K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: NU’EST Presents Various Meanings Of Love With “Romanticize”

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NU’EST is the one that LOVEs want and it shows as the reversal icons are now finally back with the 2nd full album Romanticize!

After almost a year of waiting, NU’EST now returns with the 2nd full album Romanticize, ready to show what their idea of being romantic is. Alongside is the release of the majestic music video for the title track “INSIDE OUT.”

Romanticize Comeback Timeline

As early as March 24, the reversal icons had already announced its much-anticipated comeback with the 2nd full album Romanticize. The comeback date was revealed creatively through a concept homepage, heightening expectations for the group’s return.

Consecutively, a scheduler was unveiled, making sure that fans will anticipate the important dates ahead of the comeback.

Sequentially, members’ individual official concept photos were released from April 5 until April 9. Enticing photos that showcased each member’s unique aura covered fans’ nights with concepts ranging from classical mood to elegance. Overflowing charisma and a mature atmosphere also captivated fans with NU’EST’s dramatic styling and perfect visuals.

Particularly, Aron showed off his decadent and intense presence, capturing the hearts of fans all at once. Baekho, on the other hand, fascinated fans with his dim eyes and jaw-dropping appearance. Precisely breathtaking, NU’EST’s maknae Ren was a visual shock with his blue two-tone hair, embodying the word “rockstar.”

Then, Minhyun showcased his infinite charm, creating a dandy yet light atmosphere. Finally, JR featured his awesome facial features and strong aura conveyed by his strong gaze, creating excitement for fans.

Followed by a wonderful set of official unit concept photos on April 10, the group presented remarkable proof that NU’EST is indeed a visual group. Spectacularly, the unit photos demonstrated each members’ visual flexibility from mellow atmosphere-themed to an overwhelming force. As well as a free-spirited concept in bold styling and sensuous poses, then a fascinating mood with Aron and Baekho’s chest teasingly revealed.

The group photos revealed on April 11 were completely astonishing. NU’EST showed off the freshness of young people, giving off a sweet vintage mood. The five-member boy group expressed various aesthetics and unique atmosphere in each version, further anticipating NU’EST’s numerous charms.

NU’EST’s Album Trailer

On April 12, NU’EST stole everyone’s hearts with a breathtaking album trailer. Presenting yet another wonderful content ahead of the comeback, NU’EST proudly stayed true to their brand as they showed off their individual magnificence. And as always, NU’EST’s mature and sensuous visual beauty added a different approach to the movie-like album trailer.

NU'EST 2nd Full Album Romanticize INSIDE OUT

Moreover, an exciting tracklist was revealed, filling the fans with anticipation just by visually looking at the song credits. The tracklist featured sensuous typography with the background color of dark blue, adding a sophisticated feeling.

With a total of 10 songs, NU’EST’s wide musical capabilities were proven as the charismatic leader JR participated in the songwriting of the title song. While NU’EST’s genius composer Baekho actively worked on its arrangement. Amazingly, all members participated in the songwriting and composition of their solo tracks.

Consecutively, the pre-listening #1 was released on April 13. Through this, fans got to listen to some parts of the first five songs in the album.

On April 14, the pre-listening #2 was revealed featuring the solo tracks of the members.

“INSIDE OUT” Music Video Teasers

NU’EST summoned great impact with the music video teaser #1 on April 15. Gathering huge attention with its colorful visuals and mysterious storyline, the members’ visuals started off in a rather exemplary way. Each member’s individual story was captured during the teaser video, showing off NU’EST’s wide array of emotions and sentiments.

Drawing enthusiastic response from global fans, glances of the song’s intense choreography were shown in the music video teaser #2 on April 17. NU’EST’s unique and flawless group choreography and rhythmic gestures allowed fans to replay the video indefinitely.

NU’EST Romanticize Album First Impressions

From the first beat alone, “DRESS” already captures curiosity with its strong bass and rhythmic tune. Simply, the song discusses a type of romance wherein the person gives his all to the one he loves.

On the other hand, the title track “INSIDE OUT” talked about facing a parting that a person experienced nonchalantly. Relatively, its minimal track sound based on the Chill House genre depicted complex movements and emotions that featured the members’ wonderful vocals. As the song represented how a person pretends to be fine after a breakup yet realized his true feelings, the lyrics grew more delicate and meaningful.

“DON’T WANNA GO” stood out with its urban R&B genre. The lyrics somewhat tells how a person hangs onto the hope of staying in love with each other, as the melody added more to its emotional sentiments. As the song goes “I don’t wanna go / I don’t wanna miss you / I want to remain in this place,” the heavy feeling of a person deep in love resurfaces.

Expressing the moment when a person experiences the new world under a colorful and infinite charm, “BLACK” showed off NU’EST’s wider and mature spectrum. With a love that feels unfamiliar yet comfortable, this fourth track’s highlight is the “Lat Cha Lat Cha Lat Cha Lat Cha I’ll try I’ll Try.”

Next, the Korean version for “DRIVE” features rhythmic melody and strong yet soft themes. How the members do vocal exchanges was rather a point to be focused on as it sounds so heavenly, that this song could officially be on top of everyone’s playlist.

NU’EST members’ solo tracks

Minhyun’s solo track “EARPHONE” attracted fans with the vocalist’s calm and soothing vocals. As the lyrics talked about focusing on the sound within ourselves, Minhyun sounded like a lullaby as it drew midnight thoughts with his melodramatic voice. Listening to the song was like the calm waves brushing through the sand. It comes yet disappears immediately but leaves a strong impression on your inner being.

On the other hand, Baekho’s “NEED IT” tells the challenges that a person experiences through the process. With his exemplary vocals, the romance of going towards a person’s goal resonates through the song’s every word. “When a flower blooms up atop of that again / The work becomes a little more complete / At the end of this pain is no one but me.”

“DOOM DOOM” was rather a different way to incorporate the term romance. JR presented his flexibility as the main rapper in this solo track but he also showcased his ability as a vocalist. The song is about finding the new you and realizing that romance could be found anywhere. Especially the lyrics where it goes “I’m a flower that has yet to bloom / I am perfect the way I am,” JR conveyed the message of loving yourself the way you are.

The perfect song for Ren was “ROCKET ROCKET” as it properly depicted the youngest’s energy and upbeat personality with its synth-pop genre. With this, Ren provided a new era of amazingness as he sings of the idea that performing onstage is romantic. As an idol who has millions of eyes watching your every move, Ren sings “I want to dance in a world that is true to me / No matter what anyone says / I will awaken who I am now.”

Finally, “않아 (I’m Not)” gave tears to those who will listen. No doubt a tear-jerking song, Aron expresses a person’s honest emotions with its great melody and heartwarming lyrics. Described as a modern rock genre with a delicate emotional line, the eldest’s solo track contained his candid thoughts and is plainly about himself being a member of NU’EST.

“INSIDE OUT” MV Afterthoughts

A visual group in a visually aesthetic music video! And just like the dominoes in the video, we also fell in love completely with NU’EST!

Absolutely, fans wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off the screen as they watch the music video. Most especially when Minhyun comes first at the very second you hit the play. Accompanied by a simple tone, Minhyun and Aron’s voices started off calm. Then there goes JR’s breathtaking “ey” immediately followed by Baekho’s scrumptious vocals.

The video, as it went on, looked classically elegant, especially Ren’s dazzling blue hair. Also, the color palettes used in each member’s scenes matched perfectly to the storyline, making it even more interesting. Exceptionally, the members’ acting added up to the music video’s sophisticated feels.

And of course, a NU’EST music video ain’t it if it doesn’t have the creative transitions and graphics effects. Specifically, the group’s unique artistry was showcased as it moves forward to the chorus part where the members show off their knife-like choreography. Additionally, NU’EST teamwork was very well exhibited.

Overall, the music video presented the group’s ravishing charms as each member breathed life to the many definitions of romance. And now, we can’t help but repeatedly say that NU’EST is all that we want!

Image and Video Source: Pledis Entertainment, HYBE Labels