, “Oh I’m sorry, did I make you anxious?” to I.M’s playful yet passionate rap verses with lines like, “I want you to eat me like a main dish/ It’s hot, it looks like it’s hot, hottish”, these are just some of the instances that make this track iconic. 

Moreover, Shownu and Minhyuk’s compelling harmonies, Kihyun’s signature high notes, and Hyungwon’s breathy vocals particularly in the chorus add a ‘love’ly texture to the high octane rhythm. This track is an absolute ‘killa’ indeed!


What’s the best way to fuel the fire that this album builds? Why with some “GASOLINE” of course! The Latin inspired beat featuring prominent drums and electro bass is sure to get listeners in the mood to set the dance floor afire. 

The lyricism is like a fervid confession of love and while the vocal line sets an ambiance filled with an air of romance with their lilting notes, the rap line turns up temperatures with their passion-filled verses. 

This track is one that will burn in the memories of listeners who surely won’t be able to get enough of this groovy number. 


The futuristic orchestral melody backing the members’ awesome falsettos and ad-libs make for, you guessed it, quite the ‘thrill’ing listening experience. “Ecstatic, dangerous, sweet” all that and more is how MONSTA X sounds on this addictive track with Hyungwon’s husky whisper-like vocals harmonizing with Minhyuk’s delicate vocals. Shownu shines with his crisp vocals, especially towards the bridge. 

Kihyun stuns with his smooth opening lines as well as spine-tingling falsetto “Love Thriller”s. The two multitalented rappers Joohoney and I.M stir with their ensnaring verses which they execute with utmost perfection. 

Guess Who

What an energetic track and “Guess Who” can pull such a dynamic number off with equal dynamism? It’s MONSTA X. The hard-hitting R&B beat is reflective of the track’s overall sensual vibe. 

This track has quite an intriguing composition that goes from being high powered to slow-paced real quick. And that is where its beauty lies. That, and combined with the dulcet vocals that flow throughout the track are what makes this song an absolute smasher. 

Nobody Else

Let’s just agree that indeed, “Nobody Else” does it as Chae Hyungwon does! The all-round vocalist showcases his musical genius on this track in more ways than one. This track has been written and composed by Hyungwon who has done so for a MONSTA X release for the very first time.

“Nobody Else” incorporates the essence of a sophisticated pop genre piece. This is expressed using the example of the characteristics of perfume. It talks about love being like a fragrance which is intense at first but fades over time. The track is alluring with how beautiful Hyungwon sounds with his low tones, Kihyun with his high registers. Shownu’s falsetto in the chorus is sure to send chills while Minhyuk brings forth an air of sensuality with his honeyed harmonies. 

Joohoney and I.M once again strike with their verses that are poetic and passionate all at once, “This ain’t knowledge, it is from the vibin’/ Scent like Laven, you just made me dive in/ The thick scent is deep as if drunk/ As if I’m addicted, I want you to love me like I do”. 



MONSTA X truly has their “BEASTMODE” on in this magnificent musical masterpiece. “It’s time to wake up”, Joohoney declares and sure enough, this exciting number is enough to rouse listeners with its intense beats. 

Co-written by none other than the ace musician Eric Nam himself, this collab combines the musical genius of the group as well as the singer’s and brings forth the ultimate superhit. The members embrace their ferocious side that they present with utmost fortitude on “BEASTMODE”.  

Stand Together

Monbebe let’s just “Stand Together” and bow to this powerhouse group who are sure to set playlists afire with this blazing tune. To say that MONSTA X drip with swag on this sizzling song, would be but an understatement. 

Though the melody is quite explosive with its traditional Korean string instruments merged with hip-hop sounds, what makes this track ‘stand’ out more so than ever is the witty verses. Plus it’s interesting how the melody softens to highlight Minhyuk, Hyungwon, Kihyun, and Shownu’s airy vocals before dropping that booming bass to mirror the fierceness of both I.M and Joohoney. 

Hashtag, fact check, MONSTA X, is unquestionably the best best!

Night View

This is definitely that track that listeners would want on repeat throughout the ‘night’. The moment the track begins with I.M’s hushed husky notes, it’s enough to comprehend that “Night View” is a compelling and captivating tune.  Hyungwon and Minhyuk’s melodious back and forth that follows simply melts with its dulcet notes. 

Yet again, Shownu takes the lead on the pre-chorus wherein his subdued high notes make for a magical ambiance while Kihyun floors with his inviting falsetto singing, “Shining like a waterfall/ Shall we dance on the moonlight”, before Joohoney dominates the second half of the track with his relaxed yet riveting rap verses wherein he compares being in love with a quirky supercar analogy. 

This track truly moves with its surreal electro-pop beat that creates a tranquil ambiance that makes you want to take off on a drive in the middle of a cool, breezy night.

Last Carnival

Buckle up Monbebe, as MONSTA X are sure to take you on an evocative ride in “Last Carnival”. This track is sweet with its lyricism and is sultry with the vocal styles of the members. The snappy bass beats during the repetitive “Do it Do it” parts and the softer melody during the “Dancing with you/ (Dancin’ with you, Dancin’ Dancin’ with you)/ I keep pace with you, we’re on the moon/ Together Merry-go-round and around” verses are intriguing to simply say so.

Overall, this song is one that embodies the phrase “chill vibes” to its core that will definitely have listeners coming back for more.  

Sorry I’m Not Sorry

This lulling track is unapologetically unique and serves as the perfect number to wrap up a perfect album. The melody on “Sorry, I’m Not Sorry” has a very timeless appeal to it thanks to its retro-style mellow guitar and synth beat.

Though the song carries a serene atmosphere, the lyricism spotlights that albeit with aplomb which is particularly due to the lines, “Sorry I’m not sorry/ I don’t think it’s my fault/ Sorry I’m not sorry/ I never wanna see you again”

There is no doubt that with this album MONSTA X reiterates that they are K-pop aces indeed!

MV Afterthoughts

While MONSTA X has always been ‘Hero’es for their fans, with FATAL LOVE they showcase a different aura to themselves. With “Love Killa,” the multi-talented group channels their devilishly handsome anti-Hero sides as they slay visually and musically.

The intense setting, the outfits, and the fierceness all scream power with the stunning choreography only adding more to the WOW factor. The music video truly leaves viewers wanting for more as they impress with this never seen and never heard before energy.

MONSTA X are the ‘love killas’ on the prowl to capture hearts with their wild charms in this magnetic music video. 

Images/ Video Credits: Starship Entertainment