K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: ONF – 4th Mini Album “Go Live”

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The spotlight is ON as ONF GO Live!

After months of hiatus, ONF is officially ON again. Released on October 7,  the group released Go Live – an album that alludes to how loving someone inevitably correlates with pain.

Dropping clues before their comeback, the album’s title track seeks for answers on why the deeper you fall in love, the more painful it gets to you. 

Go Live Comeback Timeline

Since late-August, ONF has been releasing a series of teasers for their comeback. Hyping the fans more, mysterious posts and images were posted on their social media accounts.

Aside from these cryptic clues, the group also revealed seven teaser videos titled “Signal” making fans come up with different theories for their comeback.

Other than the puzzling teasers, solo and group photo teasers of members were also unveiled. With their stunning visuals and the abandoned warehouse as backdrop, Hyojin, E-Tion, J-Us, Wyatt, MK and U. Laun’s return complements the hinted dystopian concept. 


Drawn by the cinematic teasers, the album is composed of five songs that will definitely leave the fans bewildered. Adding up to the excitement, the group released the “Go Live” highlight medley on October 2. Simultaneously, the album’s title track “Why” music video teasers were released on October 4 and 5. 


The MV teasers showcased a post-apocalyptic setting and a sneak-peek of the group’s powerful performance for the track. 

Go Live Album Impressions

Shooting directly to the listeners’ hearts, the song “Asteroid” is a bop and will definitely make you dance. As lyrics tells “Don’t kiss me and let me down”, I personally think that just like the beautiful shooting stars, heartfelt love just don’t passed by quickly. 

Radiating with positivity, “All day” is a feel good song that expresses on how you always want to be together with your loved ones. This track pictures the feeling of finally finding the most important person in your life and not letting him go. Of wanting to spend every time of the day everyday and being with our loved ones forever. 

Accompanied by a piano together with the rasp layers in the members’ voices, “Moscow Moscow” depicts a magical love story. Enchanted upon meeting someone with a scent of familiarity, makes us wonder what magic befalls on us when we fall in love. 

Lastly, “Twinkle Twinkle” just like its star connotation is a sparkly song. And just like how the nursery rhyme is, our loved ones are very precious to us just like a diamond. The song is also like a confession song to our beloved. We wonder if they will reciprocate our love for them and hoping that they will choose us. 

Overall, I like how the album is a fusion of dark and bright songs which perfectly represents the group’s name ONF (On and Off).

“Why” MV Afterthoughts

Seeking answers on why falling deeper in love is also falling deeper in pain makes the song title “Why” perfect for it. How dangerous our loved ones can be if they seeped deeper within us.

We always want to know why are we still holding on even though our heart was hurt so bad. That is because even when emotions push to blur our thoughts, we are still sure of one thing: we still love them and will not let go. 

Personally, I think the music video fits perfectly with the song. With so much action and turmoil in the video, it represents the messed-up sentiments in asking those whys. 

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