K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: ONEWE Leaves A Strong Impact With 1ST Single Album “MEMORY: illusion”

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ONEWE entrances with a powerful comeback through MEMORY: illusion!

Boy band ONEWE showcases great talent and firm vocals with the new single album MEMORY: illusion. Specifically, each song on the list leaves a strong impression, proving the quintet’s striking music creation skills.

ONEWE MEMORY: illusion

MEMORY: illusion Comeback Timeline

ONEWE announced its comeback through the release of a promotional schedule. The image drew attention with the open books and the reflective mirror, as well as with the various contents that awaited fans.

The band planned to unveil two types of concept photos between November 30 to December 2, and then from December 4 to 6. Thereafter, the group, solo and unit shots attracted fans and further raised their anticipation for the comeback.

In the first version of the images, the boys took on a neat attire, emitting a rather classy and mature atmosphere. Then, in the next version, the quintet boasted a warmer and more casual look. In particular, they all showed impeccable visuals that captured fans’ hearts.



In between the teaser images, the band unveiled the track list for MEMORY: illusion. Once again, the picture showed the scattered open books as a background image and named the four songs that will fill the single album.

On December 7 and 8, the band delivered solo clip teasers to continue the hype. The videos showed each member in their own individual space, highlighting their position and strengths in the band. Also, ONEWE shared sneak peeks into the title track “A Book In Memory”.

What is a comeback without a Highlight Medley? This one though had a little surprise to it, as ONEWE did not only give a quick preview of the new songs, but also talked about them and even presented short acapella lines from each of them.

Lastly, the band dropped a much awaited music video teaser for “A Book In Memory”. The trailer hinted at a powerful band performance focus, as well as showcasing dreamy shots of each member in their respective spaces.

MEMORY: illusion First Impression

“TRAUMA(Aquarium)” is an alternative rock track that was inspired by the trauma formed after member CyA’s fall into deep water in the past. The song impresses with its intense sound, that combined with the members’ vocal performance touches the senses of listeners.

Based on a powerful guitar sound, the number expresses the ups and downs of the emotions inside one’s heart after such an experience.

Following up is the title track “A Book In Memory”, which starts its story with a calm lyrical piano and orchestral tunes. In addition, the following intense band sounds and the powerful vocals leave a strong impression on the listener.

As the story progresses, it gives the impression that it is not something that has passed but rather, an event that is still unfolding.

“Eraser” focuses on the struggle of erasing a sad memory from someone’s mind. Even if the wish for that is strong, it is often hard to just simply make something disappear, especially if it left a deep mark.

The passionate and tight tempo, and the contrasting calm yet powerful singing reflect the sorrow that expresses the desire to escape that hurtful memory.

“A book in Memory” MV Afterthoughts

“A Book In Memory” is quite strong as a song alone and adding the music video further emphasizes its impact. Just like the track starts off in a calm manner, so does the video and the band performance. As the melody becomes more intense, so does the clip.

ONEWE showcases prowess in its emotion portrayal, adding a dreamy blue background to highlight some parts of the song. Furthermore, the members act out the feeling of waiting and longing for their story to develop more.

These parts are seen during the artists’ individual scenes in which each of them is in a separate room or place. The books and mirrors, that are close to the performers, symbolize the story that is being written and read at the same time.

Above all, the band will give chills to viewers with its incredible and sensuous presentation of “A Book In Memory”.

Source and Image credit: RBW Entertainment