K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: NATURE Flares The Summer Heat With 3rd Single Album “NATURE World: Code M”

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This month, NATURE is slipping into a brand new chapter of their careers by taking on darker tones and more diverse genres.

The summer season is heating up, and NATURE is at its forefront. Despite having an incomplete lineup, the girl group still showed us how they are taking over the music scene—a feat they achieved by releasing three powerful tracks.

Comeback Countdown Timeline

NATURE announced their intent to join in the summer comeback train with a parade of ethereal teaser photos. Their teaser photos came in two versions: an almost dreamy version and a vintage-inspired version. Both sets of photos featured the use of floral prints.

In between teasers for their upcoming release, the girls have been sharing a behind the scenes look of their photo shoots. In these videos, the girls showcased how much fun they had, as they prepare and shared their thoughts on the upcoming comeback.

To cap off their countdown, NATURE rolled out a series of music video teasers – giving fans a glimpse of what new music they can look forward to. Their highlight medley, meanwhile, showcased the different genres the group was tackling through their short yet jam-packed single album.

NATURE World: Code M Album Impressions

This comeback sees NATURE delve into darker concepts, and their title track “Girls” expresses it perfectly. The track exudes an air of mystery and an almost ominous undertone – themes that are made stronger with the steady electro-pop elements mixed into the song.

NATURE World: Code M also boasts of catchy dance tracks, in the form of “Dive.” The girls’ melodic high notes, combined with strong synth beats, make this a track that will be in listeners’ heavy rotation for a long time. This track is also well-suited for long drives at night.

Closing out the single album on a high note is “B.B.B. (Never Say Goodbye).” This track is certainly more reminiscent of light, summery songs that are normally associated with the season. It brings out memories of having fun under the summer sun.

“Girls” MV Afterthoughts

NATURE certainly uses a lot of vintage elements for their music video, but not for the reasons everyone initially thought. The “Girls” music video brings its viewers through a haunting murder mystery, and they do so in a way that will keep you glued to your screen.

Some scenes of the music video, however, may be triggering to some. It is worth noting that the video made use of a lot of bloody imagery, and should be approached with caution if need be.

The dance breaks also highlight the girls’ delving into a darker and stronger image. Showcasing a new era in their careers, each member showcased their ferocity and passion through a sleek yet powerful choreography. Dressed in elegant dresses, “Girls” definitely shows us how much NATURE has grown.

Image Source: n.CH Entertainment