K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Park Jihoon Delivers A Marvelous “Message” To Listeners

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Park Jihoon is back and he is bolder than ever as he showcases a different side to himself through this diverse range of delectable tunes!

Park Jihoon has a Message and he declares it through his latest album that boasts of some experimental new styles showcasing a never seen before color to the singer. The album contains ten tracks in total – a firm testament to the alluring artist’s musical evolution. 

Park Jihoon

With this album, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that Park Jihoon has indeed proven his mettle as a multitalented soloist. After having captivated with his sweet musical style with his previous mini-albums, he brings forth a more spunky stance with this album. MAYs, this is definitely a Message you’d want to receive!

Message Comeback Timeline

On October 18, Park Jihoon took to his official SNS and announced the arrival of his first full-length album, much to the excitement of all his fans. 

A day later, on October 19, the soloist disclosed a chic scheduler, jotting down the days leading to his much-awaited release. 

Park Jihoon unveiled an exciting track list for Message on October 20. The track list unveiled ten awesome tracks in total, including some spectacular collaborations as well.

Park Jihoon released an aesthetic prologue art film for Message. In the clip, the alluring artist’s matchless charisma is highlighted amidst the vibrant setting.

The video is everything heartwarming and is sure to make MAYs smile. The artist is seen rocking blonde hair and an oversized sweatshirt as he sits in a record shop and admires the vinyl. The words “Love is the message” flash on the screen as the video shows various stills of the vocalist in the bright-hued backdrop.

On October 23, Park Jihoon showcased his timeless charisma in monochrome concept preview poster for Message.

Park Jihoon stole breaths away in a black and white concept trailer that he unveiled on October 25. The singer showcased a suave yet sultry look as he mesmerized with his magnetic style. 

From October 27 to October 29, he delighted MAYs as he revealed charismatic concept images that highlighted his endearing visuals. 

Furthermore, Park Jihoon unveiled a kaleidoscopic retro-themed special track video of his song “Hit It Off”. The track features as well as is written and composed by PENOMECO. The video sees Park Jihoon shaking hearts with his show-stopping visuals amidst the vibrant settings.

The stills of this spellbinding music video are a callback to the Prologue Film that the singer had unveiled before on October 21. 

On November 2, Park Jihoon unveiled a music video teaser for his album’s lead track “Gotcha”. In the teaser, he exuded that bad boy persona with absolute finesse.

The vocalist stunned with his anti-hero looks in each frame. Park Jihoon looked striking as he stared intently into the lens, with a bold grin. The soloist certainly personified the term ‘handsome’, especially in this clip.

While the excitement was at an all-time high post the reveal of the music video teaser, Park Jihoon heightened the anticipation with an alluring highlight medley before the release of his album. 

The highlight medley certainly dazzled one beat after another. 

Message First Impressions

Message features an impressive roster of tunes ranging from R&B to pop and even soft rhythms. It includes ten tracks namely, “Waterfalls (Intro)”, the lead track, “GOTCHA”, “Rolling”, “Whisper”, “Tomorrow” and “MayDay”.

Moreover, the album also sees various artists collaborating with Park Jihoon. PENOMECO features on a track titled “Hit It Off”, which he also wrote and composed. punchnello also appears on another track written and composed by PENOMECO called, “DRESS CODE”.

The other collaborations on the album include the tracks “50-50” that sees the participation of songstress EB and “Scenario” that features the K-Indie duo Sweden Laundry.

Waterfalls (Intro)

Park Jihoon’s penchant for spectacular intros comes as no surprise. The singer showcases his artistic vision especially with intriguing intros that set the tone and theme for the album overall. “Waterfalls (Intro)” is no different as it definitely gives an insight into what ‘message’ will be relayed throughout the album. 

The singer captivates with his repetitive “Listen to my message,” before delving into a soft rap verse. Spotlighting his husky vocals against the fresh hip-hop beat, in the intro, Park Jihoon relays the theme of the album as he asserts “Here comes love like waterfalls”. And that’s exactly what happens. The album flows with love being the essence that is dominant in each and every track. 


“GOTCHA” is an impressive number to state the least. Especially because of its catchy trap and Latin style melody that gives it that added oomph factor.

Park Jihoon sounds absolutely phenomenal as he comes forth to steal hearts singing, “GOTCHA, my heart is already decided/ Don’t cover it, it’s all written in your eyes/ Watch out, don’t hide it, it’s useless/ I caught your heart/ GOTCHA, the answer has already been decided/ Look carefully, the puzzles are all being put together/ Watch out, I’ll be holding you in my arms/ I caught your heart, all right”

This is a track that is one euphonious earworm for sure.

Hit It Off (feat. PENOMECO)

The funky hip-hop beat of the track gives “Hit It Off” quite a relaxed yet refreshed vibe. Park Jihoon slays with his subdued high registers and the falsetto laced chorus. The lyricism of the track is as playful as the styles of both the amazing artists.

“Hit It Off” talks about the feeling one gets after falling in love at first sight. The zestful rap verses of PENOMECO and Park Jihoon’s beautiful rhythms harmonize to create a matchless synergy that caters to an enrapturing listening experience.


“Rolling” is a heartwarming number to put it simply with lyrics such as, “It’s you/ My heart is rolling again by a hair’s breadth/ Come slowly, Slowly/ Drunk on the waves of you/ My heart is rolling again/ branched or no matter what/Fallin’ to you again.”

What emphasizes the track’s romantic feel is its retro style drum and piano melody. It creates quite an evocative atmosphere that further spotlights Park Jihoon’s versatile vocal range. “Rolling” is the perfect combination of sweet meets suave indeed.  

50-50 (feat. EB)

Midway through the album, listeners are greeted with an aptly titled track called “50-50”. Featuring songstress EB, it sees the two vocalists layering their dulcet vocals in the most pristine manner. The track compares the instance of two soulmates meeting to flipping a coin. 

The heavy R&B beat along with a booming synth bass really brings out the versatility of the two vocalists. This song is one of the tracks that showcase the uber impressive musical growth of Park Jihoon. 

DRESS CODE (feat. punchnello)

Starting off with a subtle drum beat with a dominant piano rhythm as well as 8-bit synths, Park Jihoon’s sounds dreamy while punchnello sounds dynamic especially in the anthemic chorus.

While the rapper exudes immense swag on this R&B track, Park Jihoon stirs with his airy voice as well as powerful high notes especially towards the end of the song. “DRESS CODE” truly sets a chill vibe with its laidback energy and cool verses. 


“Whisper” brings forth a slight change in pace in terms of sound in comparison to the other tracks. Though it still maintains that slight edge with the soft R&B rhythm.

Park Jihoon will surely sway listeners off their feet with his sweet vocals singing, “Can you hear me whispering?/ This voice calling for you/ I’m gonna light your way.” He reveals beautiful breathy notes to flawless subtle falsetto and even husky tones in this track giving it an old romantic style.

“Whisper” makes a loud statement with how faultless it is and honestly, there are definitely no skips on this one!


This track is endearing with its lyricism and enrapturing with its musical style. “Tomorrow” sees Park Jihoon delving into more whisper-like husky tones. Further into the track, he showcases immaculate subtle falsetto and high registers.

The soloist truly stuns one line after another. He expresses yet another facet of love with this song. “Tomorrow” talks about the feeling one gets being in love and promises of being with one another through an eternal tomorrow. 

Scenario (feat. Sweden Laundry)

To summarize this track in a line – “Scenario” is unquestionably the sweetest track on the album so far!

Park Jihoon stirs with his breezy vocals. Sweden Laundry shines especially during the chorus as they delicately harmonize their voices with the singer’s vocals. Their mellifluous melodies are backed by a refreshing guitar and an analog-style synth beat.

Moreover, the innate ‘message’ of the track comes straight from the heart through lines such as, “You’re my the other half/ It’s fixed/ We’re already in that relationship/ You’re the sweetest part/ I want to have a happy ending with you”.


Park Jihoon rounds up this awesome album with the perfect track. Titled, “MayDay”, it is a loving gift from the alluring artist for his beloved fans MAYs.

The track has a very happy melody with its synth bass and EP tones. The multitalented soloist undoubtedly showers all his love towards his fans with verses that compare them to being his lighthouse, of how he feels like he’s dancing on clouds being with them. And these are only but a few instances of the doting message from Park Jihoon to MAYs.

“MayDay” is beyond adorable to simply say so and one that will assuredly melt listeners’ hearts. 

MV Afterthoughts

With this music video, Park Jihoon proves that one can certainly forget how to breathe in a 3-minute 25-second time frame!

The singer shows off a side of himself which he has never showcased thus far. This clip is ensnaring as viewers get to see the otherwise sweet singer going down the sultry route. Donning an anti-hero avatar, he undeniably looks like the embodiment of the term homme fatale in this video. 

Moreover, those cheeky expressions and dazzling dance moves truly make it hard for viewers to tear their eyes away from the stunning soloist. One can certainly see why Park Jihoon confidently proclaims “GOTCHA” because he definitely ‘gets’ hearts racing with this magnetic music video. 

Images Credits: Maroo Entertainment

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