K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Sunmi Enchants Fans With Electrifying Summer Anthem Single “Pporappippam”

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In her first true love song since her solo debut, Sunmi provides fans with a sweetly penned single that will surely become one of this summer’s anthems.

Sunmi is often coined, “the Queen of singles” for her catchy and impressive tracks. Sunmi proves her reign once again with her latest track titled “pporappippam”. Literally meaning “purple night”, the song sweeps fans off their feet into the purple-toned skies of summer evenings.


Comeback Countdown Timeline

After previously hinting towards a summer release, Sunmi kicked off her comeback with a series of teasing pictures on her SNS accounts. On June 15, the singer posted a tweet with the caption, “I’m ready, R u ready?” along with three photos showing Sunmi throughout her comeback preparation.

On June 16, the artist teased fans further with a cryptic post stating, “I LOVE PURPLE” with a picture of purple skies.

A few hours later, the artist unveiled an official announcement for her newest comeback single, “pporappippam”.


From June 17 onwards, Sunmi continued building fans’ excitement for her newest project by releasing more images for the track as well as its music video.

Teasing fans with her lightest concept yet, fans anticipated a release showcasing a new side to the singer.

Fans received their first sneak peek listen to the track in Sunmi’s TikTok video, which also hinted towards its choreography.

On June 25, Sunmi delivered her music video teaser, stunning fans with radiant shots at the beach and dreamy purple skies.

“pporappippam” First Impression

Written and co-composed by Sunmi herself, “pporappippam” marks another incredible release within Sunmi’s discography. Moreover, among the many comebacks this season, her impressive single arguably drives itself to the top of the list as one of the various contenders for this year’s K-pop summer anthem.

There is much to unpack regarding “pporappippam”, a track that provides an easy-listen for fans but simultaneously encapsulates the feeling of summer. Officially declaring the song as one within the “city pop” genre (but could easily fall into synthwave), Sunmi follows the current resurgence of 80’s-inspired musical elements beginning to emerge from this season’s K-pop releases.

The song begins with an enchanting flute melody reminiscent of a siren’s call, keeping Sunmi’s signature seductive allure within her newest track. Subsequently, “pporappippam” transitions into a groovy, synth-beat paired with funky guitar riffs. Its bridge is atmospheric. Punctuated with claps, brass instruments, and a heavy drum beat, the bridge serves as a grand opening for the chorus.

While Sunmi may be following the trend of ’80s inspired sounds, the singer refreshingly includes a melodic, vocally driven chorus. An obvious break from the instrumental choruses dominating this year’s releases, Sunmi’s playful voice elevates the track’s catchy synth-beat even further. Singing about romantic purple nights with a lover, the song was a pleasant surprise for fans as Sunmi’s prior releases all take a cynical view on love.

With its ’80s inspired tune and lyrical whimsy, “pporappippam” evokes free summer nights tinged with nostalgia for simpler times. Moreover, the need for this type of song within this season’s releases was met–a need which became glaringly obvious after “pporappippam”‘s stunning delivery.

MV Afterthoughts

The music video for “pporappippam” was a beautiful retro-inspired experience. Matching the ethereal quality of the song, the video included stunning shots of purple galaxies and Sunmi floating mid-air. Additionally, its use of neon purple lighting and frames edited like film-rolls was a fitting call back to the ’80s.

Sunmi portrayed her classic elegance in close-up shots highlighting her beauty. Fans were thrilled to see the powerful choreography for the song contrasted with scenes depicting summer nights on the beach. Sunmi ensured to include her quirky humor, notably including a shot of herself in a Teletubby hat.

Overall, the music video was a fun and nostalgic accompaniment to Sunmi’s brilliant single.

Image Source: MAKEUS Entertainment

Video Source: MAKEUS Entertainment